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prime tracking

These days, we live in GPS! As the hovering satellites map out the world in real-time, life becomes easier and safer! So, you might have GPS in your car. But, don’t you want a mobile unit for personal use? We heard you! Just like you, we want to be sure that this is the real deal. So, we took our time to research the Prime Tracking reviews from online vendors.

It’s a 5-star ranking most of the time! Moreover, this smart gadget seems to come straight out of the CIA handbook! It’s like being the star of your own 007 movie, saving your world via GPS!

In a nutshell, it lets you assert smart surveillance control over movable assets with precision. Also, it lets you ‘look’ after your loved ones when you are away. Therefore, here is the Prime Tracking GPS review you need to read.

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Last update made on 12 June 2024

Common issues mentioned in Prime Tracking reviews

The most popular use of this powerful mini GPS is to track mobile assets. For example, you own a rideshare fleet. Again, you may be letting out your cars on rental. But, the whereabouts of your vehicles are a source of constant concern. Besides, a lot of reviews are from grateful parents. The kids are all grown up and have hit the road with your car. So, you need a device to keep track. Say hello to GPS!

prime tracking gps

Traveler luggage is another key set of mobile assets that warrants real-time tracking. The thoughts of luggage safety are on top of every flying traveler’s mind! Rest easy and have a relaxing flight. This is because in this prime tracking GPS review, we will allay your fears for good. Your things belong to you, and so it will be with the assurance of GPS!

Finally, numerous prime tracking reviews come from thankful parents and caregivers. You can be at peace as you look after your kids via the eye in the sky! Also, caregivers for seniors find this device to be extremely helpful! Leaving them alone at home while you are at the office can cause anxiety. But, using the prime tracking device, you can deploy a safety net from a distance.

Nevertheless, we must warn you against certain uses in this prime tracking GPS review. For example, tracking your spouse without consent can lead to issues! That said, let’s proceed with the details of this prime tracking!

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Putting it to use

Check out this prime tracking GPS review on how to use it for best.

prime tracking reviews

Real-time tracking with Google Maps

It uses high-speed 4G connectivity. In addition, the real-time location is visible as a mobile icon on Google maps. Also, the GPS tracker is accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. In addition, prime tracking reviews dig the fact that you can access the detailed location history up to 400 days. That’s more than a year!

Speed-checker for cars

It monitors your vehicle’s speed. Tally it with the location history, and you can access the exact data on speeding. Most prime tracking reviews mention a rather useful check on rash driving.

Sets up geo-fencing

This primetracking review gives a big thumbs-up to this feature! So, it lets you set up a virtual perimeter. The GPS will alert you whenever it goes outside this secured boundary.

Send an SOS

Finally, as the ultimate security alert in desperate situations, you can hit the SOS! Several prime tracking reviews mention how it saved them from difficult places!

Gadget specs

Let’s see to the gadget specs in this section of the prime tracking GPS review.

prime tracking gps review

Great battery life

Most prime tracking reviews are happy about the battery life. It works by a simple plug and play operation and can retain charge for up to three weeks! The mini USB power port makes charging super easy.

Sturdy device

It is water and dust-resistant. So, you will be using it for a long time without any problems. It is a cuboid with three LED status lights in the front. The lights indicate power status, GPS connectivity, and cellular connectivity.

Product dimensions

The exact dimensions are 3 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches. The prime tracking reviews mention how inconspicuous it is! Besides, it is a silent operator. This prime tracking GPS review confirms that no detectable beeps come out of it while in operation.

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How to use it?

This prime tracking GPS review helps you set up the device. First, charge it up to full capacity. Next, visit the service website. There, you put in the unique information of your device and activate it. Also, at this point, you select the tracking plan as per convenience. Finally, you need to download the mobile app, available on both Android and iOS.

Log in with your account info on the app, and keep track in real-time. Moreover, the prime tracking reviews also praise the fact that you can access the GPS tracker from multiple devices with the same login info.

Benefits and Advantages

The biggest benefit is perhaps the peace of mind you get from constantly being in touch. It offers you an amazing sense of control over your movable assets. Also, it is worth mentioning again, the tracker lets you always be virtually present with your loved ones. When handing over your car keys to someone else, always make sure the GPS is there.

Real Prime Tracking reviews

The first primetracking personal GPS tracker review is from Jonathan. He is the CEO of a high-profile private security agency in LA. Furthermore, he confirms that the device has been incredibly useful to keep track of his vehicle fleet on the road.

prime tracking gps

Simran is a single mother of two teenagers. She has been using this GPS tool to keep watch on her kids when they are in school. Also, she says that the device has been very helpful for parenting.

Here’s another prime tracking GPS review from Jennifer. She is a rising Rock musician who travels a lot for shows. As it is, the safety of her luggage in the airports is assured by this GPS tool.

What’s the price?

This prime tracking GPS review looked up the service website for pricing. The product is available in two categories. Firstly, you have SafeTrack for personal use. Secondly, there is CarSmart, which is the vehicle plug-in gadget. However, the pricing plans are same for both.

primetracking personal gps tracker

The first plan is at $25/month. Besides, it has a 10-day free trial. Secondly, you can get it for 6 months, billed at the rate of $20/month. Finally, you can opt for the yearly plan, billed at $17/month.

Moreover, the gadget is presently available at a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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The utility of prime tracking personal GPS tracker always depends on you! Let go of your concerns about being Orwellian whatsoever! It is a highly useful smart gadget that can save both life and property.

Prime Tracking
The prime tracking GPS tool is super useful! Keep track right from your smartphone.
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Pros and Cons

Let's overview the pros and cons.

Ease of use
  • Undetectable device
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Geo-fencing
  • Good battery life
  • SOS switch
  • Tracks location every 10 seconds
  • Takes a while to charge
  • Can be 'offline' randomly
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