Video Doorbell Review 2024: A Smart Hack for House Safety

video doorbell

Do you keep missing who’s messing with your parcel outside or trying to take a sneak peek inside your house? Also, do you, at times, can’t answer your door as soon as you hear the chime or knock? Here, let’s explore a smart and convenient solution in this Video Doorbell review to remove your daily life inconveniences.

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Last update made on 17 April 2024

What is Video Doorbell?

Video Doorbell can be considered a doorbell but with distinct upgradation compared to your usual doorbells.

The device enables you to watch your visitor or track any suspecting behavior without even opening the door and from anywhere inside your home.

So, it offers discrete and effective monitoring for the safety of your house.

Further, the device offers audio and video elements. So you can indeed have a better understanding of what’s happening outside your door.

The device offers good video quality both during the morning and night. Also, do you know it has made interaction possible with visitors through two-way audio and noise cancellation?

Without even opening the door, you can talk to visitors outside if you sense any suspicious movement or want to verify your destined parcel has reached.

Thus, it maintains your safety in a smart way, thanks to its smart audio transmission through a paired device. Now the main question lies in how you know you have someone waiting outside your door.

The doorbell is equipped with wide-angle coverage from its installation point. The sensor and motion detection technology working 24*7 gives you alerts and notifications on your phone.

This way, you know someone has arrived or is moving outside your house.

But, the active tracking still comes with low power consumption.

Further, the prolonged battery life ensures long-lasting function and, thus, uninterrupted security.

However, the sophistication of this doorbell shouldn’t convince you to think it requires advanced arrangement.

You need a Wi-Fi connection to pair your doorbell device with an Android or iOS phone.

So, it comes with ease of arrangement and use. Whatever movement or video the doorbell captures gets transmitted to your mobile.

Thus, you can keep yourself updated.

Video Door Bell

Why Choose Video Doorbell?

Video Door Bell not only does smart motion detection but also comes with effective tracking. If you miss any incoming alert in your phone prompted by the bell, you get a photo of whoever is standing on your doorstep or whatever is happening outside.

Plus, you receive the date and time in the photo, thus offering you real-time evidence.

Moreover, the two-way audio lets you do smart tracking and get desired outcomes. Let’s say you are busy and can’t answer the door. The visitor may be an unwanted person with ill motives or a delivery person carrying your grocery.

With an ordinary doorbell, you have no option but to open the door and then interact.

But, with Video Door Bell, you get an alert on your phone as the visitor arrives on your doorstep. Then, you can observe the real-time recording through your paired phone. If you see an unknown or seemingly dangerous person, you can choose not to answer the door.

If you see your expected delivery, you can ask them to leave the parcel.

Also, there’s no criterion of receiving updates only from inside the house. The quality video and audio features let you interact with visitors or answer the door, evenaway from home.

Further, the doorbell in our review comes without any special choice for installation place. You can place the device wherever you want outside your door. But you must remember, since it’s not a flying drone, you would never get a 360-degree flying view.

Video Doorbell Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Let’s explore the different features of Video Door Bell that give enticing advantages and benefits.

Smart and Quality Tracking for Better Security

Video Door Bell comes with real-time monitoring for security. Whether you are away from your house, sleeping, or busy with work, you get alerted through notifications sent by the device to your phone.

Further, you can check the videos or pictures if you miss the alert by any chance. Importantly, you can talk with the visitor via two-way audio and see them through your phone.

Effective noise cancellation ensures you can carry out the conversation without any disturbance.

Motion Detection Sensor for never missing any Intruder or Visitor Alert

If anyone tiptoes around your house or outside the door, you can’t hear any noise.

But, the Video Door Bell comes with smart motion detection. The efficient sensors ensure you never miss out on even the slightest, fast, or any unrecognized movement outside your doorstep.

So you can get an alert every time without any fail. Thus, you can have better control over your safety.

Video DoorBell review

Wide Range of Device Compatibility

Video Doorbell is compatible with iOS and Android devices. So you have the option of connecting a wide range of phones with this security device.

Thus, you reap the benefit of having amazing security in your home or office with many pairing possibilities.

