BiTWatch Review 2024: Active and Smart Monitoring of Health and Work

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Are you tired of wearing both a fitness tracker and your watch simultaneously? Also, do you feel frustrated every time you need to check your phone for message alerts? Here let’s explore a smart solution in this BiT Watch review.

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Last update made on 17 July 2024

What is BiT Watch?

BiT Watch is a smartwatch that functions as a fitness tracker apart from showing time. The watch comes with dual time keeping, perfect for global business or overseas work.

Importantly, the watch is lightweight and looks fashionable. So in this regard, you don’t have to compromise comfort for fashion. That comes in handy since you better use this watch during your exercise hours.

This watch gives health and fitness updates based on your present condition. So you can keep yourself updated regarding your health.

Further, this watch gets easily synced with your mobile through Bluetooth. You can see your alerts coming to your phone on your watch screen. In this regard, it’s worth knowing this watch has a user-friendly display and dial surface.

Plus, the quality of the watch is enhanced by water resistance and long battery life. So this watch gives you company even during tough times and rough use.

Why Choose BiT Watch?

BiT Watch smartwatch not only gives health updates but also diverse and comprehensive info. The heart rate sensor acting 24*7 on the watch helps you check your heart rate during walking, cycling, and sitting.

So, you can definitely use active tracking to check your stress levels and relaxed state. Importantly, real-time cardiac measurement helps you to detect any heart issue.

Also, you can wear the BiT Watch smartwatch during sleep. The device captures your heart rate and assesses your sleep quality.

Importantly, you can see the captured info which gets saved. Further, the BiT Watch smartwatch not only shows your phone messages but also alerts you effectively.

When you receive a message alert on your mobile, this watch gives you a vibrating reminder along with the message.

Importantly, the Bit Watch smartwatch reflects environmental consciousness. The straps are made of environmental silica gel.

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BiT Watch Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Let’s explore features of the BiT Watch that give exquisite advantages and benefits.

Fitness Updates for Consistent Tracking at Different Times

Most often, we consider smartwatches as fitness trackers besides checking time. But this BiT Watch smartwatch gives active and precise monitoring during different times of the day.

Importantly, the biometric sensors of the watch let you check heart rate and blood pressure during exercise, walking, and non-active state. Also, you can keep track of calories during exercise, sedentary times, and meals.

The robust tracking comes in handy for assessing your sleep quality and exercise performance. Moreover, you can use health tracking to modify your fitness schedules. Importantly through the health updates, you get indications about any heart or health issue.

However, remember this device is never meant to replace professional opinion or consultation.

All in all, considering the comprehensive real-time health data, this watch replaces the need for fitness trackers. Also, its precision enables its apt inclusion during sleeping, working, or exercising.

BiT watch smartwatch

Dual Time Keeping for Business Convenience

This watch gives dual time. So this comes in handy when traveling for work away from your native location.

Further, if you are in your home location and handling foreign projects, the dual time keeping helps you stay on track with your client’s timing. So this feature definitely adds convenience for work and business.

Message Syncing with Phone

Imagine yourself traveling for business and carrying luggage or during your daily commute when you receive a “ting” in your phone. That can be a work message or someone from your family. So, you can’t afford to let that message go. But it’s hard to check messages when you are rushing during traveling or trying to catch a train.

With BiT Watch, you can have a smart way of connecting with everyone. With syncing the watch and your phone, when your phone receives a message, mail, or call, the watch vibrates. So even without checking your phone, you get an alert and just check it from your watch.

Daily Important Alerts for Better Routine

This smartwatch gives updates on the weather and can work as a morning alarm. So you can easily keep track of important updates. Thus, this watch lets you stay on track with your daily routine.

Smart Display For 24*7 Use

The watch comes with a touch-sensitive display. The dial further has an optimum size to accommodate viewing your notifications, fitness counts, and time without taking a second look.

So, you can use the watch with equal ease during morning and night.

Sleek Design Made for Comfort and Longevity

Just like any other watch, this comes with a dial and straps. But the straps and dial are aligned and made in a way to survive prolonged use. Also, the straps have a proper length for easy wear. Further, the buckles ensure a tight yet comfy fit.

So, despite being a watch with impressive function, you get ultimate comfort and longevity. That ensures its use on various occasions.

