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Many people lose their lives owing to choking hazards. Here comes Life Vac, an effective anti-choking device. This is FDA-registered, and this product is manufactured in the USA. Anyone handling emergencies can use it. In our LifeVac reviews article, we will discuss what is a LifeVac, its features, pros, cons, and why it is better than substitutes. Besides, we will highlight LifeVac reviews by other users, and finally, we will answer some frequently asked questions.

So, let’s get started with LifeVac reviews.

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LifeVac Review

Life Vac, an effective anti-choking FDA-registered device

LifeVac Reviews Explaining What is LifeVac

Before we give you an overall idea about this device in our LifeVac reviews, let us explain what is Life Vac. Have you ever experienced or seen anyone short of breath due to choking? This happens when something prevents the air from going in and out of your lungs. Further, this can lead to death. A Life Vac is a perfect anti-chocking first-aid device. It clears the blockages in the airway so that choking does not result in fatal consequences.

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Further, it takes out the element stuck in one’s throat and does not try to push it down like other alternatives. So, how good is LifeVac? Does LifeVac really work? Yes, it’s good, and it really works. In our LifeVac reviews, you can see that it works on a simple three-step process.

You have to just place the seal cover on the victim’s mouth. Then, you have to push the device, and finally, the device will pull out the obstructing element.

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Who Created LifeVac? Where is LifeVac Made?

Arthur Lih, III created this anti-chocking device. It is made in the United States of America.

Can You Use LifeVac on Yourself?

Yes, as per our LifeVac reviews, you can use this device on yourself. That explains how effective is LifeVac for people who are living alone. Especially, elderly people who don’t have anyone to look after them can hugely benefit from using this device.

Can I Use it Multiple Times? Why is Lifevac Single Use?

No, you cannot use this device multiple times. It is a single-use device as it directly comes in contact with one’s mouth, and saliva. So, if you think you may need this device frequently, you can collect it in bulk. You will also enjoy a drop in the cost when you buy more than one device.

LifeVac Reviews: How does LifeVac Work?

Is LifeVac legit? You will find your answer as you get to know how many lives has LifeVac saved so far and how it works in our LifeVac reviews. To answer your question about is LifeVac any good, we can say that it has so far saved 138 lives, and this is not just a number. This is the very basis of the device’s success story and efficiency. Coming back to the functions of Life Vac, it works following a simple push and pull mechanism.

Once you cover the victim’s mouth with the seal, you need to push the device to pull out the choking element.

Features and Specs of the Device: LifeVac Reviews

Our LifeVac reviews will be incomplete without highlighting the device’s features.

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  1. The device can generate more than 300 mmHg of suction.
  2. It comes with a patented valve that prevents air from pushing down the food or any other choking object.
  3. It is non-invasive, and hence painless.
  4. This device does not require any power supply.
  5. It takes very little time to pull out the choking object. So, it is effective and safe.
  6. It is FDA-registered.
  7. The device kit comes with an adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a practiced mask.
  8. It even works for disabled and wheelchair-bound patients.
  9. Children under 22lbs cannot use it.
  10. Home kit and travel kit both are available for this device.

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Life Vac Reviews Explain why this Device is Better than Others:

lifevac benefits

Many people may make you think is LifeVac a scam or not. There is absolutely no point in talking about LifeVac scam when it has already saved many lives. On the contrary, the device has a patented design and FDA registration to ensure the complete safety of the user. Besides, like many other devices, it does not push the choking element downward.

Further, it does not run on battery or electricity. So, it can be used anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it is comfortable and even safe for children and people aged above 65 years. There must be some reasons why many healthcare professionals and elder caregivers say a yes when asked about is LifeVac worth it or not.

How much does Life Vac Cost? Where to Purchase LifeVac from?

Why is LifeVac so expensive? Well, we have seen many people asking this question. However, we don’t consider the device expensive, comparing the features and lifesaving properties it has. You can buy a Life Vac device, usually at $69.00. However, it is now available at $49.00+S&H with a lucrative 30% discount offer.

Besides, you can buy 3 devices at $139 and 5 devices at $209.85. Further, these three and five device packages come with a free delivery facility in the USA. Again, you can return the unsealed package within 10-days of your purchase. For your inquiries related to return and refund, you can also reach out to Life Vac customer service at So, hopefully, you have found the answer to your question about how much is LifeVac or how much does LifeVac cost.

You can only buy this anti-choking device from its website.

How to Use LifeVac?

You can attach any of the masks (practice, pediatric and adult masks) according to your requirement to the device. Then cover the victim’s mouth with the device and push the valve. As you push the device, a strong vacuum will help to pull out the choking element. After pulling out the choking object, you can easily detach the mask from the device. If it is not coming out automatically, then gently put your hand inside the mask, and twist it a little.

When to Use LifeVac?

You can use Life Vac when something is lodged inside the throat. It is good for adults, children and elderly persons. These are also ideal for people who are staying alone. The best thing about this device is that you can use it in any position. It does not matter whether you are sitting, standing or lying, as the device will pull out the choking element easily.

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Other Customers are All Praise for Life Vac:

Here, we furnish some first-hand experiences of other users. Read those to assess the efficacy of this device.

  1. A 65-year old lady called this anti-choking device a life-saving miracle. She lives all alone in an apartment, and one day some morsels of fruits got stuck in her throat. Fortunately, she had this device at home. She put it on her mouth, pushed it, and pulled out the choking particles quickly.
  2. We found a young girl praising the device for saving her mother’s life. The busy mom was gulping down some food while finishing her work-from-home assignments in a hurry. Something got lodged in her throat, and she started to appear blue in no time. The smart girl quickly used this device and saved her mom’s life.
  3. Another life was saved when a little boy put some broken parts of his toys in his mouth. The little particles got stuck in his throat. Thanks to this anti-choking device, his mom could pull out the particles in time.


Here, we will answer some frequently asked questions about this anti-choking device.

Is this device only available on the official website?

Yes, you can only buy this device from its official website. You can pick a pack of 1, 3, or 5 according to your requirements.

Is this device safe?

Yes, this device is FDA-registered and has already saved 138 lives. So, it is safe to use.

Is this Safe for Children?

Yes, it is safe for children. However, it is not suitable for children below 22 lbs. of weight.

Can I reuse it?

No, this device is single-use, and hence you can use it only once.


Hopefully, we have been to furnish a comprehensive review of Life Vac in this article. After assessing its advantages and disadvantages, we think that this device is really worth it. Its anti-choking mechanism is simple yet effective. Besides, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy and use this product. Also, with a little practice, anyone can use this device. So, buy one today to tackle emergency choking hazards.

LifeVac, An Anti-choking Device
9.6 Total Score
Pros and Cons of LifeVac

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of LifeVac.

Ease of Use
  • More than 300mmhg suction capacity
  • FDA registered
  • Non-invasive and powerless operation
  • One can use it in standing, sitting, and lying positions
  • Children, adults, and elderly people can use it.
  • It is only available on its official website.
  • Not ideal for children under 22 lbs
  • Single-use device
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