Longer Battery Life for Prolonged Function

A single charge gives Video Doorbell the capacity to function for 8 to 12 months. So yes, you have a security device that doesn’t require frequent charging.

So, you get pretty consistent and uninterrupted service for maintaining your safety and privacy.

Fuss-free Use For Easy Operations and Maintenance

Video Door Bell requires Wi-Fi to connect with your phone for footage and video recording. Notably, the doorbell device requires no other accessory or wiring for installation.

So, you get the ease of use installation and operation with a minimal arrangement.

Thus, even without tech knowledge, you can continue using this device.

Different View Modes for Comprehensive Security

You may get worried thinking about having a compromised video quality during nighttime. But this doorbell in our review never reduces recording quality in the absence of sunlight.

So, you can sleep peacefully at night and let the doorbell record the happenings outside your door. As it senses motion, it sends an alarm to your mobile. So you don’t have to worry about missing any active tracking or movement outside your perimeter.

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Video Door Bell Price

Video Door Bell Price and Promotion

Every purchase deal of Video Door Bell mentioned below comes with a 50% discount.

To buy a single Video Doorbell, you need to pay $89. Importantly, you have two free deals here. You can get two doorbells and one free at a price of $177.

Alternatively, you can have five doorbells at a price of $267, out of which two are free.

Furthermore, if you need a three-year warranty, you can choose to add $19 extra to the final price.

Payment Options

You can pay for Video Door Bell through VISA, MasterCard, and Amex. So you have several options available as payment modes.

Importantly, the purchase site is protected by McAfee SECURE, Norton by Symantec, and AES 256 Encryption. So you have no risk of losing your crucial card info while buying Video Door Bell.

Money-back Guarantee

This product offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the Video Door Bell, you can contact customer service (details given later) within 30 days of purchase for replacement or refund.


As you arrive at the purchase site, you can get a pop-up for the spinning wheel. But you can either spin the wheel or choose not to.

If you spin the wheel, you can land up with one of the several options. You can get any discount, offer or nothing at all.

Further, if you get a discount, your fate of spinning outcome decides your discount amount apart from the initial 50% discount.

The achieved discount gets added along with a 50% discount on the final price.

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Video Doorbell Technical Sheet

Pairing requirement: Wi-Fi

Connection setup: Your mobile device connected through Wi-Fi

Pairing device compatibility: Android or iOS

Color: White or Grey

Device shape: Rectangular

Captured Video Quality: 720p HD

Audio Conversation: Possible

Recording capacity: Yes, with a built-in SD card

Viewing Capacity: Broad range starting from daylight to nighttime

Battery requirement: Yes

Power Consumption Level: Low

Motion Detection: Yes, and Real-time

Camera lens capture capacity: Wide angle with a 166-degree view

 Video Doorbell Working instructions

Using Video Door Bell needs no complex mechanism. So, here’s the way of using this great product through the easy-peasy steps mentioned below.

  1. Install the Video Doorbell on your door frame or unsuspecting location outside your door.
  2. Connect your phone or device with the Video Door Bell through Wi-Fi.
  3. Keep track of what’s happening outside with the connected doorbell
  4. Catch the external movements through your phone..
  5. As you hear your bell ringing, observe who’s outside or what’s happening through your phone.
  6. Also, keep the recordings of outside happenings.
  7. Save the video footage.

Through the steps given above, you can keep track of your deliveries or who’s knocking on your door even when you are late to answer the door.

Video DoorBell reviews

Video Doorbell Review of Customer Service

Video Doorbell comes with easy yet effective customer service.

You can call at international number +44 20 3808 9234, which remains open 24 hours for your queries or issues.

Further, you have another Brazil-based number, +552135003992, which remains available from 9 am to 14:00 pm every day, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Alternatively, you can use the email address to send your queries. Notably, you can use the postal address: Hyper Sls Ltd, 1506 Loon KeeBldg No. 267-275, Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong, for replacement or return.

