PicoBuds Pro Review 2024: Does This Hearing Aid Work or a Scam?

picobuds pro

As we become older, many of us notice that we’re facing hearing issues. Hearing aid devices are proven extremely beneficial to help any individual facing hearing loss, and we will introduce the newest addition to this category. So, let’s get started with our PicoBuds Pro review.

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Last update made on 22 May 2024

Introducing The PicoBuds Pro

Nowadays, this hearing aid device is one of the most powerful hearing aids available on the market. It offers a natural rehabilitation process for any individual with mild to severe symptoms of hearing loss. This small pro hearing aid is truly capable of amplifying sounds and directing them toward our ear canal. It comes with a comfortable and discreet design.

This hearing aid device is easily adjustable to fit into our ears. In addition, this hearing aid device comes with a revolutionary digital chip. This chip differentiates between the background noise and the sound we need to hear.

You will be surprised to know that this hearing aid device consists of a powerful battery with a battery life of 3 months. Besides that, this pro hearing aid is packed with various attractive features that make it truly unbeatable.

And most importantly, while using this pro hearing aid, we can avail of the same benefits of any expensive alternatives at 1/20th price. So, as per our Pico Buds Pro reviews, this pro hearing aid is a revolutionary invention.

Once you buy this device, you will get three earplugs, one rechargeable size 10 battery, a cleaning brush, a wax guard and tool, and a user manual with it.

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Discussing the Features, Advantages, and Benefits

This hearing aid device comes with the following features:

picobuds pro reviews

Noise Reduction for Uninterrupted Hearing

This hearing aid device comes with a noise reduction feature to enhance the actual sound by reducing the background noise. So, we can always hear the actual sound more clearly. Besides that, this pro hearing aid is truly capable of reducing the sound caused by gushing wind. So, our hearing will not be interrupted by the wind gust.

Ear Protection Output Ensuring Zero Damage to Eardrums

This hearing aid device comes with an automatic sound gain control output. This is an important feature of this pro hearing aid. Because of this unique feature, this hearing aid device can automatically control the background noise levels. At the same time, it will protect our eardrums from getting damaged due to a sudden burst of loud sounds. So, we will never experience any sudden surprise from loud noises.


Bluetooth Connectivity to Get Synced with Any Device

This pro hearing aid is packed with the latest Bluetooth connectivity. So we can easily pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device and enjoy the proper hearing.

Rechargeable Battery for Peace of Mind

This revolutionary hearing aid device comes with an in-built rechargeable battery. This battery works for 3 months efficiently with a single charge. So you can have complete peace of mind while using it.

Automatic Volume Adjustment Keeping Your Ears Safe

This pro hearing aid features an automatic volume adjustment to automatically enhance and reduce the background sound. So, we can easily use this hearing aid device without adjusting the sound manually every time.

Precision Hearing For Easy Comprehension

While conducting our PicoBuds Pro reviews, we find that this hearing aid device comes with this unique feature. So, it is truly capable of enhancing our ability to understand every speech precisely.

Self-Learning of User’s Volume Preference

This intelligent hearing aid device comes with a self-learning feature. This allows this hearing aid device to remember our volume preferences in the long run for an easy adjustment. So, we can use this pro hearing aid without adjusting the volume preferences every time.

Frequency Adjustment Feature So That You Don’t Miss Out Anything

No doubt, the primary function of any hearing aid device is to differentiate the sounds on the basis of different frequency regions or channels. In this regard, an audiologist plays an important role in adjusting these different channels with frequency adjustment software. But while using this pro hearing aid, there is no need to manually adjust these channels as it comes with a frequency adjustment feature.

Ergonomic Shape Offering Perfect Fit on Ears

This hearing aid comes with an ergonomic shape. So, it can be fitted perfectly and adjusted as per the shape of our ear. However, wearing a hearing aid device is always a unique experience for first-time users. We know it will take some time to get used to. But the ergonomic shape of this pro hearing aid makes it ideal for shortening the transition period as well as easier to get used to.

picobuds pro review

Lightweight for Using All Day Long

We have often seen many of us feel totally uncomfortable while using any bulky hearing aid. And the reason is very clear. Most of these hearing aid devices not only go inside of our ear but also go above. At the same time, many hearing aids consist of a wire attached to them. So, it is quite natural that we feel uncomfortable while wearing them. But this revolutionary pro hearing aid is surprisingly light weighted. So, we can comfortably use it all day without noticing any issues.

Superior Audio Quality Helping the Auditory System

At the time of conducting the PicoBuds Pro review, we found that it can significantly improve the sound hearing quality. So, we can easily use it to preserve our hearing skills in the long run. This hearing aid device always ensures the continuous stimulation of various components within our auditory system. As a result, it keeps this hearing aid fit while used for a long time.

Smart Design for Complete Discretion

The ergonomic shape, smart design, and nearly invisible size make this pro hearing aid unbeatable. At the same time, it offers us complete discretion. Besides, the manufacturer of this hearing aid device incorporates various latest technologies. As a result, it transforms into a hardly detectable device for people around us. So, we can have complete peace of mind while using this powerful hearing aid device.

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Know the Price of PicoBuds Pro

These hearing aid devices are available in red and blue colors. You can pick the color of your choice. Besides, you can buy 1 to 4 units of this device according to your requirements.

picobuds pro

A single device costs $79 at a 50% discounted rate. If you want to purchase two devices, it will cost you $119. If you need more devices, you can buy three or four devices at a time. Three devices come at $137, and you will need to spend $179 for four devices. And you will be glad to know that the makers are offering a free shipping facility worldwide.

