The PhotoStick Omni: Best Digital Backup Device for 2024

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Can anything ever replicate the magic of photos? These moments frozen in time are like portals to the past. With an old photo, all the memories of that day come rushing. This is why photos often feel surreal! Suddenly, you realize that there is little chance that you meet the person in the picture again. Maybe that relationship did not work out in the end, or you lost touch. Sometimes, photos carry precious memories of loved ones who have left this world. Besides, they are also precious keepsakes of vacations, anniversaries, and birthdays. So, it is absolutely vital that you don’t lose old photos. The Photo Stick Omni review here will tell you how to ensure that.

Back in the day, people printed camera reels and kept photos in special albums. However, in the digital world, we often forget to take a printout of the photos. As a result, they remain in the digital format stored inside devices. Often, old phones and computers become storehouses of thousands of photos. Some people also keep old photos in the cloud.

These storage options are great as temporary solutions. But, you still risk losing your precious memories. For example, the hard drive of your computer may crash. This is because your phone may fall and break. Also, it may suffer from water damage or a sudden software issue. Worse still, you may lose your phone.

As for cloud servers, do you know that they usually horde millions of photos every month? As a result, the servers may automatically delete old images on a brief notice to free up space.

The bottom line is, you should read the Photo Stick Omni review here. ThePhotoStick Omni is arguably the best digital files backup device in the market.

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PhotoStick Omni: Find & Protect ALL Your Memories In ONE Click!

The PhotoStick OMNI is a small but powerful device that automatically finds, sorts, and safely backs up your photos, videos and other files.

Why do you need thePhotoStick Omni right now?

ThePhotoStick Omni is an advanced USB device. It is made of the latest storage technology and is incredibly easy to use.

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The Photo Stick Omni review here brings you all the benefits of a powerful storage device used by millions. Since its launch, it has become an indispensable tool for many photographers, students, journalists, and media persons. In fact, if you love playing with your camera, you must have thePhotoStick Omni in your arsenal. Look up the following sections of the Photo Stick Omni review to know more.

It is a self-sufficient device

ThePhoto Stick Omni is a self-sufficient device that does away with the need for Wi-Fi or batteries. So, there’s no need for anything else except to plug in the USB stick to your device. Besides, you don’t need an internet connection for it to work. Neither is there an elaborate process of setting up thePhotoStick Omni.

This means that you can use it effectively even when you are traveling and the internet is unavailable. Besides, it’s amazingly travel-friendly. Also, you can carry this lightweight and sleek device easily in your handbag or purse. Did we mention that you don’t have to put in your login details to use thePhotoStick Omni? In addition, there is no need to know a bit of programming to use it.

It comes with an universal adapter

We cannot praise the universal adapter enough in the Photo Stick Omni review here! You can comfortably use the product with just about any kind of phone or tablet.

Works on all operating systems

ThePhotoStick Omni is as versatile as it can get when it comes to operating system compatibility. So, if you are wondering does PhotoStick Omni really works – yes, it does! The Photo Stick Omni review you read here is based on real experience!

Supports all file formats

ThePhotoStick Omni supports any image file format that you can think of. Use it to store your videos and music files as well.

Works very fast

The device uses the latest USB 3.0 technology. So, this means it can complete the file transfer from your device within minutes. Frankly, waiting for the ‘downloading’ to be over can be a big headache when you have thousands of files. So, let the review here assure you that you don’t have to wait anymore.

photostick omni

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This is also extremely helpful when you need to take out the crucial files fast before they are lost forever. So, if your computer is only minutes to crashing, use thePhotoStick Omni for rapid file transfer.

In fact, you can find several users like me praising this in the PhotoStick Omni reviews.

Let’s talk about storage

ThePhotoStick Omni offers multiple storage options. It can store anything from 15,000 to 120,000 photos! All you have to do is choose the best storage space according to your unique needs. So, let the Photo Stick Omni review here help you decide!

So, here are the specifics.

  • The 32 GB model can store approximately 15,000 standard image files.
  • The 64 GB one is good for up to 30,000 photos.
  • You can store up to 60,000 images in the 128 GB model.
  • However, the 256 GB product has a whopping capacity of up to 120,000 photos.

In conclusion, PhotoStick Omni works wonders with huge caches of files.

You would probably have to pay for cloud storage with so many files. In this respect, this gadget is extremely cost-effective. In addition, there are no hidden charges with Omni. This is because all you pay is the one-time upfront cost for buying it. I can confirm this personally in the Photo Stick Omni review here.

What is the price range?

We want to inform you about everything in the Photo Stick Omni review here. Plus, I am stoked to inform you that all prices are heavily discounted. Besides, you also have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • Buy the 32 GB device at only $59.99. The original price was $74.99.
  • Get the 64 GB device at $79.99. The price dropped from $109.99.
  • You can get the 128 GB model at $99.99 instead of paying $159.99
  • The price of the 256 GB version is $149.99. The original cost was $269.99.

Some users ask is PhotoStick Omni a scam or not. No, it is not! It is a fully legit offer trusted by more than a million users.

How does it work?

There’s practically no learning curve here. You don’t have to use the adapter for using it with computers. Simply plug the device in the USB port, and it will be visible in your system. Then, just press ‘Go’ to use it.

photostick omni function

You will need to install its app for using it on smartphones and tablets. First, get it from the Google play store or Apple app store without any additional cost. Next, install and open it. In addition, use the adapter to plug in the gadget to your phone or tablet.

Moreover, the user interface is very easy to follow. So, you can be familiar with thePhotoStick Omni app in a matter of minutes. Plus, you don’t have to remember any password to use the app or the PC program.

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What other users are saying about it?

While jotting down the Photo Stick Omni review here, I went through other reviews. I could not find a single other person reporting a negative experience with this product. Here are a few snippets.

photostick omni review

George is a student using this product. He reports that the gadget worked smoothly after plugging it into his iMac. He successfully freed up his computer’s storage.

Jenny highly recommends the ease of using this gadget. Also, she says that it is always difficult for us to understand the technical stuff. However, the Omni is a breeze to use.

Cyril adds that the USB device makes it super easy to search her huge cache of files. In addition, she recommends the device because it is extremely easy to use.

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Is PhotoStick Omni any good?

The Omni is an excellent product to store your precious digital files. Also, you can store up to 120,000 files in it.

Which computers are compatible with it?

It is compatible with almost all versions of Windows and Mac.

What is the standard photo size used to measure its capacity?

The Omni uses the standard photo size of 2 MB. This is because it is the approximate size of an 8MP JPEG image. However, some files can be larger than these. So, the capacity of the gadget may vary.

Is the 60-day money-back guarantee legit?

Many users can’t believe it and ask is PhotoStick Omni legit or not. However, I can assure you that it is an excellent product.


The Photo Stick Omni review that you just read is based on actual user experience. I am a regular user of this neat gadget and highly recommend it. Besides, I think it is the best time to get this gadget with discount rates. It will ensure that you never lose a precious photo!

PhotoStick Omni
9.6 Total Score
Photostick Omni: pros and cons

Here are the key benefits of using this product.

Ease of use
  • Compatible with any device (desktop, laptop, phones, and tablets)
  • Works very fast
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Magnificent storage capacity
  • In addition, there are no monthly fees
  • Available only from the original website
  • Besides, you might lose or misplace the small device
  • Also, it is listed as compatible up to Windows 10
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