XY Find It: Does This Tracker Device Really Work?

xy find it tracker device review

To lose or to misplace items – keys, wallets, dog tags, mobile phones, and other gadgets is normal. In an ideal world, finding a misplaced item would take just a snap of a finger. Well, developers of the XY Find It say they’ve created a solution that does just that. Read further and find out if this tracker device is worth your time and money.

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Lost And Not Found

Lost love, lost chances, lost opportunities, lost keys. There are so many cliches about lost items that it’s okay to accept that it’s a fact of life. However, having a quicker way to search for something valuable could increase your productivity.

xy find it review

One app lets you locate lost items easier by automating the whole process.

XY Find It Reviews: What it is

This tracker is one of several other Bluetooth item finders that allow users to find their misplaced items, including their gadgets, keys, and more. It includes the map features to inform them about where exactly their stuff is. In this way, they are aware of their spaces and may follow what’s on the map to locate the item. It functions either with the app or the web browser. Along with XYFindIt is the XY4+, letting the users find misplaced items locally.

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XYFindIt: How does it work?

Locating My Things

How does XY Find It work? Let’s say you need to locate your keys. The XYFind It tag must be attached to your keys, and provided that the user is within Bluetooth range, the XY Find It tracker app will show hints on how close you are to the misplaced keys.

Finding Lost Phones

The XYFindIt app can also help you find your lost phone by triggering the loud alarm on the phone right from the XY Find It tag. Remember, you must open the app for this feature to work. However, there are certain cases when it still works even without the app-enabled.

Last Known Location

This finder is also well-known for this feature, which is highly useful if you are beyond the range of your lost stuff, for instance within a wide range of 360 feet. It will present a map detailing where the item was last found.

xy find it range

KeepNear Notifications

Aside from helping you locate your belongings, it also features the KeepNear Notifications, which reminds users not to leave the item once more in where it was previously left.

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XY Find It Reviews: How to Use It

XY Find It instructions are straightforward.

Attach the XY Find It tag to your smaller items with a higher chance of getting lost. Thereafter, download the XY Find It app, and follows these steps.

First, pair the tag in the app. You can notice the button on the tag once the app is open in the Add Item mode. Then, the pairing process begins. If you cannot find it, it’s that hexagon-shaped tag with the logo.

It will sound, signalling that it enters the pairing process. Once paired, you may begin tagging and attaching the photo. The photo will assist the user in connection with the World Wide Web, or when tapping on someone’s help when you search.

Benefits And Advantages

Several XY Find It reviews present the app’s benefits to users:

xy find it reviews

  • Super loud alarm, lets the users notice and take action once it sounds
  • Massive range in your surroundings
  • Five-year battery life
  • Lets you change the batteries
  • Various great, useful notifications
  • Crowd GPS
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

XY Find It Reviews: User Comments

Version 3 of XY FindIt works really great for tagged items misplaced either around the house or in the car. I am loving the loud calling tune, the map function, and the location hints! It makes searching for lost items more efficient.

Joy P.

Gotta love the app – it has GPS tags that work well with Bluetooth technology, plus GPS lets me find items anywhere in the globe! It’s so cool.

Reader M.

I was let down, honestly. But I wouldn’t discredit the developers of this product. Customers should find out for themselves if they need it.

Phil B.

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Price And Money-Back Guarantee

The product has three different prices for specific bundles of 1, 3, 6 or 10 trackers. They range from $60 to $240 with free shipping except for a single tracker purchase.


Also, the XY4+ will only require the user to pay for the initial cost of the device, without the extra fees. They also get a 60-day money-back guarantee.


So, does this device work? While not every review about this app is positive, this item finder is considered one of the world’s most powerful. It offers loud notification sounds, long XY Find It ranges, and tough battery life. It’s great for parents and young professionals always in a hurry to organize their stuff without spending several hours on this.

XY Find It
9 Total Score
XY Find It

Compact Design
Long Lasting
  • Keeps Your Things Accessible
  • Small as Dime
  • Affordable
  • Long Lasting Battery
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