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The urge to smoke is an incredibly compelling sensation. At the same time, the urge to quit smoke is also a rather powerful feeling. Any smoker would agree! Despite trying to quit smoking for many years, they continue with the addiction. So, what’s the solution? Who would win in this tussle between smoking and quitting it? You can find the answer by going through Nicobloc reviews.

What is this product anyway? Are not there numerous no-smoking products already? Moreover, how is it any different? All these answers can be found by checking out honest-to-God reviews. So much so, we are sure that you will soon want to know where to buy Nicobloc!

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Last update made on 17 July 2024

Why is nicotine not an easy quitter?

Not all Nicobloc reviews explore this topic deeply. This is because they just say that nicotine is highly addictive, even more than heroine! But, why is it so? What effect does nicotine have on the brain? Therefore, get your head around this basic concept first. Then, we will tell you where to buy Nicobloc.

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Neurology of nicotine addiction

Nicotine is the most active component of tobacco. The plant produces it as a defense mechanism to keep pests away. However, it is quite a mysterious compound. This is because it can function at similar levels to key neural chemicals. Firstly, it functions similarly to acetylcholine. It is an essential chemical vital for heightening brain activity. So, precisely this is a reason why a late-night smoke can help one keep aware and awake.

You won’t find this kind of info on other Nicobloc reviews! So, read carefully. We will tell you where to buy Nicobloc in a while.

Another major influence of nicotine is that it increases dopamine secretion. Dopamine triggers pleasant sensations in the body. This is why you find smoking such a relaxing habit. It is a hellish habit, but it feels like heaven!

Withdrawal symptoms of nicotine

So, your brain gets to like this external ‘high’ of dopamine and acetylcholine. Therefore, it asks for more of it. It does not help when you deprive the body of this fix. Then, it goes into withdrawal mode. Cold turkey withdrawal is terrible!

Abrupt quitters complain of an incessant sense of disturbance. The impulsive withdrawal symptoms can be intense! You may resort to things like biting nails and shouting. Really, you should know where to buy Nicobloc!

Most Nicobloc reviews specify the withdrawal symptoms. Cold turkey withdrawal from nicotine can have these adverse effects.

  • Problem sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Chest tightness
  • Headache
  • Difficulty to concentrate
  • Sore throat
  • Sore tongues and gums

Just check out where to buy Nicobloc now!

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What is this miracle chemical?

A lot of other Nicobloc reviews provide inadequate information on this. Let us tell you that the Nico bloc is made with the simplest of ingredients. It is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. The key components of this solution are sugar, water, and citric acid. In addition, it has food-grade color and preservatives.

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However, these components are present in specific degrees. A lot of testing went on to discover this cure for craving! It absorbs tar and nicotine in cigarettes before they enter your system. It can block up to 99% of nicotine content, depending on how you use it. Being so non-toxic, there are no Nicobloc side effects to mention. Of course, you should maintain discretion. Overusing any good thing can be abusive.

Successful testing over the years

You might be reading up the Nicobloc reviews in 2024. However, this chemical has been many years in the making. The parent company introduced it to the USA way back in the 1980s. Also, in the 1990s, it was the vital force behind the corporate non-smoking initiative called the Rosen Programme. As a part of this, hundreds of smokers from the corporate world in the UK and Ireland successfully got rid of their smoking habit. You can be the next successful quitter once we tell you where to buy Nicobloc.

It has a patent, filed in May 2010. The patent filing mentions chemicals such as corn syrup, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and water.

Can you describe the product?

We often get this question from new customers who have just read the Nicobloc reviews. Well, it is a very simple product. It does not have any electronics parts like batteries and cables. It is just a vial of liquid with a dropper at the top.

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You just have to put in one to three drops of the chemical in your cigarette filter. One drop removes 33% of tar and nicotine. Two drops will remove 66% of harmful chemicals. With three drops, 99% of nicotine is out even before it reaches your system. Do you want to know where to buy Nicobloc?

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How to use this product?

You will find it mentioned in hundreds of Nicobloc reviews how easy it is to use this product. All you have to do is carry a vial of this product wherever you go. Now, every time you are craving to smoke, use put the solution in the cigarette filter drop by drop.

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First, make a small indent in the filter area. Next, squeeze a drop of it into it. Now, roll the filter between your fingers so that the solution spreads evenly. After this, you can smoke without worrying about the tar. The corn syrup will absorb it right from the filter. Repeat this process every time you feel like smoking. The info on where to buy Nicobloc is available down below.

Getting the best results

For best results, use it cumulatively. Moreover, you should start with a single drop. Going forward, continue this habit for a few days so that it becomes familiar. After that, proceed to use it in doses of two drops. By this time, the frequency of smoking should drop considerably.

The urge to smoke should be much less, now that the nicotine is out. However, just don’t force yourself to pick up the pace again just because you are missing the familiar feeling. Besides, you can also read other Nicobloc reviews to find out how other users have kicked the butt. Finally, when you are comfortable with using two drops of the product, increase the dosage to three drops.

Moreover, the actual secret of the success of this chemical is that it breaks the habit of putting the cigarette between your lips. This is because you will have to cultivate a new habit of pulling out this vial, putting in a few drops, and then smoking. So, each time you do this, you find it easy to break the effortless practice of pulling out a cigarette! Therefore, you will soon find that there is no need to use it anymore. So, just check out where to buy Nicobloc and use it.

Benefits and Advantages

Here are the benefits of using this product.

Firstly, it is a completely non-toxic chemical. Most of the Nicobloc reviews laud this aspect.

Secondly, you use it in the cigarette, and not in your body. This is a major difference between this product and other no-smoking initiatives.

Thirdly, you can leave smoking at your own pace. It is not like the painful cold turkey method.

Finally, your body gets to enjoy all the benefits of quitting smoking. This is especially important for women when they are planning pregnancy. Done properly, you can quit smoking in just over a month. Just give two weeks to each drop schedule.

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User’s review of this product

So, let’s have a look at some of the Nicobloc reviews.

Edgar was a heavy smoker. He says that this product helped him control his urge to smoke easily. Nowadays, he casually smokes one to two cigarettes, instead of twenty times a day.

Asha is a busy corporate executive. She picked up the habit of heavy smoking to cope with regular graveyard shifts. Nowadays, she is grateful that this product helped her control her smoking. Her life changed for the best when she found out where to buy Nicobloc.

Salome has struggled with addiction always. She left doing hard drugs a long time ago but was stuck with cigarettes. This miraculous product gave her the confidence to get rid of cravings comfortably.

Where to buy Nicobloc?

It is available from the official website. Nicobloc price is well within your reach. Besides, you can get discounted rates on subscription.

nicobloc price

A 2-week supply of the product will cost you $24.99. Moreover, a single bottle will last about that long for a moderate smoker. However, when you buy 2 bottles, the company gives you one bottle absolutely free. So, this is probably the best deal for heavy smokers. It should last for about six weeks. The cost is $59.98


This is an amazing product for anyone who needs to quit smoking for good. So, use it at your own pace and come out of addiction. Enjoy the magic of a cigarette-free life without the stress of cold turkey quitting.

Nicobloc is a cool method to quit nicotine cravings for good, and at your own pace.
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Pros and cons

Nicobloc is ideal for getting rid of the addiction to nicotine easily. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Nicobloc.

Ease of use
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Use it at your own pace
  • No side effects
  • Reduces craving
  • Only available on the official website
  • Slightly expensive
  • Results may vary
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