You can easily pay the charges using your Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro cards. While checking out, you will come across an amazing offer available for a limited time. You can get an extended protection and replacement plan by paying just $9. It means that you will get overall protection of three years.

Is there Any Return and Refund Policy

Yes, there is a well-defined return and refund policy. The makers of this hearing aid offer a 30-day return and refund policy. You can return the item within 30 calendar days of its purchase. However, to be eligible for a return, the item has to be unused and in as-is condition with its original packaging. You also need to have the receipt of the purchase.

After receiving your returned product, and inspecting it, the manufacturer will send you a notification of confirmation. They will start processing the refund when they approve the return. The amount will be credited to the source of your payment. The time for receiving the refund will depend on the policies of the card issuer.

Guarantees for Faulty Goods

We want to highlight the guarantee offered on faulty goods in our PicoBuds Pro review. All products bought in the EU are covered by a free-of-cost guarantee of two years. The company will replace, repair, or process a refund if the item is found to be non-functional or defective within this tenure. However, a partial or full refund will be only processed when the defective product is beyond repair and cannot be replaced.

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Technical Sheet

Let’s quickly have a look at the technical details of this hearing aid.

pico buds pro reviews

  • Easy adjustment of amplification level
  • The nude shade of the front side for invisibility
  • Proper insulation due to silicone buds
  • Long battery (A 10) life
  • In-built digital chip for noise cancellation
  • Directions microphone for better pickup of sounds
  • More than 600,000 units sold
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How Can I Use this Hearing Aid Device?

You just need to follow the simple step-by-step guide.

pico buds pro

  • Place the device inside your ear. It will get fitted quite easily.
  • The earplugs will be marked L for your left year and R for your right ear.
  • It almost looks like other ear plugs. So, you will know how to use it the moment you have it.
  • The front side of this device comes in a nude shade to make it discreet.
  • An almost invisible cord will be attached to the device so that you can take it out easily.

Customer Service

You can reach out to the company through emails and phone calls. International customers can call their award-winning team at +44 20 3808 9234. Call +552135003992 to talk to them if you are in Brazil. You can also email them at care@urpurchase.com for correspondence.

PicoBuds Pro Reviews from Other Users

“This hearing aid is great and certainly not a scam! It’s sad that I thought so! I am over 40% deaf in my left ear. Thanks to this hearing aid, I can clearly hear everything now.”
Mark, USA
“I was so nervous and ashamed of wearing a hearing aid earlier. But this one is so stylish and almost invisible. No one can notice it, and I am loving it.”
Suzzane, Ontario
“This hearing aid actually works! The hearing aid I used to wear before used to cause so much pain. I stopped wearing that. But this one is completely pain-free. It does not hurt my eardrum at all.”
Rachael, Iceland
“Love this pro hearing aid. I thought it would turn out to be a scam costing me havoc. But thank god! It works, and I go it for just $79.”
Matthew, California
“I got the product delivered on time, and guess what! They did not charge any extra shipping fee. Happy me!”
Emily, Netherlands


Is this hearing aid a scam?

No, this hearing device is not a scam. It has the best noise reduction, audio amplification, and adjustment technology. Besides, its audio output is excellent. Further, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try it.

Is the hearing aid visible?

No, this hearing aid is not easily visible to others. It has a nude color on the front and fits inside the ear just like any ear plug.

Does it cause pain?

No, this hearing aid does not cause pain. It has advanced ear protection technology and an easily adjustable amplifier. So, your ear will remain completely safe.

Is PicoBuds expensive?

No, it is not over-the-top expensive. The company is now offering a 50% discount offer. You can get a device for just $79. Two, three, and four devices come at $119, $137, and $179, respectively.

How Much Do I Need to Pay as Shipping Charges?

The product is shipped free of cost globally. So, you will not need to pay any extra charges.

Why is this Hearing Aid Better than Its Alternatives?

This device is less expensive than most other hearing aids on the market. Besides, it will work for up to three months without any battery recharge. Besides, it is not easily detectable by others like most bulky hearing aid devices.

Picobuds Pro

The device also has excellent sound pickup capability with noise reduction and easy amplification adjustment. Further, its ear protection technology makes it completely safe for use. And as already mentioned in our PicoBuds Pro review, it comes with a 30-day refund guarantee. So, it is better than most other alternative hearing aids doing rounds in the market.

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We recommend this hearing aid as a highly-functional and user-friendly product. Besides, it is a value-for-money product considering the advanced features it has. Further, it is comfortable and discreet, making it ideal for people of all ages. So, choose this device and say goodbye to your hearing problems.

PicoBuds Pro
PicoBuds Pro is an advanced hearing aid with excellent sound pickup and noise cancellation abilities. It fits in your ear easily and does not cause any pain.
8.8 Total Score
PicoBuds Pro

Here are the pros and cons of PicoBuds Pro

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Discreet and ergonomic design
  • Silicone buds for good insulation
  • Excellent sound pickup
  • Built-in noise cancellation digital chip
  • Ear protection technology for painless wearing
  • Only available on the official website
  • Guarantee for faulty goods is only available in the EU
  • Only 2 color options (red and blue)
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