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VPN no logs

Is Logless VPN a Reality or Illusion

VPNs are all the rage these days; even Netflix’s policies to disavow customers using a VPN to access region-locked content is not affecting the VPN’s risin...

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Thermal Pastes

Buyer’s Guide for Best (Recommended) Thermal Pastes in 2019

  Thermal compound, heat sink, thermal gunk, TIM or thermal paste – these are the name of the magic tube that can lower the temperament tremendously. Unfor...

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Best VPN Router Images

5 Best VPN Routers Of 2020 To Keep Your Internet Connection Super-Safe...

  Is there an easy way to find out the best VPN router in the market? Of course not, it becomes more difficult to find a VPN router that speaks to your spe...

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WiFi Extenders

List of Best WiFi Extenders You Should Buy in 2019

WiFi is great when it works but incredibly annoying when it doesn’t; there could be multiple reasons and many times it comes down to signal interference. Y...

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Torrent VPN

Why Torrent VPN is Essential for Anonymous Torrenting?

Torrenting is becoming a synonym for streaming; no matter what you want to stream –  files, movies, documentaries, software, books, music, etc. – free down...

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What Are Cyber Threats? How They Affect and What to Do

Phishing, brute force, malware, DDoS, Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, password attack, cryptojacking, insider attack, and whatnot – cyberattack is hap...

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Fastest VPN Services

Top 5 Fastest VPNs for Blazing Speed & Security in 2020

We all want to stay safe and secure on the internet, but we do not want to compromise on the internet speed. So how can we attain both at the same time? Th...

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Best Cheap VPNs

Top 5 Cheap VPNs that Cost as Low as $1.99/mo

Not every high-priced tag reflects premium offerings, many times fierce competition also affordably yield similar features. VPN services don’t usually cost...

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How to Watch UFC Online

How To Watch UFC Fight 242 Online – Khabib vs Poirier

UFC started decades ago with a concept of an MMA-packed championship in mind; would anyone have ever thought of a championship turned into a dream, aspirat...

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How To Stream GoMovies Safely From Anywhere

A decade ago, we had to wait in the queue to get the movie tickets, but now the situation is upside down; now movies have to wait to get to our screens to ...

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Gaming VPN

5 Best VPNs for Gaming – Improve Pings and Kill Lags!

Ever wondered you’d need a best free VPN for gaming in your life? How does that sound to you? A best free gaming VPNs is meant to encrypt your data for sec...

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How to test a DNS leak

DNS Leak Test – How To Identify and Fix a DNS Leak Easily?

If you think you are always protected while using a VPN, you may be wrong. There are several issues one can face with a VPN and that can compromise your id...

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Guide to Install Kodi on PS4

Kodi for PS4: The Ultimate Guide of Installing Kodi on PS4

Any gamer who isn’t familiar with Xbox, PS4 or PS3 is undoubtedly missing a greater chunk of gaming experience. PS4 is trending since forever, and its popu...

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Best Data Recovery Software

Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software in 2020

How devastating it could be for anyone losing the data accidentally? If you are a neurotic individual like me, then you must not have slept that night curs...

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Oprah Own Network Unblock

How to Watch Oprah’s OWN Network Online Outside The US

Among the many TV channels The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is a favorite US TV channel owned by Discovery Inc. Launched in January 2011 replaced the trendi...

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Vader Streams Is Down – 3 Working Alternatives To Use

A sad news breaks the internet this year, when the developer of Vader Streams publicly announced its closure. As reported by TorrentFreak, the leading pira...

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Best and Cheap Drones

7 Best and Cheap Drones 2019

Even if you’ve no reason to buy one, you will admit one thing that drones are cool – either to capture the beauty of spring's budding cherry blossoms or to...

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Online Streaming Websites

17 Best Online Streaming Websites For TV Shows & Movies

Gone are the days when we used to sit in front of the TV at a particular hour and endure the troublesome task of watching every commercial ad so we can enj...

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Did Netflix ban all VPNs

Did Netflix ban all VPNs?

Around 100s of millions of people on the globe use Netflix to settle their craze for TV series and movies. Not many of the frequent Netflixers realize that...

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Right Analytics Tool

6 Essential Tips to Help You Choose the Right Analytics Tool

The web analytics tool is one of the most important investments you can do for your business to grow, as the right tool can do wonders for your business. T...

