ScreenKlean Review 2021: Will It Make Your Screen Spotless?


screenkleen wipes review

Nothing else can make your high-end phone look cheap than a screen full of fingerprints and dirt. Since you invested money in your gadget, you can maintain its premium look by cleaning the screen regularly. ScreenKlean is advertised as the best screen cleaning solution you can get for your phone. Keep scrolling to see our ScreenKlean reviews and judge if you should get one yourself.

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Why rugs and microfiber cloths won’t suffice

When it comes to your priced gadgets, your traditional cleaning tools may end up short. What you need is a tool specially designed to clean the surface of your phone. Using a cloth might seem okay, but it can cause micro-scratches. And it also doesn’t clean the screen that well. Even microfiber cloths won’t be able to fully clean your phone.

screenklean review

Using rags and microfiber cloth may seem to clean your phone screen. But in reality, they are just smeared to the sides. You still end up with a dirty phone. A screen full of smudges is quite annoying to use. It looks unkempt, and you can’t read the text properly.

So what do you do? Removing the superficial dirt isn’t cleaning. You can’t just use a disinfectant to clean your phone, either. What you need is a tool that can both remove the smudges and fingerprints from your phone and, at the same time, kill the germs and bacteria.

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Screen Klean review: What you really need

Screen Klean may be the best cleaner you can get for your phone. According to ScreenKlean reviews, instead of just smearing the dirt, it makes use of patented carbon molecular technology to effectively clean surfaces off facial oils and grime.

ScreenKlean by Carbon Klean makes use of molecular carbon technology that cleans and disinfects your phone at the same time. The carbon attracts grime, dirt, facial oils from the phone’s screen. A rag or microfiber cloth would not be able to do that.

ScreenKlean reviews: What’s in it?

The smart carbon technology of this cleaning pad doesn’t only remove dirt, grime, and oil; it can also kill bacteria. And Screen Klean reviews vouch that it’s also very effective in removing almost all types of microorganisms.

screenklean reviews

This cleaner also prevents the transfer of germs and bacteria. ScreenKlean reviews explain that the product is equipped with cleaning pads that you can use for 150 times. Plus, these can be replaced when they have reached their maximum usage.

The cleaning pad eliminates the need for harmful chemicals so it’s also very eco-friendly. You’re not spraying chemical contaminants into the air every time you clean your phone.

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How to use it

If you read several ScreenKlean reviews, you’ll get how this pad is easy to use. You just have to simply remove the cap, and it’ll reveal the cleaning pads.

Just hover the pad over the screen and clean as you would with a cloth. The big difference is that the carbon pads remove all the dirt, grime, and bacteria. Whereas a cloth just smears it over. You may also use the ScreenKleen wipes for your Ipad.

reviews of screenklean

After use, simply slip it back into the cap. It instantly recharges itself so it’ll be ready for the next use. All the dirt that has clung to the pads will be replaced with new carbon molecules.

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How do you clean the carbon pad?

It’s very simple to clean. The technology collects dirt from screen surfaces, including fingerprints, dust, oil droplets with its brittles. After using the Screen Klean, all you have to do is slide it back into the recharging station. Once it’s in there, it would use smart technology to clean the carbon fibers or replace damaged ones with new fibers, and your cleaning pad would be renewed and ready for another use.

What types of surfaces can you use Screen Klean for?

It’s pretty clear that this carbon technology is designed to clean any type of screen. It’s safe to use on your gadgets and other screens that use LED. Also, your windscreens on your cars need tender cleaning with safe materials as well and this carbon technology is just perfect.

Benefits and advantages

On the outside, it may look like a simple cleaning pad. But all ScreenKlean reviews state the many added benefits of this product. It’s backed up with a patented technology that can elevate cleaning your phones up a notch.

1. It works for almost all screens
Does ScreenKlean work? Yes – for almost every screen there is. Apart from your mobile phones, you may also use the product to clean larger screens. It won’t scratch the surface; instead, it can make your gadgets and devices look pretty new all the time.

2. Can remove germs and bacteria
The carbon technology enables the cleaning pad as a 2-in-1 tool. One, it can remove all dirt that distorts the HD image of your phone. Two, it can remove harmful microorganisms.

3. Comes in lovely colors
You can express your personality by getting these cleaning pads in your favorite colors. It comes in a variety of eye-popping shades.

4. Portable and handy
It’s easy to pop it in your bag. This way, you can clean your phone wherever and whenever you are.

5. A more sophisticated way to clean your phone
Instead of just using a scrunched-up cloth, Screen Klean is pretty cool to use.

6. Uses same technology that NASA uses in space
So if it works great in space, it’s more effective for all your gadgets.

7. Non-abrasive and eco-friendly
A microfiber cloth might seem non-abrasive, but it’s not. It can actually cause micro scratches that can decree the transparency of your phone. You might not notice it, but it slowly makes the screen blurry. Also, it’s chemical-free so it doesn’t hurt the environment.

ScreenKlean reviews: What users say

Let’s see what some of the users have to say in their ScreenKlean reviews.

“I was skeptical at first but I read reviews of ScreenKlean and I tried it. It did remove all the dirt, grease, and grime both from my phone and Ipad. I was also able to use it to clean the monitor of my TV. It’s quite versatile and can be used on any surface”.

Gary C.

“It’s very simple to use. I no longer have to be annoyed by stubborn fingerprints. And all the grime and facial oils were removed too.”


“CarbonKlean ScreenKlean tablet screen cleaner is very convenient and easy to use. It works as advertised. And the ScreenKleen reviews were true.”


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Price and money-back guarantee

These cleaning pads are quite affordable. At just around $20, it comes with free shipping. It also offers 1 one year warranty. And if you’re unhappy with it, you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Where to buy ScreenKlean? You can purchase this cleaning pad from their official website.


Your high-end phone won’t look too premium with a lot of fingerprint, dirt, and grime. Sometimes, a cloth just won’t do the job; it will even smear the dirt. Based on this review, Screen Klean can both clean and disinfect your phone screens with its patented carbon technology. At present, there’s no other product that would be able to clean your phone as effectively as Screen Klean. For us, it definitely deserves a try.

8.7 Total Score

  • Lifts dust, grime, and oil instead of smearing
  • Small and compact
  • Non-abrasive
  • Pad sometimes falls off when you open it

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