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Video Doorbell Reviews from Users

I thought Video Doorbell was quite pricey initially. But, then again, now that I have purchased it because of my mother’s constant requests, I can realize it’s been a worthy purchase. The product involves no complex method of use. Also, I like the active and fast notification and detection system.
Considering we have some great security guards in our apartment, I never considered getting a Video Door Bell. But several days I lost my delivered parcel. And that’s when I realized everything doesn’t have to be extremely dangerous, like robbery or wrong people knocking on your door. Losing parcels is also a loss that indeed would have been better investigated with a Video Doorbell. So, I bought this product, and I don’t lose any more delivery. Even better, I can now keep a tab on things happening outside my door quite well.
When I heard about Video Door Bell from my colleague, I thought these things were pretty sophisticated. So I don’t have time to learn how these things work. But as I stayed alone in my rental property, my dad ordered one. Then I experienced the ease of connecting your phone and this device. The smooth connection ensures you get a perfect picture or recording in your phone captured by the doorbell.
I didn’t believe the high promises made by Video Door Bell. But as I came across a deal of getting one free along with two doorbells, I purchased these. These work just fine and have amazing detection and good video quality.
Video Door Bell has made my life so simple. Now, I can check visitors before opening doors and check my perimeter well.


While reviewing Video Door Bell, we came across a similar product called SpotCam Video Doorbell2.

SpotCam works like the product in our review or other video doorbells. It scans your area and sends a notification to your phone if it detects a motion.

Further, SpotCam enables you to have a two-way video conversation with the visitor standing outside the door possible.

However, SpotCam takes a bit longer for video processing to catch movements outside your house. Further, the device comes with subscription plans, which is quite discouraging for users with a modest budget.

Ring Video DoorBell reviews

But, Video Door Bell includes no such paid plans, only the purchase price. Also, it offers real-time and quick video processing.

Another product that has caught our attention is SkyBell Video Doorbell. This product offers good zoom capacity, color night vision, and live video capture.

But its loophole lies in the wiring setup. You need to connect SkyBell with the existing wiring. That removes the ease of installation.

Also, you need approximately 30 minutes for installation and wiring setup.

On the other hand, Video Door Bell in our review offers extreme ease of setup. No wiring is required to get the doorbell into functioning mode.

But, for the sake of wireless ease, you don’t have to compromise tracking or safety.

Video Door Bell gives smart motion detection and seamless tracking.

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FAQ Section

Here are answers to some commonly searched queries for this product.

Is Video Doorbell any Good?

Video Doorbell is definitely good for recording and keeping track of your residential surroundings.

Through smart technology, this device transfers the ringing of your doorbell to your phone. Further, you can see delivery at your doorstep or people knocking on your door from your phone through the device’s integrated camera.

Thus, with this device, you can alert yourself, especially when you or your loved one is alone at home.

Further, this device gives clear video quality both during night and morning. So, you don’t have to compromise your safety depending on daylight.

Is Video Door Bell fake?

No, Video Door Bell is definitely not fake. A Wi-Fi connection ensures the linking of the device through your phone.

The smart technology enables tracking whatever is happening outside your door with your phone from anywhere. Importantly, the use of quality materials allows for capturing video and pictures irrespective of the presence of daylight.

Also, you get smart motion detection of the device, which sends an alert to your phone.

Quality making ensures you get two-way audio and noise cancellation without battery fluctuations. Further, you can order this device from a secure site through card payments.

Is Video Doorbell legit?

Video Door Bell is totally legit for improving your home security. With real-time surveillance, it never misses any motion or movement in the coverage angle from its installation point.

Further, this security device offers night and daytime recording with equally good quality. So, you can have smart monitoring of events outside your door and accordingly update your safety or change your lock.

Is Video Doorbell a scam?

If you are worried about a Video Doorbell scam, there are several factors to claim the authenticity of the product.

The purchase of the real product happens through an authentic and secure site. That removes any notion of losing money through fraudulent deals.

Further, you can see both night and morning video capture with the device.

Also, the easy connection between your phone and device ensures you stay updated with whatever is happening outside your home without looking through the peephole.

Notably, the device lets you capture quality video, so you have no problem detecting your parcels or visitors.