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Save Hundreds and Thousands with a VPN

6 Ways to Save Hundreds & Thousands with a VPN

It’s Shaun of the Dead or Black Panther, you already know how to stream US-only Netflix via a VPN; you also know other superlative benefits of using a VPN;...

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Access Hotstar From Outside India

How To Access Hotstar from Outside India Especially USA

Hotstar is an Indian video-on-demand streaming website which offers Indian TV shows, Bollywood movies, and live sports streaming. How to watch hotstar outs...

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Hackathon management software

Hackathon Management Software Proves Beneficial to the Organizers

A hackathon can be defined as a competitive event where teams of developers, designers as well as subject matter experts combine under a single roof. They ...

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Best VPN Services

The Best VPN for all devices – An Ultimate Buyers Guide

Beware!!! That’s the sign which you may have seen thousand times on various places keeping you alert from an obvious danger like “Don’t drive fast,” or “Hi...

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Printed Circuit Board

Get to Know Everything about Printed Circuit Board

One of the key concepts that all the tech-geeks often talk about is the printed circuit board or PCB; if this term is new to you and you want to know some ...

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Best AMD Graphics Card

The Best AMD Graphics Card for Super Sonic Gaming Experience

With countless cards available on the web, buying the right best graphics card is a maze you cannot get out of; but with the right specs in hand, you can b...

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Wireless Microphone

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Microphone

Living in the era of wireless technology, wireless microphones have gone popular. We see a lot of wireless microphone tech everywhere whether it's a TV sho...

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18 Reasons Why You Should Be Using WordPress In 2019

If we type in “WordPress” on Google, the first thing our eyeballs will discover is: Yes, a choice of hundreds and thousands of Internet users, WordPress! A...

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Private Search Engine

6 Best Private Search Engines You Should Bookmark

Do you know that the popular search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are data collection tools that possibly abuse your privacy? Yes! You heard ...

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7 Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 – Best Picks for 2018

Are you having a hard time finding the ‘Perfect Budget Gaming Headset' that ticks all the boxes? As an avid gamer, we can totally relate how hard it is to ...

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Online Privacy and Security Guide

A Guide for Ultimate Online Privacy and Security

What do you know about computer privacy and software privacy? Do you have online privacy issues? Do you think you have nothing to hide? Have any internet p...

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Best Free VPN Services

A List of Best Free VPNs in 2019 that Really Work

Online privacy is your basic right, you shouldn’t pay a hefty sum for that. Our five best free VPN for windows and mac guarantee you private browsing and s...

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Things you Should Consider Before Buying a VPN

The world is shrinking into a global village, and the current estimated global cybercrime costs are estimated to reach a USD 600 billion a year. People ass...

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Best Apple TV VPN

Best VPN For Apple TV to Unblock Online Content

Acquiring security tools in the current age is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity; thanks to geo-restrictions for suffocating our surfing moments. For A...

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Android VPN

Best Android VPN to Secure your Android Devices

Google’s Android operating system is known to be the largest app database ever existed beating iOS App Store by a huge margin. It’s no surprise that the bi...

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Access HBO on Kodi

How to Watch HBO on Kodi And Get Access to Unlimited Content

If there’s one channel known for its insanely addictive original content, its HBO. Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Girls, Veep, S*x and the City, The Sopr...

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Best VPNs for Mac

Top 5 VPNs For Mac to use in 2019

The iOS has been leading the market with its robust security features that is unbeatable and hacker-proof, but it’s not like that is free from flaws; there...

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Watch IPL Live Online

Watch IPL Live Online from Anywhere in the World

The post craze of one-dayers; India-Australia was not over yet for Indians and the season’s multi-million tournament – Indian Premier League, has started o...

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What is VPN - A Beginners Guide

What is VPN & How it Works – Beginners Guide (All Explained)

Privacy, security, freedom of expressions, harassment, etc. are words that have not only changed in their meanings but also the related contexts. Today, we...

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5 Best Chrome VPN

Best Recommended VPN Save 49% – $6.67/mo Recommended Cheap VPN Save 79% – $2.75/mo   Hacker attacks are happening every 39 seconds; don’t worry lads! Now w...

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Best Huawei VPN

Best VPN for your Huawei Smartphones in 2019

Talking about the smartphone industry, one could never think of outperforming the market share of two rivalry giants – Apple and Samsung; but a controversi...

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How to Watch WWE Online

How to Watch WWE Online The Best Streaming Method

Wrestling has been in our veins; thanks to WWE widen the Genre of professional wrestling, we all grew up witnessing extraordinary fights that are not conte...

