Moskitron Review 2024: Does It Really Work?

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Mosquitoes! Those tiny insects are surely big threats to the human race. Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported an estimation of more than 725,000 deaths caused by mosquito bites in a year? So, what can be done to eliminate mosquitoes? We have come across various mosquito repellents that contain and emit harmful chemicals. Besides, these cause hazardous side effects. In our search for a 100% chemical-free and highly effective mosquito repellent, we found Moskitron LED.

Moskitron LED is a potent electronic mosquito repellent device. Contrary to usual complaints heard about other mosquito repellent products, we got to hear a lot of praises about Moskitron LED. So, we felt the need to write Moskitron LED reviews.

In our thorough and comprehensive review of Moskitron LED, we will discuss the important features of the product. Besides, we will discuss why it is better than other mosquito repellent products and how to use it. Further, we will analyze its advantages and disadvantages and share some customer reviews so that you can make an informed decision. Finally, we will try to find answers to frequently asked questions about Moskitron LED.

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Moskitron LED: Mosquito Repellent Device

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MosKitron LED: A Brief Overview

Developed by German engineers, Moskitron LED is an electronic device that emits phototaxis thermotaxis-inducing UV light to attract mosquitoes and other insects. Smartly engineered, the device also has a small but powerful reverse fan that sucks and traps the insects indoor. Finally, the insects are dried to death there within two minutes.


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Advanced Features of Anti-Mosquito Moskitron LED

Many people may think that Moskitron is a scam in view of the frustrating experiences they have already had with other mosquito repellents. However, you will never call Moskitron scam once we discuss its smart attributes.

Smart UV Light:

Moskitron LED comes with a bionic technology LED light. This blue-colored light easily attracts mosquitoes and insects and uses UV rays to kill them. When the insects come closer to the device, a reverse fan sucks, traps, and kills the insects.

Sleek Design and Construction:

Compact in design, Moskitron LED is constructed with sturdy and lightweight ABS plastic material. Besides, the fan functions without making any noise. So, this works as a silent mosquito killer.

Safe and Secure Function:

In our Moskitron test, we have found that it is non-radiative, non-chemical, and non-toxic. It uses UV lights to kill insects, but that does not create any harmful radiation for our skin. Besides, Moskitron is free of the harmful DEET chemical present in almost every other mosquito repellent. And here, it is superior to other mosquito repellent devices. Further, it is safe for babies.

Long Hours of Operation:

Does Moskitron really work for long hours without charging? Yes, it does. It is a USB-powered device. Besides, our Moskitron reviews guarantee that it can perform its specified functions effectively for long hours without repeated charging.

Smart Light Sensor:

Does Moskitron work with a smart light sensor? Yes, it has a smart light sensor. Besides, this smart light sensor makes this device more effective than other mosquito repellent devices. The sensor turns on or off the lamp automatically after measuring the lighting quality of the environment. The lamp remains turned off during the daytime.

This electronic device further consumes less electricity, owing to this smart sensor.

Easy to Clean:

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of this mosquito repellent device. You just need to open the box and clean the insect collection chamber. However, as per our Moskitron reviews, to keep the device functional for long, you should clean the box four times a month.


We have already mentioned that this device does not use any chemical for eradicating mosquitoes. Therefore, it does not emit any bad smell that is generated by those chemicals. Unlike other inferior mosquito repellent devices, it will not cause any headache, allergic reactions, and disturbance in sleeping, thanks to its odorless and noise-free functions.

Portable and Can be Used Anywhere:

As per our Moskitron reviews, the device is easy to carry, owing to its minimal and compact construction. Besides, you can place or hang this device at any place. So, it is ideal for using indoors and outdoors, alike. In fact, the German designers made this device, being annoyed with mosquito bites and buzzing while camping.

Further, it offers up to 100 sq. ft. coverage indoors and outdoors.

Value for Money:

As we started to pen down Moskitron reviews, we found it to be a value for money product. A single unit of this device is available at $ 178. However, we got the product at a 50% discount rate. This product is available on the company’s official website, and you can check out their website for the latest discount offers.

The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty on this product. Further, this device comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

Is Moskitron Any Good? How is it Better than Other Mosquito Repellents?

We understand your concern when you ask is Moskitron legit or not. In our Moskitron reviews, we will highlight why it is actually better than other repellents, and trust us, it actually works. The most important feature that makes it stand out is its tried and tested mechanism. Besides, it is highly functional, cost-effective, completely safe, and energy-efficient.

moskitron review

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Let us be very honest with you, and we were also unsure like you about the efficacy of this device because of our frustrating experiences with other devices or repellents. However, the result we found this time is Amazing! For example, all of us have citronella candles at home. Don’t we? Try using the candles, and those will get extinguished in around 15 minutes. And the mosquitoes will be back again. With this electronic device, we can assure you of a completely insect-free experience until you choose to turn it off.

How to Use it?

Utilitarian in mechanism, this electronic mosquito repellent device is very easy to use. You have to just plug it in to an electrical outlet to see how it repels mosquitoes and other insects. Use it in your house, hotels, offices, camps, or anywhere you want.

By now, you must have a fair idea about this effective mosquito repellent device. In the next section of our Moskitron reviews, we will give you a brief idea about the advantages and disadvantages of this product with a comprehensive rating chart.

Moskitron Reviews from Other Users:

As we were keen to know Moskitron reviews from other users, we came across some happy experiences shared by the customers on the product’s official website. We are mentioning three instances here.

moskitron users review

Jordon A. says that he could easily use it despite not being a tech-savvy person. Further, he found the functions of the device to be quite effective.

At the same time, Vera O. says it is her most used electronic gadget, and she uses it every day. She is also quite happy with the device, considering its price.

Marry S. was elated to share that she is extremely glad about this purchase. And now everyone wants to know where she did get it from.

After sharing some satisfactory customer reviews, we will move on to finding answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Let’s find answers to some frequently asked questions about this smart electronic mosquito repellent device.

Is it safe to sleep with this mosquito repellent device on?

Yes, it is completely safe to sleep with this mosquito repellent device on. It does not have any harmful chemicals, and hence it will not cause any harmful emissions. Besides, its UV ray is not harmful to our skin. It is also known for its noise-free operation. So, there will be no disturbance while you are sleeping.

Does it have a bad odor?

No. it does not cause any bad odor as it is completely free of chemicals.

Do I need to be careful while using it?

With a smart and tested mechanism, this device is quite safe to handle. However, seldom, it can cause an electrical shock when touched during charging before use. But you can easily avoid the hazard by following the instruction manual.


Everyone needs to be safe from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases. We hope that our Moskitron reviews have been able to demonstrate how this electronic mosquito repellent device can be of great help to you. It is safe, it is budget-friendly, and most importantly, it is POWERFUL! So, place your order today and say goodbye to mosquitoes.

9.6 Total Score
Moskitron Reviews 2024: Pros and Cons

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Chemical and radiation-free
  • Energy efficient
  • Easily attracts mosquitoes and insects
  • The powerful suction of the fan traps and kills insects
  • Odorless and noise-free
  • It cannot cover more than 100 sq. ft. area for killing mosquitoes and insects.
  • Does not have a long-lasting impact, or it does only work when it is turned on.
  • Though not frequently, the mosquito collection chamber needs cleaning once in a while.
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