BiT watch review

Long Battery Life for Prolonged Use

BiT Watch comes with a battery that, when fully charged, can give you 15 days of backup. So you get to have continuous use without worrying about zero battery level. That understandably gives you easy and steady use.

Moreover, you won’t face any glitches in the watch function during exercise programs or daily operations.

Sturdy Design for Water Resistance

This watch comes with a water-resistant design. So the BiT Watch smartwatch won’t malfunction coming in contact with water or sweat. Therefore they will continue with fitness tracking and other functions even with water exposure.

So, as you sweat profusely during the workout or when you are outside for work, you can continue with the uninterrupted use of the watch. You don’t need to keep your watch away during water sports, training, or summer seasons. Thus you can continue using it anywhere and everywhere you desire owing to its sturdy buildup.

Wide Range of Device Compatibility

BiT Watch smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS devices. So with wide-range device compatibility, you don’t need separate smartwatches for separate devices.

Thus you can continue enjoying the seamless functions irrespective of whichever Android or iOS device you have. That gives you unmatched flexibility and cuts the need for getting a highly sophisticated mobile.

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BiT Watch Price

BiT Watch Price

Every item you purchase comes with a 50% discount and free delivery. You get a single BiT Watch for $99. On the other hand, you get two and four watches at $159 and $249 respectively.

Further, BiT Watch comes with free offers. Three watches and two free watches come at a final price of $297. Alternatively, two watches and one free watch require you to pay $197.

If you want a three-year warranty, you must pay an extra $9. This additional price gets added to the overall price.

Payment Options

You can purchase a BiT Watch smartwatch through VISA and MasterCard. The payment gateway offers tight-knit protection. The presence of 256-bit SSL encryption offers the security of your data. Plus, the payment site is protected by McAfee SECURE, TRUSTe VERIFIED, and Norton Symantec.


Besides the 50% discount, this watch offers a 5% off coupon. As you click on the coupon, your offer gets activated. You get the final discount added to the cost of the watch.

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Technical Sheet of BiT Watch

Dial shape: Circular

Size dimensions:255 mm (L) X 13 mm (H) X 50 mm (W)

Straps: Present with Hooks and Clasps

Strap material: Silica gel

Bluetooth requirement:4.0 synchronization

Charging requirement: Use of charger supplied with the package

Time display:Analog and digital

Operation time with full charge:15 days

Battery capacity:90mAh

Battery type: Lithium polymer

Water resistance: Waterproof IP67

Device compatibility:Android with 8.0 and above and iOS with 9.0 and above

Product color: Black

Working Instructions for BiT Watch

Using Bit Watch smartwatch is an easy-peasy job. Here are the steps to throw light on using the instructions of this watch.

  • Understandably the use of this watch starts with opening its straps.
  • Then wear it on your hand
  • Also, adjust loose or tight straps as per your wrist size and preference
  • Switch on the watch
  • Also, you must get a compatible app (or JYOU Pro) from App Store
  • Then connect the app to the smartwatch through a Bluetooth connection
  • Notably, set the time as per your time zone
  • Adjust the dual timing as well based on your traveling or business zone
  • Then get notifications and messages
  • Also, use the device for workouts and during sleep
  • Track your health counts
  • Ace your business and keep your health on the best track

BiT watch reviews

Customer Service of BiT Watch

BiT Watch offers minimal yet full-fledged customer service. If you have any queries, you can call the international number +44 20 3808 9234, which is open 24 hours.

Further, you can call the Brazilian number +552135003992, which remains open from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 14:00 pm.

Moreover, you can email your queries or feedback to You have a postal address: Novads OU, Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn, Estonia.