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Watch Game of Thrones Final Season

How To Watch Game of Thrones Final Season (8) Online

If you are a true Game of Thrones fan and a US expat, then these days must be tough for you; the last season of Game of Thrones (Season 8) is ready to hit ...

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Unbock 123Movies

How To Watch 123Movies in UK? Get 123Movies Unblocked Everywhere

Not all the streaming sites manage to stay afloat for a significant duration; as all get blocked or become unsafe after a certain period, this shows author...

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How To Turn Off Find My iPhone

How To Turn Off Find My iPhone

Long gone the days when we have to ask a specialist to lock our smart devices when it gets stolen or lost. Thanks to Find my iPhone to track misplaced or s...

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Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress

How To Detect Adblock Users in WordPress?

Loading a website and the first thing you click leads you to another landing page or pops up a new small window with an Ad of a random product which you ha...

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Best Game Torrent Sites

10 Best Game Torrent Sites in 2020

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting We are living in a world where there are more fo...

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Cerebro ShowBox Kodi Addon

How to Install Cerebro ShowBox for Kodi?

Hey guys! Can you recall a Kodi addon that is similar to Covenant / Exodus but offers more streaming feature and gaining good popularity? No! Well, it’s ok...

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WordPress vs Wix

Wix vs WordPress – Which One is Better?

Looking to create your own website? An efficient content management system CMS is the first thing that comes to mind. Multiple CMS are present online but o...

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Netflix Fake Scam Email

Fake Netflix Email Scams Users

The U.S Federal Trade Commission FTC took charge of an email phishing scam that targeted Netflix users. In a recent discovery, FTC found out that fake emai...

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VPN Discounts and Deals

Save Big With Best VPN Deals and Discounts

Are you still wowing on your Cyber Monday and Black Friday savings? Don’t forget, the biggest discounts are saved for the most amazing and holiest occasion...

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Surveilance of Indian Agencies

Indian Government Allows Agencies To Harvest User Data Under New Bill

The Cyber and Security Division under Ministry of Home Affairs of the Narendra Modi government authorized 10 agencies for the purpose of interception, decr...

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WordPress vs Squarespace

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which One Is Best For Your New Website?

WordPress is, by far, the world’s popular content management system, powering 26% of the web and its users are making 41.7 Million posts and 60.5 Million c...

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4 DNS Prevent Methods

4 Ways to Prevent a DNS Leak When Using a VPN

Confidentiality and integrity of data is our primary concern in cyberspace. With the increasing number of cyber attacks, it is essential to regulate data p...

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Kodi On Samsung Smart TV

How to Install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV

A picture speaks a thousand words; but what if the picture comes out to be in 3-dimension (3D)? These Smart TVs are a source of infinite entertainment and ...

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How to Unblock FX Network From Outside USA?

What is the best entertainment you can get for almost free and without wasting your energy in commute? Well, how about binge-watching at home in the comfor...

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Quora Data Breached

The Most Popular Q&A Site “Quora” Has Been Compromised

A series of data breaches continues even when we are about to close the year 2018. The year has seen worse hacking attacks than the previous year. The most...

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Best Alternatives for Torrentz

Best Torrentz Alternatives You Should Try Now!

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting What if we lost Google forever? What will the in...

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Best Monitors for Gaming

Top Best Gaming Monitors of 2019 – Experts Recommended

Other than the powerful graphics card, processor and reliable accessories to control actions, for the perfect game, you also need a best gaming monitor to ...

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ExtraTorrent Alternatives

ExtraTorrent Is No More! But Here Are Some Great ExtraTorrent Alternat...

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting EXTRATORRENT IS NO MORE! The torrent world was a...

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Gaming Earbuds

Best Gaming Earbuds 2019 – Gamers Rejoice!

May it be listening to songs, watching movies or playing games, you need earbuds all the time. Isn’t it? Whether you are traveling or driving, earbuds serv...

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5 Best Philippines VPNs for Speedy & Safe Browsing in 2018

The Philippines does not only crazy about basketball and boxing but also love to enjoy the freedom of access and expression; thanks to the Data privacy Act...

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Best Cyber Monday Deals of 2018 – Get Ready for Shopping

We all know that the most-wanted and most-awaited Friday which is known to be black, but spread so much happiness among the people, just ended; so, prepare...