Does Video Doorbell really work?

If you are thinking, “does Video Doorbell work?”, you can stay assured regarding its real-time surveillance. The device captures motion, sends you updates, and lets you answer your door even being away from home.

Further, the battery and quality sensor ensures long-lasting and effective security tracking. Importantly the lack of wiring in its setup offers easy arrangement.

How much is Video Doorbell?

Luckily you get every deal with a 50% discount which gets included in every price mentioned here. Just at $89, you can get a Video Door Bell. Further, to buy three doorbells and two free, you need to spend $267.

Alternatively, you can spend $177 for two items and one free.

Notably, you can add an extra $19 to get a three-year warranty to your final bill.

Where to buy Video Doorbell?

You can buy this product from here.

This site is secure with a well-developed encryption framework. Plus, it sure does come with ease of navigation and use.

Is Video Doorbell Worth It?

The Video Door Bell is definitely worthy of the hype or becoming a part of your house security setup.

It offers smart features like two-way interaction and high-quality recording.

Plus, with this doorbell, you can control your house safety, even outside your home.

Notably, you can get day and night recordings without any wiring setup.

 How does Video Doorbell work?

The Video Doorbell works through a simple mechanism.

A Wi-Fi connection links the device and your phone. The device installed outside comes with technology like motion detection and recording. It sends the collected footage or video to your linked phone.

Importantly you get alerts in your phone sent by the device whenever it senses movement outside your house.

Further, the device helps you see whatever is happening outside your doorstep through your phone. The 24*7 compatibility ensures you get clear video quality even during the night.

 How To Use Video Doorbell?

This device comes with a pretty simple use. Install the device outside your entrance or door. Now, you connect your device and phone through a Wi-Fi connection.

Then, you simply let the doorbell do its magic.

The installed device senses, captures, and records movements outside your doorstep.

You can receive alerts and detect movements outside your doorstep through your connected mobile. Thus, now, you can keep better track of your visitors, deliveries, or any suspecting behavior.

Why Video Doorbell is the Ultimate Safety Requirement?

This security device gets easily paired with your mobile through Wi-Fi.

You need no costly setup or subscription. You need to start with easy installation. Then you have smart perimeter tracking through the lens of the device.

Further, the captured video or recording gets sent to your phone through Wi-Fi pairing.

Also, the presence of an SD card ensures proper storage of recorded photos and videos. Plus, you have a long battery life to get security tracking for uninterrupted time.

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With our Video Door Bell reviews, we hope you have obtained a comprehensive idea regarding the function of the device.

The security device in our review reflects technological excellence. It gives good video quality both during night and day and records the outside of your door.

Further, through alerts and quality audio transmission, you can answer the door without even opening the door. Plus, you get the ease of handling, operation, and storage of recorded footage or video.

Also, the device comes with an attractive money-back guarantee and a 50% discount. So, why miss such an attractive deal for improving your house safety 24*7? Say yes to happy shopping and make the best out of this offer.

Video Doorbell
Video Doorbell is a different alternative compared to chiming doorbells. It senses motion, records movements outside your door, and alerts you through phone pairing.
9.7 Total Score
Video Doorbell Review Summary And Rating

Video Doorbell is a game-changer in the realm of doorbells. Its innovative design and advanced features provide an unparalleled level of convenience and security. With real-time video and audio capabilities, you can stay connected to your doorstep, no matter where you are. Whether you're looking to enhance home security or simply streamline your daily routine, the Video Doorbell is a must-have device. Say goodbye to traditional doorbells and embrace the future with this cutting-edge solution.

Ease of Use
  • Easy installation and use, only relying on a good Wi-Fi connection
  • Video or footage can be recorded both in night and morning vision
  • A good range of compatibility, being capable of pairing with Android and iOS devices
  • Good video quality that makes tracking your parcel or observing your visitors easier
  • Smart technology of motion detection and alert transmission to paired mobile device
  • Doesn’t have any fun or catchy design
  • Can be found online only
  • Proper functioning relies on uninterrupted Wi-Fi
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