GX Smartwatch Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

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The GX Smartwatch can boast of several market-leading smartwatch features. Also, it offers its users even more features than many other products saturating the market. In a nutshell, this smartwatch is a big bang for your buck. In this GX smartwatch review, I will discuss everything there is to know about the “wrist technology.”

There are several GX smartwatch reviews out there. Many people share their experience with the tech gadget. Even though the device is designed to give an outstanding user experience, some of us experience it in unique ways. This article about GX Smartwatch reviews shows my perspective and experience in using the smartwatch.

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Okay. That said, let’s talk about this piece of technological wonder.

What’s the GX Smart Watch?

Like most smartwatches, the GX smart watch is a simple piece of accessory, a wristwatch as we might call it. But unlike most smartwatches, it’s a pack of luxury, elegance, and user-focused functions.

what is gx smartwatch

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and a host of other amazing features, this smartwatch could hold a place on your priority list over other smartwatch pieces. Also, the fact that it costs 5 times less makes it an exceptional buy.

GX Smartwatch Reviews: What You Should Expect.

The GX smartwatch meets all the requirements expected from any smartwatch. Made from high-quality materials, it is durable and easy to clean. Both the front and back surfaces are made with smooth materials that can get cleaned with a simple swipe of the cloth.

Its adjustable strap makes it a good fit for any hand size regardless of your age. Furthermore, it is offered with a variety of hand straps. You can choose between the metallic strap or leather. Whichever you think gives you the thrill.

GX Smartwatch reviews: A Look Into The Software… and Hardware.

With a ROM size of 512MB and an extra 64MB, the GX smart watch comes with a 1.3 TFT full touchscreen and a 240 x 240-pixel resolution.

With the IP68 standard waterproof technology, you can wear it confidently even when it’s drizzling, and you don’t have to panic when fluids splash on you accidentally. However, even with the waterproof technology, I don’t advise that you wear it under the shower in your bathroom. Just as you feel relaxed in that jacuzzi, the GX smart watch would love to shut off when under the same condition.

Furthermore, a 300mAh battery life ensures that it remains on standby for up to 3 days with its features working fully. The Nordic NRF52832 pre-loaded CPU helps to ensure that these features don’t stop working. So, take a chill pill, the GX smart watch won’t break your heart. At least not like your ex did.

A green laser allows you to monitor vital signs of health in real-time. You can keep track of your oxygen level, blood rate, ECG reading, and many more.


GX Smartwatch Reviews: Special Features To Look Out For.

This technological timepiece has a lot of crazy features to look out for, one of which is the heart rate, monitor. The monitor keeps a constant watch on your heart performance with its 24-hour intelligent pulse tracking. You might wonder if this non-stop pulse tracking feature affects the battery life.

Nah! It doesn’t.

Water and dust resistance

Again, emphasizing the water-resistant feature of the GX smart watch, it’s an amazing timepiece. Made with premium materials, this device is 100% submersible and dust-resistant. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you are stuck in the rain on the East Coast or you’re taking a trip to the dusty regions of Dakar, this smartwatch will survive. Just make sure you do the same.

Bluetooth 4.0

The smartwatch connects to your mobile device using the Bluetooth feature. That allows you to make calls, receive messages, and other notifications directly on your smartwatch.

Aha! If you’re like me, wearing skinny jeans, it can become some trouble getting your smartphone out of your pocket every time there’s a notification. Just look at your wrist and you’re up to date like the Gregorian calendar.

GPS tracking

I can’t omit this feature from all GX smartwatch reviews… I just couldn’t. The WiFi feature of this smartwatch allows it to collect with the Global Positioning System. This means that it is easy for anyone to locate you when they have your smartwatch details. This feature makes it great to buy this smartwatch for your kids. This way, you can track their precise location and make sure that they are safe.

gx smartwatch tracking

GX Smartwatch Reviews: Is the smartwatch for you?

The GX smart watch has been designed for all age groups which can be seen from the watch’s design that accommodates all wrist sizes down to the health and tech features present.

What can you do with the new GX smart watch?

There’s so much you could do with the new timepiece. As a part of GX smartwatch reviews, I will shine some light on the bigger benefits that I’ve enjoyed from using this smartwatch.

  • Monitor your sleep: The GX app allows you to track how well you sleep as well as how much sleep you get each day. With most people struggling to maintain a healthy sleeping habit, you can set sleep goals on this smartwatch and it will help you stay on track.
  • Limited use of Mobile phones: The smartwatch gives you access to your phone via the already established Bluetooth connection and that means you can use all of your phone apps through the smartwatch. You get to see real-time notifications from the watch.
  • Health Updates: If you use the GX smart watch, health checkups such as blood pressure level, oxygen levels, and even your heart rate, will be closely monitored and you will always have real-time info about these things. You don’t need to keep doctor’s appointments over trivial information like these.

GX Smartwatch Reviews: Where Can You Get One?

The GX smartwatch price is currently less than $200, which is a low cost when compared with competitor’s products that offer similar features.

However, you can get a 50% discount on your purchase if you order through the button below. We receive limited offers like this often and it’s a great opportunity to get a good smartwatch for half the price.


Watch Out for GX Smartwatch Scam

I have heard several reports about people getting scammed in their attempt to buy a smartwatch GX. Because of these sour experiences, people have birthed the question: is GX smartwatch any good?

Well, the truth is that I had a great time using the product and with the button below, you can order an original GX Smart watch at a mouth-watering discount.

gx smartwatch scam



If you are still contemplating buying this smartwatch, you might be missing out on a great opportunity. Although the discount offer is limited, you always get the GX Smart watch for the full price when the offer expires.

In my experience in using this product, I’ve put together this GX Smartwatch independent review. I’ve even bought more as gifts for my co-workers. And because of the current discount, I could afford to buy one for my least-loved bully of a colleague. Not like he deserved it but he makes work fun in his own way. You should try it out too.

9.2 Total Score
GX Smartwatch Review 2024

Ease of use
  • Has heart rate monitor
  • It's water-resistant
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to clean
  • Only have leather and metallic straps

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