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Davis Cup 2018

How To Watch 2018 Davis Cup Final Live Online

A game that has survived two World Wars is once again thriving for the same shiny Trophy which wants multiple countries to fight across the field. We are t...

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Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons For TV, Movies, Sports, Anime, Music And More

After Facebook, if something has turned the internet’s ups and downs, it’s Kodi. There’s a craze of Kodi in all age-groups; kids, teenagers and even tech-s...

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Under $100 Graphics Cards for Gaming

Best Graphics Card Under $100 In 2020 – Beasts That Don’t Break The Ba...

Graphics card is the heart of any gaming rig. A slow GPU can make you mad as hell, and a powerful GPU can uplift your gaming experience to a next level. Bu...

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The Best Black Friday Deals of 2018 For Tech Lovers

The time of the gigantic sales of the year is finally approaching. Get ready to queue up in front of the stores to get the best Black Friday deals of 2018....

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RIP Opera VPN – Try These Alternatives

Hey VPN geeks, especially Opera VPN mobile netizens! The news of shutting down Opera VPN apps has already reached you, but this is not as important as cons...

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How To Watch UFC On Kodi – Free & Paid Addons

Kodi users who wish to watch UFC on Kodi online are in for a treat as we have mentioned some of the best addons for watching UFC fights on Kodi that are mo...

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5 Best VPNs for China to Access Your Favorite Websites in 2018

Would you ever want to live in a place where you cannot post your selfies on Facebook and not even google the best cinema in town? Obviously, no; this gene...

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Reset Kodi

How to Reset Kodi Box to Factory Settings With Easy Steps

Downloading the latest Kodi addons or build open the doors of endless world of online streaming. Many of us download Kodi addons to check what the addon is...

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5 Best Canada VPN Services in 2018 – Canadians Assemble!

Free skies, abundance of lakes, free healthcare, open internet, controlled population; what else a doughnut-eating Canadians would be needing to live a ris...

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Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2 live streaming

How To Watch UFC Fight Night Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2 Live

Hey, Beijingers, get ready to host an interesting heavyweight rematch Fight – Francis Ngannou vs Curtis Blaydes on 24 November 2018 at Cadillac Arena. The ...

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Kodi on Raseberry Pi

How to Install Kodi on Raspberry Pi

Kodi is an open source software which is in limelight due to its vast possibilities. Thanks to its compatibility with majority of the trending platforms in...

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Free VPN Apps For iPhone

Best Free VPN For iPhone – You Need To Try Them Now

What is the one thing that iOS has and Android hasn’t? It is phone’s security. iPhone is suppose to be the most secure phone with army graded-encryption. B...

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2018 Melbourne Cup live streaming

How To Watch 2018 Melbourne Cup Live Online

The worlds biggest betting event is happening in Australia on November 6th, 2018. The 2018 Melbourne Cup live online is just around the corner, and the hor...

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cCloud Kodi Addon

What Is cCloud Kodi And How It Is Used

cCloud Kodi was once a great addon which surfed the entire content of live IPTV and live sports channels. Earlier it was a home to 100s of US and UK channe...

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How To Stream 2018 ATP Finals Live Online

The next big Tennis will be happening in O2 Arena in London, UK – ATP World Tour 2018 Finals, starting from November 12th, and will be played till November...

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How to Alluc on Kodi

How To Install Alluc Kodi Addon

The world of streaming has already reached our screens by storm, thanks to the streaming giants say Kodi, for being so personalized yet convenient; one thi...

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KickAss Torrent Alternatives

KickAss Torrent Alternatives – There’s Always a Way to Download Torren...

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting If you are a torrent lover and freak, and findin...

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VPN for Windows

5 Best VPN for Windows To Use In 2018

VPN for Windows has become as important as air to breath, water to fish, and flower to bees. In this dark age of the internet, where data grabbing and mone...

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VPN for Chrome

5 Best Chrome VPN Extensions Your Google Chrome Browser Needs

Hacker attacks are happening every 39 seconds; don’t worry lads! Now we have Chrome VPNs to fight back and control our very own cyber world. New to VPN tec...

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Halloween TV Series

20 Best Horror TV Series To Make Your Halloween More Scary

This the time of the year where you grab your favorite outfit and get on the streets “trick or treating” those scrumptious candies. But the Halloween seaso...

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how to Clear Cache on Kodi

How To Clear Cache On Kodi

Kodi geeks! You must know what is Kodi, but must not aware of some technicalities to run your XBMC device; does your Kodi buffer and irritate you while str...