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BiT Watch Reviews from Users

I thought of BiT Watch just as the hype of smartwatches. But my mommy gifted me this, and I fell in love with the product. It is water resistant, making it adaptive to use during water sports and sweaty intensive workouts. Plus, its fitness tracker quality makes the watch suitable for step counts and sleep tracking.
I wanted to buy this watch. But I kept pending, thinking the watch required complex understanding. I asked my colleague who uses this same one. He said it’s simple yet useful. As I bought and used this, I found many uses. But all these happen without any complex mechanism. I liked the battery life and dual time keeping quality.
These smartwatches tend to have high prices. But then I saw this available with a 50% discount, free delivery, and a 5% off coupon. Then I purchased this. Now using this, I think it deserves the price given its ample benefits. You can use it in fitness sessions and tracking sleep. Plus, the dual time feature comes in handy when you are traveling for work or managing the work of clients from different time zone.
BiT Watch has a smart and cool design. Plus, the strap is strong, and the watch is water resistant. That makes it sturdy besides being fancy. Also, I can use the watch with simple operations.
BiT Watch is hardy enough for long-term use. The water-resistant surface, long battery life, and superior materials help you to use it in long sports or fitness sessions. Plus, it’s useful for business communications.


While exploring BiT Watch smartwatch, we have come across several alternatives given below.

GX Smartwatch

GX Smartwatch, with a TFT touchscreen and 240X240 pixel resolution, comes with GPS tracking. Besides, it has impressive features like 24-hour pulse tracking and water resistance.

Also, this smartwatch lets you stay in touch with your phone apps. Importantly, you can use this watch as a health accessory because of its updates like blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and heart rate. You can explore more about it by  checking our GX Smartwatch review here.

Kore 2.0

Kore 2.0, with a sleek design, has on-point tracking of health parameters like blood oxygen level and heart rate. Importantly the, precise tracking lets you assess your sleep quality. However, you can use the watch as sweat-resistant but not water resistant. If you wish to know more about the product, look at its detailed review on Kore 2.0.


T-Watch comes with impressive and important resistant qualities. Besides being water resistant, this smartwatch is dust-proof and shock-resistant. Attractively the watch doesn’t only show your phone alerts but also regulates the camera in your phone. Want to know more about T-Watch? Take a look at its comprehensive review on T-Watch.


XWatch certainly includes attention-worthy features besides its function of showing time and fitness tracking. This smartwatch lets you listen to playlists on your phone. Plus, you can use XWatch as a morning alarm because of its robust body speakers. Read our XWatch review here if you desire to explore more about it.


HealthWatch comes with fitness trackers like calorie counts and sleep monitoring. Plus, you can use this smartwatch to track incoming calls on your phone. Further, you can click pictures by connecting your phone and this watch.

Besides being water resistant, this watch doesn’t get affected by dust. Hop into our HealthWatch review if you want to know about it.

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FAQs for BiT Watch

Here are the answers to commonly asked queries for the BiT Watch smartwatch.

Is BiT Watch any good?

BiT Watch is definitely good for sports persons, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a smartwatch with plenty of benefits. It shows dual time, becoming adaptive for business and official work. Importantly you can sync your phone and the watch to stay updated with messages.

Moreover, you can use the smartwatch to track calories and fitness performance. Notably, the watch being water-resistant, becomes a perfect companion for sweaty and tiring exercise sessions.

Is BiT Watch Smartwatch fake?

BiT Watch is not fake. The use of quality components ensures its authenticity and reflects its excellence. Because of quality buildup, you get extended battery life and a water-resistant feature.

Further, tracking of heart rate, calories, and steps shows the use of valuable technology while making the watch. Importantly you can sync the watch with your phone and stay constantly updated with alerts of messages or emails. This syncing feature shows the integration of smart technology.

Is BiT Watch Smartwatch legit?

BiT Watch is absolutely legit for fitness lovers and tech enthusiasts. The sleek design with easy-to-use straps of the smartwatch helps in fuss-free use.

Further, it can offer ample functions as a fitness and sports accessory. It shows heart rate monitoring and counts of calories, steps, and distance walked. The fitness-related tracking helps you to change training and fitness schedules accordingly.

Also, BiT Watch shows dual-time and syncing with your phone. Thus, this smartwatch is also great for business communications.

Is BiT Watch a scam?

Bit Watch is far away from being a scam. The internal parts and high-quality battery ensure you get a flawless smartwatch service.

Even the water-resistant quality comes from sturdy internal and external watch components. Also, the smart syncing of the watch with your phone reflects the excellent buildup.

Does BiT Watch really work?

BiT Watch not only works but even operates during tricky conditions. Like, you can use it safely during water sports. Plus, the long battery life ensures its use during lengthy sports or fitness sessions.

