StarScope Monocular Review 2024: All You Need to Know

Over the years, the need for a magnifying lens in cameras has become a trend. This trend is to the extent that phone manufacturers add the optical zoom feature to their cameras. But is that a perfect answer to your needs? If you love backpacking, observing nature and animals, or stargazing, you’ll need something better than a smartphone camera to explore better. To capture beautiful sceneries and very distant objects, you should check out these Starscope monocular reviews.

According to the manufacturers, the Starscope zooms up to 10x. In addition, The Starscope monocular telescope will also help you spot objects miles away without compromising their natural element. But wait! Is the Starscope monocular scam or legit? You should have the Starscope monocular reviews before you go on to purchase it.

The New Starscope Monocular Telescope

Enjoy stargazing with your smartphone and zoom deep into very far objects without missing details with this latest telescopic masterpiece.

Why Was the Starscope Monocular Developed?

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There are moments where you wish to view beautiful scenes from miles away. And you wished you could capture those beautiful memories. But instead, you are stuck with your smartphone camera. You even try hoping for an epic shot, but you end up with a blurry image. And even giant binoculars wouldn’t help your situation because of the weight and high prices.

The Starscope zooms in images that are miles away without compromising the picture quality. The device is lightweight, weather-proof, and fog-proof, unlike most telescopes. Thus, it is suitable when traveling, hiking, canoeing, backpacking, sightseeing, and photography. Furthermore, the Starscope monocular is also an inexpensive device, so you don’t need to break the bank to have one.

Starscope monocular telescope physical details

The physical trait of the Starscope monocular telescope sets it apart from most telescopes out there. Let’s check some of the essential features of the Starscope monocular telescope.


According to Starscope monocular reviews, customers testify that the telescope is made with high-quality materials. The device is tough and durable because of the weather-proof and fog-proof features. It is made of a fully multi-coated lens and ABS plastics. The Starscope monocular telescope is water-resistant and UV resistant, and it can withstand corrosion.


The Starscope monocular telescope is very portable in size but is capable of magnifying objects from a distance. The dimensions of this device are 155mm (length) by 44mm (height) by 70mm (width). It weighs 320g with an exit pupil diameter of 3mm, an eye relief of 20mm, and a field of view of 114/1100m.


The Starscope monocular telescope is engineered with a BAK-4 prism, a fully multi-coated 50mm objective lens, and ABS plastic. The device also comes with other materials such as the carrying pouch, microfibre cloth, and wrist wrap that keep it safe at all times.

Smartphone mount kit

The Star scope monocular does not need a cable to connect to the phone. However, when using it with your phone, you’ll need a mounting kit. The mounting kit comprises one knob and two clamps. One clamp holds the phone tightly, and the other lets you position the eyepiece and your smartphone camera.

How to use the Starscope monocular telescope

Anybody would be able to operate the device even without reading the Starscope monocular reviews. However, the device can be used in two ways: without your smartphone and with your smartphone. Whichever way you choose to use your Starscope monocular telescope, it’s pretty easy to use.

If you are using it ordinary, all you need to do is

  • Put the monocular to your eye and point in the desired direction.
  • Adjust the focus by gently turning the knob located at the top of the monocular.
  • Hold the monocular firmly with one hand and use your second hand to adjust the focus.

However, you can use both hands when viewing for a more stable image. Furthermore, you can also use a tripod for the best stability.

It is possible to use the monocular with your smartphone. However, you’ll need a mounting kit for you to be able to do this. This mount kit allows you to use your smartphone camera to view through the monocular lens. All you need do is clamp your phone to the mounting kit and position the lens to the camera. You will also need to adjust the focus and point the monocular in the right direction.

Likewise, the Starscope monocular telescope should be handled with proper care. Though the device is rugged and durable, you need to be careful when adjusting the knob.

In addition, you need to always keep the lens clean at all times. Clean the lens with the provided microfiber cloth.

starscope monocular review


Benefits of the Starscope monocular

Lightweight and sturdy

One key feature of the Starscope zoom that makes it stand out is its sturdiness. The device is also lightweight and makes it easy to carry about while Traveling, outdoor gaming, camping, hunting, and visiting the stadium.

Weather-proof and fog proof

The Starscope zoom is capable of withstanding harsh weather. Whether it is running or fogging, you can use the device to view beautiful scenes.


From the Starscope monocular reviews, customers have confirmed that it is made of high-quality materials. For instance, the BAK-4 and fully coated glass prisms are specifically used for outdoor purposes. The device is built to last you for many years if handled with care.

It has versatile application

The Starscope monocular has versatile applications. It is useful for outdoor purposes and virtually impaired people. It can also be used by the military to sight enemies from afar.

Starscope zoom

The Starscope zoom object up to 10X without losing the image details.

Starscope monocular reviews from Customers

“I bought this for use on patrol as a police officer. I work the 3rd shift and with the Starscope zooms, I can see things from afar when I’m trying to be sneaky. I also plan to use it on any camping trips I go on to see the stars. So far it’s been great to have and it easily packs into my duty bag.”
Cody Compton

“This product is very useful and still is. I’ve used it for different purposes including sports and shows and while we had great times hiking and picnicking with friends and family. The zoom is crystal clear and the hardware is lightweighted. Easy to carry. Also, the sleek design and adjustable eyepiece make it even more attractive to anyone that wants to capture really far objects.”

“This is a great value, the monocular is very easy to hold and focus on. The clarity is great. You can carry it and not obstruct you from using your camera.”

Price and money-back guarantee

You can get the Starscope monocular as cheap as $47.99 for only one item. However, you could get two, three, or four at $95.98, $107.99, $143.97 respectively. Its shipping fee varies between $8 – $12 depending on the amount you are ordering. Starscope payment options include PayPal, Stripe, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover. You can enjoy free shipping and huge discounts by ordering with the button below.

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However, if you don’t like the product, you can return the product and request a refund. From researches covering Starscope monocular reviews, the manufacturer offers a 30 days guarantee on all unused purchases. You need to send the item back in the unopened packaging to get a refund.

FAQs (Starscope monocular reviews)

Is the Starscope monocular any good?

The Starscope monocular is good for both young and old. And you can use it as a gift for your loved ones. The Starscope monocular zooms in on objects from miles away when you are outdoors.

Does the Starscope monocular use a battery?

The Starscope monocular doesn’t require a battery to function.

Will the Starscope monocular work with my smartphone

Yes, it will work with any phone with a single camera. Just clip the eyepiece to your phone camera.

What is a BAK4 prism?

BAK is an acronym for BaritleichKron a direct German translation of “Barium Crown”. This is the most ideal type of prism for creating top-quality lenses. It being the best makes it far better than its BAK7 alternative. This BAK4 is the type used for the Starscope monocular lens.

Conclusion (Starscope Monocular Reviews)

The main factor to consider when purchasing a monocular is what and where to use it. However, If you had taken your time to read the Starscope reviews, you would have understood that the device has a versatile application.

Starscope Monocular Telescope
9.2 Total Score
starscope zoom review 2024

Ease of Use
Cost efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • 10x zoom
  • Lightweight
  • Lens requires careful handling

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