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Best Horror Movies of all time

10 Best Horror Movies of All Time

The month of movie marathon has begun, and Horror flicks are the craziest searches on the World Wide Web. This is the best time of the year where rusted ch...

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Install Phoenix on Kodi

How To Install Phoenix Kodi Addon

The Internet is not just revolutionizing in its own paradigms but also improving our online needs; no matter you’re a binge watcher, streamer, writer, YouT...

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Best VPNs For UAE in 2018 – Access Netflix & Unblock VoIP

UAE – the most popular destination for honeymoon and business expats coupled with much buzz about being a liberal Islamic state; would you prefer the touri...

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UFC 138 Live Online

How To Stream UFC 138 Live Online Anywhere

Ladies and Gentlemen! Grab your tickets and get a VVIP seat as the light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith is facing Volkan Oezdemir on Saturday, October...

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Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko live streaming

How To Stream Jacobs vs Derevyanchenko Live Online

Boxing fans around the globe are judging that there won’t be that many more heavily anticipated face-offs in the boxing calendar 2018, we guess you forgot ...

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Review of Instamojo

Instamojo Review: Make Your Payments With Ease

Technologies evolved so does the paradigms to run and earn ideas; many of us left our day job and started freelancing or other mini startups, the reason is...

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Arrow Season 7 Live Streaming

How To Watch Arrow Season 7 Live Online

The CW channel is lit with great hits and Arrow is one of them, that has started with expected 23 episodes along with other DC hits such as Supergirl and T...

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WTA Finals Live Streaming

How To Watch WTA Finals Live Online

Happening once a year, the 48th Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is happening at Kallang, Singapore starting from the 21st October, leading to a seven day-...

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Windows 10 Optimize for Gaming

How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

Mostly, windows updates are defined just to prompt good gaming experience without any glitches. But just having the Windows installed does not guarantee to...

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5 Best & High-Speed New Zealand VPNs to Use in 2018

New Zealand, a country with the highest rate of car ownership, you will find 2.5 million cars among 4 million people; Kiwis does not only love their cars b...

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How To Clear Cache On Kodi

Kodi geeks! You must know what is Kodi, but must not aware of some technicalities to run your XBMC device; does your Kodi buffer and irritate you while str...

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Watch UFC 230 – Daniel Cormier vs DerrickLewis Live Online

Daniel Cormier, the UFC two-division champion, will put his heavyweight title against Derrick Lewis in the main event of upcoming fight night – UFC 230. Th...

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Top Websites For Best Photoshop Torrents

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting Being a photo editor is a tough job and requires...

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What Is Elysium Kodi And How To Download It

We all know that the capabilities of Kodi, and it needs no introduction, yet many ask the same question ‘What is Kodi’? But to get the full experience of K...

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Torrent for Best TextBook

A Complete List Of Top Textbook Torrent Sites

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting From flicks to food delivery to fitness equipmen...

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Airtame DG2

Airtame HDMI Device Taking Wireless Display To The Next Level

Sending your computer screen to any other display is a daily routine if you’re working as a motivational speaker, teacher, or a trainer. There are many opt...

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Halloween Horror Movies on Hulu

Best Horror Movies On Hulu For This Halloween

It’s October, the month of dead, which means we all need to feel the chills in our bones with some next level scares. Watching best horror movies on Hulu i...

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Sky Sports Kodi Addon

How To Install Sky Channel Addon On Kodi

UK’s most loved channel Sky Network is a telecommunications company by definition being widely known in the UK. While its headquarters located in Isleworth...

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Chinese officer can officially demand user data from ISPs

Privacy Threat: Now Chinese Police Can Demand User Data From ISPs

Known for its business prospects, division of labour and cheap products; China is known to be a jack of all trades and has been a leading giant in every sp...

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Google Exposed User Data

Google+ Bug Exposed Up To 500,000 Users’ Data – Didn’t Disclose In Fea...

A Bug in Google+ core API has exposed the information of up to 500,000 users to third-party developers. The information includes age, gender; email address...

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Wordpress Coming Soon Free Page plugins

Best Free Coming Soon Page Plugins To Use With WordPress

There is no doubt that coming soon landing page is an essential element of any website. Since it allows the website visitors to know about website launch d...

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Best Horror Movies

20 Best Halloween Movies Of All Times

The changing season means a lot of things – Leaves are starting to darken and drifting away from their branches, the days are getting shorter and colder, a...

