Try The Shadow X Drone for a Sky High Adventure (Review 2024)

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With drones, just anyone can try out the exciting hobby of aerial photography. You can get a drone even if you are a total beginner. Try a good product. The Shadow X Drone is the latest craze in this high-tech segment.

Drones changed aerial photography as it is. So much so, now you can say it is a new era for taking aerial images. Earlier, it was a clumsy and highly expensive process. Also, it was a privilege exclusively for the film crews. They had to rent a helicopter to get the shots. There was no other way! Also, the crew needed costly equipment for the job.

The Shadow X Drone is high-tech, totally cool, and quite literally, gives you a high. Also, we consulted many Shadow X Drone reviews before commissioning the device. The response is overwhelmingly positive. Most Shadow X Drone reviews claim that it is an awesome device to own and operate.

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Aerial Photography Made Easy with the Shadow X Done

The Shadow X Drone is a great device for bird’s eye views. It is available on a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get it now!

Last update made on 17 April 2024

Problems with drone technology

Let’s have a look at the usual problems with drone technology. One of the key issues is how many blades are best for the propellers. The minimum number is two, while some drones may have three, four, or eight blades. The Shadow X Drone has four propellers, and each propeller consists of two blades.

the shadow x drone

Number of Blades

Naturally, you may assume that more blades mean the greater ability for the drone. But, you are wrong! This paradox is because the number of blades increases the drone’s weight. In turn, it becomes clumsy and difficult to fly.

Camera Specs

Also, we verified several Shadow X Drone reviews for its camera specs. Finding an affordable drone for beginners with a good camera is a major issue. After all, the purpose of a drone is to get amazing aerial views. Unfortunately, you may find devices that don’t fit the bill when it comes to the camera.

Sometimes, the camera may not even be able to capture what you intend. Also, the slow-motion mode may not be available. Besides, you should settle for nothing less than HD-quality images for aerial photography. Does the Shadow X Drone meet these requirements? We shall explain in the later segments.

In addition, you should also check if the drone camera system has a gyroscope. This component is essential for maintaining a steady camera while the drone records on flight. The Shadow X Drone is among the best products for high-quality photography.

Battery Life

We also checked many Shadow X Drone reviews for the response on battery life. Moreover, battery sustainability is one of the major issues with drones. Even the top-line brands struggle to get 20 minutes of battery life in the air.

Handling Ease

Ease of handling is another key issue with a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). So, before buying one, you should check if you can fold the product and carry it with you. You should not need a car to take the drone from one place to another. Instead, you should be able to carry it conveniently in your backpack.

Gravity Sensor

Having a gravity sensor is a must for high-altitude photography. You should always confirm whether your preferred drone has one. Drones falling from the sky after the juice runs out is a major threat to life and property. 

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Does the ShadowX Drone meet these challenges?

So, is the Shadow X Drone a good buy? Also, are the rumors of a Shadow X Drone scam true? Some users may have negative Shadow X Drone reviews. However, overall the product seems to be a good one.

shadow x drone review

Let’s see its features.

Lightweight Device

It is an extremely lightweight device, and the manufacturers used mostly high-grade plastic components instead of metallic parts. Also, the number of propellers is at a minimum of two.

So, the Shadow Xdrone can achieve significant heights very fast for stunning aerial photography. The four propellers are foldable, and you can detach the blades and bend the arms towards the body.

Carry it conveniently in your backpack wherever you go. Many Shadow X Drone reviews laud the fact that they also provide spare propellers in the box. So, there is always a spare option in the off-chance that you dislocate one of the inbuilt propellers. 

Powerful Camera

It features a powerful camera. The 12 Megapixel camera is perfect for taking amazing photos on the ground. Also, you can record HD videos at 120 frames per second. Besides, the increased battery capacity also means that you can use it to record up to 15 minutes of video without a re-charge. Moreover, it has gravity sensors that allow you to take professional videos from the first flight itself.

