Soul Insole Review 2024: The shoe bubble for your foot comfort

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It’s surprising to note how many people suffer from health problems due to incorrect foot posture. So, you probably guessed that it causes arthritis and knee pain. Do you know that it can affect your eyesight and cause headaches? This is where SoulInsole comes in!

Numerous Soul Insole reviews conform to the life-changing effect of this product. Therefore, we decided to give this product a go, and here is what we found.

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It is a revolutionary orthotic insole

SoulInsole is a simple orthotic insole device made of a biochemically designed memory gel. Besides, it is a transparent product that you can comfortably place inside any shoe. Also, its sticky surface immediately attaches to the sole of the shoes.

It consists of non-porous, medical-grade memory gel. Besides, it does not react with the skin of your feet. Therefore, it does not cause a foul smell. Further, it is washable. However, Soul Insole reviews recommend not using soap or detergent for the purpose.

Product specs

The arch height of the SoulInsole is 10 mm. Besides, it is a lightweight insole weighing only 0.7 oz.

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Soul Insole shoe bubble: A Solution for flat foot

The lack of arching in the mid-foot region causes the bodyweight to affect your standing and walking posture. Further, some people are born with a flat foot. On the other hand, some people develop it in adulthood. Whatever may be the reason, Soul Insole reviews confirm it to be a miraculous solution to this issue.

SoulInsoles offering support for over-arched feet

As noted by many Soul Insole reviews, the product is also helpful for those with an excess of arched feet. Therefore, the best solution is to use an orthotic insole like SoulInsole.

soul insole

SoulInsole users point out that the effect is almost immediate. So, you can feel the change as soon as you set it up in your shoes. It also helps with longstanding issues such as arthritis and knee pain.

We used the product in different kinds of shoes. So, for those still in confusion, does Soul Insole work or not, we can affirm that it does.

Soul Insole reviews report relief from plantar fasciitis

How can SoulInsole help with plantar fascitis? It happens as a result of inflammation of the thick band of tissues running across the bottom surface of your foot. Further, this tissue connects the heel bone with the toes.

Its shape is like a bowstring, and it supports the arch of your feet when you walk. It also acts as a shock absorber when one walks. Moreover, due to constant stress on the fascia, it can suffer from wear and tear.

Patients suffering from this report a sudden stabbing pain near the heel. Further, this pain is most acute when you take the first steps in the morning. However, Soul Insole reviews report considerable relief from this pain as they use soul insole for plantar fasciitis.

Risk factors for plantar fasciitis

However, before we explain the use of Soul Insole for plantar fascitis, let’s have a look at the risk factors. Further, these factors can help understand who are the best candidates for SoulInsole.

Special kinds of physical activities

Long-distance runners and aerobic dancers are particularly prone to develop this condition. Ballet dancers are also highly susceptible.

People engaged in certain occupations such as teachers and factory workers are also ideal candidates for SoulInsole. Again, many Soul Insole reviews confirm that they developed plantar fascitis due to standing for long periods over hard surfaces.

Foot shape

As mentioned in many Soul Insole reviews, people with flat feet and overarched feet complain about plantar fascitis. Ultimately, this simple product helped them overcome this problem and live a normal life. So, if you are wondering is Soul Insole legit, these people can affirm that it is.

Obesity and age

Some people may develop painful heels because of gaining weight. Age also acts as a major factor. Further, if you are over forty, and have painful heels, you should seriously consider using SoulInsole.

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Other conditions reported in Soul Insole reviews

Besides plantar fasciitis, the orthotic product offers relief from several other foot conditions.

soul insole reviewMorton’s Neuroma

This condition happens as a result of the thickening of the tissue around a particular nerve leading to your toes. Besides, the area between the third and fourth toes is prone to developing this condition. Also, it feels like a lodged pebble or a fold in the socks.

You may also experience a tingling sensation or numbness in your toes. Further, patients with hammertoes, flat feet, or high arches are vulnerable to developing this condition.


It refers to the condition where patients experience a sharp pain in the metatarsals region of their feet. Besides, it is similar to Morton’s neuroma.

Pronation control

Every time you run, pronation comes into play. Besides, as the foot strikes the ground, the arch in the mid-foot approximately supports thrice your body weight.

Some people suffer from over-pronation, which affects the shock absorption capacity of the feet. However, users of SoulInsole report better shock absorption.

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How much is Soul Insole?

What is the Soul Insole price? The product is available as a part of a package deal. You can choose from different packs. The retail price of a single pack is $29.99. However, if you buy the pack of 3, you only pay for two and get one free. The cost of the pack of 3 is $59.98. You can get an even better deal by settling for the pack of 5. The retail price is $89.97. This means you get five pieces at the price of three.

Where to buy Soul Insole? You can order yours at the official website of the manufacturer.

How to use it?

how to use soul insole
All Soul Insole reviews note how simple it is to use. Just place it inside the shoe with the sticky surface facing the sole. Gently press it around the edges, and it gets attached to the shoes. It does not require any trimming. The memory gel automatically adjusts to the size of the shoes.

Soul Insole reviews from actual users

We received feedback from several users who tried SoulInsole. Here are a few of them. If you are thinking is Soul Insole a scam, these reviews should assure that it is not.

  • Brian is an industrial worker who has to spend long periods standing on a hard floor. He reported acute pain just beneath his toes. He reports having much-needed relief from using this product regularly. Besides, Brian says that it has become much more bearable, and the pain is considerably less.
  • Nancy is a fitness freak who regularly runs in the morning. After she noticed pain in her foot during the first few steps in the morning, she consulted a doctor. The doctor diagnosed over-pronation as the reason. On a friend’s advice, she started using this product. Now, Nancy reports that the pain has all but disappeared after using it.
  • One user named Jim reported in a Soul Insoles review that it adhered better to leather. When he tried to use it on canvas shoes, there were some slippage issues. He also recommends using a single pair for a particular shoe instead of switching it from one shoe to another.

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FAQ section

Q 1. Is soul insole any good?

  1. It is a very good orthotic insole offering relief for patients suffering from feet pain. Besides, it has shown remarkable relief for patients suffering from plantar’s fascia and Morton’s neuroma.

Q2. Is it washable?

  1. It is washable, but one should not use soap or detergent. It can cause the stickiness to lessen. However, if this happens, just rinse off the soap with water. Then, the insoles should work just fine.

Q3. Can you use it in any shoe?

  1. You can use the insoles in any shoe. Just make sure that the soles are free of dirt or sand particles. Some soul insole reviews report that they work better on certain materials such as leather, fake leather, and PU material. However, it may be less sticky for canvas and fabric shoes.

Q4. Are they long-lasting?

  1. They are very long-lasting and can last for years.

Q5. How do they work?

  1. They work by redistributing pressure evenly across the foot. It provides support to the mid-foot region, relieving the stress from the heels and toe regions. Further, the high-performance memory gel has a biomechanical design.


This amazing orthotic insole can provide long-term relief from foot pain. Besides, it’s nothing less than a miracle cure for a patient suffering from foot conditions such as plantar’s fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma. Further, it is a must-use for long-distance runners and people who have to stand for a long time on hard surfaces.

Soul Insole
9.3 Total Score
Soul Insole pros and cons

Here are the different aspects of using this product so that you can make an informed decision.

Ease of use
  • It is versatile. Anyone can use it on any kind of footwear.
  • Offers good support to the mid-foot arch and the toes
  • Made of skin-friendly memory gel that does not stink
  • It is washable
  • Available in convenient packages
  • It does not cover the entire sole
  • The insole may lose its stickiness after washing it with detergent or soap
  • The adhesive may damage the sole of your shoes
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