Further, the smart design of the smartwatch aids in easy maintenance and is fuss-free.

How does BiT Watch work?

Start by opening its strap and wearing it on your wrist. Then, you need to download the JYOU Pro app on your phone. Connect the phone and your watch through Bluetooth.

Further, set the two time zones in your watch per your location and preference. Now you can use your Bit Watch smartwatch and sync it with mobile. Check messages or alerts entering your phone through your watch. Then you can check your heart rate, steps, and calorie in this watch. Thus you can use this device to keep track of your fitness.

How much is BiT Watch?

The price of a BiT Watch depends on the number of units you purchase. A single BiT Watch comes at a price of $99. Alternatively, you can buy two and four watches at $159 and $249 respectively.

Further, three watches and two free watches come at a final cost of $297. On the other hand, two watches and one free come at $197.

Each price mentioned above includes a 50% discount and free delivery. You can include an extra $9 if you need a warranty for three years. This extra charge gets added to the final price.


We hope we have supplied you with comprehensive details in our BiT Watch review.

This smartwatch can give you health updates like calorie counts and heart rate. Plus, its water-resistant feature makes it perfect for intensive exercise sessions and water sports.

The active and dynamic monitoring makes the watch capable of use during different times of the day, whether you are sleeping or trying risky sports.

But that’s not the end. The watch comes with extended battery life and straps made from environment-friendly silica gel. Further, you can sync the watch with your phone to never miss message alerts. Importantly, the watch shows dual time, perfect for juggling overseas clients. Despite the sophisticated benefits, the watch comes with easy operation.

However, this masterpiece comes with an attractive 50% discount and free delivery. If you are a fitness enthusiast and prioritize your fitness and work, this watch can be everything you need in a single package.

BiT Watchto Stay on Track with Active and Busy Life
BiT Watch with apt dial and easy straps has health sensors for fitness tracking. This also syncs messages and sends alert vibrations.
9.8 Total Score
BiT Watch Review Summary And Rating

The BiT Watch is a groundbreaking timepiece that redefines the boundaries of functionality and fashion. Meticulously designed with cutting-edge technology, this revolutionary watch seamlessly combines the allure of a classic wristwatch with the power and versatility of a smart device. With its sleek and elegant aesthetic, the BiT Watch is a true embodiment of style. Crafted from premium materials and featuring a minimalist yet sophisticated design, this timepiece effortlessly complements any attire, whether it's a formal business suit or a casual weekend ensemble. But the BiT Watch offers more than just impeccable style. It is equipped with a range of smart features that enhance your daily life. Its vibrant high-definition display provides crystal-clear visuals, allowing you to easily access notifications, messages, and important information at a glance. Stay connected to your digital world with seamless synchronization to your smartphone, ensuring you never miss a call or message again. One of the standout features of the BiT Watch is its comprehensive health and fitness tracking capabilities. Packed with advanced sensors, it monitors your heart rate, tracks your steps, measures your sleep patterns, and even offers guided workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals. Stay motivated and in control of your well-being with personalized health insights and reminders, all conveniently accessible on your wrist. Moreover, the BiT Watch is designed to be your ultimate travel companion. Its built-in GPS functionality allows for precise location tracking, making it perfect for outdoor adventurers and globetrotters alike. With its intuitive navigation system, you can confidently explore new destinations without the fear of getting lost. The BiT Watch also boasts exceptional battery life, ensuring it stays by your side throughout your busy day. Whether you're attending important meetings, embarking on outdoor adventures, or simply enjoying a night out, this timepiece will keep up with your demanding lifestyle. In conclusion, the BiT Watch is a game-changer in the world of timepieces. With its seamless fusion of style and technology, it offers a sophisticated and functional accessory for the modern individual. Embrace the future of wristwear with the BiT Watch and experience a new level of convenience, connectivity, and style.

Ease of Use
  • Provides calorie counts, heart rate, and counts for distances and steps covered
  • Sturdy body with handsome design and prominent dial display
  • Protection from water damage and prolonged battery life
  • Feature of dual-time keeping to keep track of different time zones
  • Great syncing quality with the phone to receive alerts and notifications transmitted on the watch
  • Can be found online only
  • Not suitable for getting used by children
  • Lack of fancy designs on straps or watch dial
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