Besides, you will love the slow-motion mode. Your drone videos just got way cooler with the slow-mo enabled. Slow-motion videos look surreal already. Now, it is a whole new level of videography when it comes from a drone camera! The majority of Shadow X Drone reviews root for this feature.  In addition, the ShadowX Drone has a six-axis gyroscope system for smooth flights. This technology keeps the camera stable and lets you make the perfect videos.

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How is the Shadow X Drone?

The black device is made with high-quality plastics and electronics. Besides, it features a rechargeable controller. So, this means that you would not need any batteries to run the controller.  Therefore, the package consists of a rechargeable 3.7 V 600 mAh Lithium-ion battery.

shadow x drone reviews

It also features a good Wifi system connected with the Shadow app. Moreover, this allows real-time transmission on your Android or iOS device. Several Shadow X Drone reviews come from beginners who appreciate this feature.

The gravity sensor determines the drone’s altitude from the ground, preventing its risk of crashing.

In addition, it weighs only 360 gms. The dimensions are 12.5 x 7.5 x 5 cm with folded propellers. The drone operates at 2.4 GHz radio frequency. It can sustain a flight time of 21 minutes on full charge.

How to use the Shadow X Drone?

The use is extremely easy, and anyone can click high-quality photos and videos with a single click. The controller incorporates exclusive features such as the 360-degree roll and a single button auto-return. Also, most Shadow X Drone reviews appreciate the one-key take-off and landing ability. In addition, the product comes with a user manual written in English that simplifies the entire process.

Benefits and Advantages

Did you ever have the flying dream? You dream of soaring high to the skies and seeing gravity disappear!  The Shadow X Drone makes this bird’s eye view possible for you.  Its an incredible tool for hobbyists and independent filmmakers. The internet has numerous amazing videos of drone footage. So, you can also explore new destinations and share your footage with the world!

shadow xdrone

This product is extremely lightweight, and you can carry it right in the backpack. Exploring familiar surroundings from an aerial POV seems to open up a whole new world! You begin to see the neighboring areas with a new eye. However, you should always use a drone respectfully lest it infringes someone’s privacy. Besides, you can get into a legal soup if the drone captures footage from a restricted area. 

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Reviews of Shadow X Drone

“I am a single mother from Arkansas. I was looking for a nice birthday gift for my eight-year-old son. Then, I found the Shadow X. It was easy to get up and flying. The controller displays no problems, and the drone flies like a breeze. My son Jason spends most of his free time flying his drone.”


“I am an independent filmmaker from Tucson, Arizona. I frequently use the drone for my job. Also, I especially like how the drone offers a surreal perspective to everything. To date, I have used it to film a few music videos for underground bands. The bird’s eye view is amazing, as well as the slow-motion shooting.”


“I am an event manager at a travel agency. I was looking for a drone when I came across the Shadow X Drone reviews. I think it is a great tool to create enticing videos of popular tourist destinations. Many of my clients reached out to say that the videos are amazing.”


Price and Money-Back Guarantee

shadow x drone price

Shadow X Drone price is USD 99 for one drone. Moreover, there is an ongoing offer in Shadow X Drone for sale. When you buy two drones, you pay USD 197. But, you get one drone absolutely free. Moreover, if you buy three drones at USD 297, you get two more totally free.

Also, the product is available by a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Several Shadow X Drone reviews come from verified sources. These are real people with a knack for drone technology. However, even a rookie can use this product effortlessly.

Shadow X Drone
The Shadow X Drone is a cool product for aerial photography. It is super easy to operate.
8.7 Total Score
Pros and Cons

Here is a list of all pros and cons of the Shadow X Drone

Ease of Use
  • Easy operation
  • 12 MP camera
  • 120 FPS videos
  • Lightweight device
  • Gravity sensor
  • Cannot attach your own camera
  • Only 15 minutes of video
  • Single SD card slot
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