TVShareMax Review 2024: An Advanced Screen Casting Device for You


Do you want to enjoy a smart TV experience without buying one? Here comes TVShare Max, which will completely change your TV viewing experience. I did not have enough budget to buy a new smart TV. I just came across this USB device that connects my television, Wi-Fi, and phone. In simpler words, I started enjoying videos and music from my phone on my television screen. So, I thought of sharing my TVShareMax reviews with you all.

This wireless streaming USB device also comes with an HD mirror feature. So, I can watch my favorite content from the phone on bigger screens with my friends and family. Is TVShareMax scam? Is TVShareMax legit? You will find all your answers in my TV Share Max reviews.

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TVShareMax is a screencasting device that will help you watch any content from your phone on your television. It is very easy to use and compatible with various OS and devices. Besides, it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, grab this smart gadget today and SAVE 50% on your purchase.

TVShareMax Reviews: What is TV ShareMax?

To me, TVShare Max is a small USB device that has completely changed my home entertainment experience. Further, I want to mention in my TVShareMax reviews that the gadget is designed to enhance your online streaming experience. It’s time you enjoy all the content from YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, and other streaming services without any hassle.

It is portable, and you can even carry it while traveling. You just need to connect it to your TV to watch content from your smartphone and create an amazing home-theatre ambiance. Also, I love this gadget as it protects my eyes from straining. I do not need to stare at the small screens of smartphones, tablets, or laptops anymore.

Do you want a blur-free and 1080 HD quality experience at your home? Then, trust my TVShareMax reviews and grab this screencasting gadget. Further, this gadget is manufactured in the USA by a renowned company and has many satisfied users globally. Moreover, it works with almost all modern TV sets.


TVShareMax Reviews: Is TVShareMax Any Good?


In this section, I will tell you how this gadget works. It will help you make up your own mind regarding the efficacy of this gadget.

TVShare Max has HDMI and AV outputs for connecting your phone to the television. Besides, you need a Wi-Fi connection for casting your phone screen onto the TV. Further, unlike the usual screen sharing mechanism, it does offer any blurry or pixelated output. On the contrary, as per my TVShareMax reviews, you will always enjoy an HD output.

Also, TVShare Max has features like syncing maps, screen sharing, and more. Moreover, make a note from my TVShareMax reviews that it is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. You just have to connect the HDMI through USB to start watching the phone content on television.

TVShareMax Reviews: Features that Make TVShare Max Stand Out:

I will highlight the advanced features of this screencasting device in this section of my TVShareMax reviews.

tvshare max

  1. This USB gadget has switches for power, light, and mode.
  2. Besides, it is compact in design and wireless. So, you can easily carry it.
  3. Also, it has AV and HDMI outputs, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.
  4. It ensures blur-free and 1080 high-definition output.
  5. Through your home Wi-Fi system, it will transform a modern TV into a smart TV.
  6. It supports Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, and other streaming applications.


TVShare Max Specifications:

tvsharemax review

  1. TVShare Max has a cross-system, DLNA, mirroring, and many other modes.
  2. Along with entertainment purposes, it can be used for conferences and corporate presentations.
  3. It has H.265 decoding.
  4. Further, its HDMI output ensures faster speed during streaming.
  5. It supports Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0+, and macOS 10+ operating systems.
  6. Besides, it has Airplay, DLNA, Miracast, and AirMirror for streaming Netflix, Chrome, YouTube, etc.
  7. Also, TVShare Max works on a simple play and plug mechanism through a Wi-FI connection.
  8. Dimensions of TVShare Max are 2.28 x 0.47 x 0.28 inches.

Why is TVShare Max Different from Other Gadgets?

  1. High definition streaming is the order of the day. Nobody loves watching blurry or pixelated outputs. Here, this USB gadget scores higher than other screen-sharing devices.
  2. Further, unlike usual screen cast devices, it will not cause any lag or delay in signal transmission.
  3. It supports a wide range of devices and operating systems. This is a rare quality in screencasting devices.
  4. Also, it is known for cross-platform functionalities.
  5. It can playback images, audio, and videos in different formats. It supports formats like.mp4,.mkv,.mov,.mp3,.aac, and.aav, etc.
  6. Furthermore, it has satisfied customers worldwide, and it is competitively priced.
  7. With this, there is no need for a cable TV subscription or messy wire setups.

How to Use it?

I find this gadget extremely easy to use and I am sure that you will also agree with me. You just need to plug in this gadget to a device where you want to watch the content from your phone to enjoy a home theatre experience.

tvsharemax reviews

  1. At first, connect this gadget to your TV using the HDMI port.
  2. Then, switch on your Wi-Fi connection and sync it with your device and this screencasting gadget.
  3. Open your TV and choose from the list of content on your phone to start streaming the same on your television.


TVShareMax Price:

This gadget is very competitively priced. Currently, if you buy one unit of this gadget, you will need to spend $59 after getting a 50% discount. Besides, if you choose two units of these gadgets, you will get one free along with a 70% discount on the overall price. The pocket pinch for the same will be $109 in total.

Then, there is a lucrative deal of buy 3 and get 2 free. The price for the total package after a 75% discount will be $149. Moreover, you can buy a 3-year warranty for this device for just $9.

Easy Return and Refund Policy:

Buying this gadget will be a safe investment for you. If you are not happy with the performance of this gadget, you can return it. The manufacturers are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, once you return the product, you will get a complete refund of your money. However, S&H charges will be deducted from your refund amount.

Hear it From Happy Customers:

I have already shared the features, specifications, functions, price, and user guidelines in my review. It’s time you get to know what other customers are saying about this gadget.


  1. Vera O says that it is the gadget she uses the most nowadays. The instructions are easy to follow, and she cannot now think of a day without this device. Further, its performance is unbelievable considering the price.
  2. Marry S says that she is happy to have bought this product. Everybody now asks her where she did buy it from.
  3. Jordan A shares that he can easily use it despite not being a tech-savvy person. He could learn the useful functions of this gadget quickly.

After hearing from satisfied customers, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions in the next section of my review.



Here are the answers to some common queries about this gadget.

TVShareMax Reviews: Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy it from the official website of this gadget. You will get lucrative discounts there along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides, the payment process is quite secure on the website. The payment and checkout procedures are backed by McAfee SECURE, Norton, and AES-256.

TVShareMax Reviews: When can I Expect My Order?

You can expect the delivery within 7-30 business days after placing your order. The best thing is that the manufacturers offer free shipping worldwide. However, if you want a faster delivery, you will need to pay the shipping charges.


TVShare Max is one of the coolest and most useful devices I have ever come across. It is compact in design with advanced engineering and a host of functions. Besides, it is extremely easy to use and very reasonable. Also, you are eligible to get your money back if you are not happy with the performance of this gadget.

So, if you want to introduce an amazing change in your home entertainment experience, choose this gadget.

9.7 Total Score
Rating, Pros and Cons

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this gadget.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Equipped with the best features and easy setup
  • 1080 HD quality output
  • Compatible with various devices and operating systems
  • Portable and hence ideal for carrying anywhere
  • Only needs an HDMI cable and stable Wi-Fi connection to function
  • Only available on manufacturer’s website
  • Shipping is free, but for faster delivery, you will need to pay the shipping charges.
  • High demand and limited supply
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