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iPhone VPN

5 Best VPN Apps For iPhone – Indestructible Kevlar For Your iOS!

Apple is the company that has revolutionized the smartphones and widely regarded as a stable yet secure smartphone, but that doesn’t imply that iOS doesn’t...

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Watch UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor Live Online

Finally both Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov have got the chance to settle their differences in a 750-square-foot cage at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vega...

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How To Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account

Twitter is trending, Twitter is the inn thing and has always been that way. It’s interesting; it’s engaging and uplifting at times as well. But there comes...

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Super Show Down 2018 Live Streaming

Watch WWE Super Show Down Live Online

WWE Super Show-Down is on Saturday, Oct. 6. at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Victoria, Australia, the night looks to be one of the unique pay-per-views in ...

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American Music Awards 2018 Live Online

Watch 2018 American Music Awards Live Online

The moment of truth; the event which America's finest and charismatic voices await is here!  The 2018 American Music Awards live online is hitting the stag...

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Streaming Will & Grace Online

How To Watch Will & Grace Revival Season 2 Live Online

Are you counting the days to catch the season 2 of the Will & Grace reboot, then count us there with you. No matter its social commentary, lighthearted com...

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Jorge Paez Jr vs. Jose Carlos Paz Live Streaming

Watch Jorge Paez Jr vs. Jose Carlos Paz Live Online

The coming Saturday is not just a typical weekend but a night of opportunities where Jorge ¨Maromero¨ Paez will take a step further in the quest for a worl...

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Ryder Cup 2018

How to Watch 2018 Ryder Cup Live Online From Anywhere

Known to be played by the elite who have true passion and patience; Golf’s biggest event is yet to come where Golfers from all Europe challenge America’s f...

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Pro Sports Addon for Kodi

Pro Sport Kodi Addon: Installation Guide & Alternatives

Watching live sports is one of the main reasons people love Kodi. The open-source media that supports a ton of third-party addons to let you watch everythi...

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Review of JustWatch

JustWatch Review: Streaming Search Engine For Binge Watchers

Your list of favorite movies must be overflowing so does proliferation of streaming services and what happened, when you absolutely, positively HAVE to wat...

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Ares Wizard Kodi Addon

3 Working Ares Wizard Kodi Alternatives To Use in 2018

Kodi community has been facing legal threats since Kodi is in hot waters due to its illegal content. Many have a misconception that Kodi is an illegal stre...

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Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin Live Online

Unexpected events unfold as the biggest name in boxing history came forward to defend and bet his three titles! Wait for it. Anthony Joshua vs. Alexander P...

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Unblock Oxygen TV

How to Watch Oxygen TV Shows Outside the US

Being in the US comes with its perks, you can access the major streaming channels as they broadcast from within the nation giving you complete authority ov...

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Bellator 205 Live Online

How To Watch Bellator 205 Live Online?

If you guys are counting hours to celebrate the tenth birthday of Bellator MMA, which will be no less than a treat for MMA fans around the globe; then coun...

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Install Project M addon on Kodi

Project M Kodi Addon: Installation Guide & Alternatives

Streaming evolved from time to time. There was a time when VCR ruled the movies being rented from movie stores; later cassette took charge till the time th...

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Terrarium TV App

Terrarium TV Developer May Leak Users’ Information to Authorities

Developer ‘NitroXenon’ of the famous Terrarium TV app called on for an immediate shutdown of the project due to uncertain circumstances. This came as a big...

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PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X

The Ultimate Showdown: Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Comparison

So, your craze of gaming is at peak and want to enjoy greater gaming experience? Welcome to the club! You’re not alone here as the community of gamers has ...

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VPN for Hulu

How To Watch Hulu Outside US – A Complete And Easy Guide

Being a rising competitor to Netflix, Hulu is grabbing its seat among the best streaming channels in the US. Cashing 20 million users in the US this May 20...

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Watch Asia Cup Live Streaming

A Guide To Watch Asia Cup 2018 Live Online

Cricket Asia Cup 2018 and its fixture list has already confirmed earlier this year, but BCCI and ICC have moved Asia Cup from India to UAE, and retained In...

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Ad Blockers

The Free & Best Ad Blockers For Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Mobile

The Internet is filled with things that can annoy us to no extent. We all have been infuriated by unwarranted downloads that started on its own because of ...

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Hell in a Cell 2018 Live Online

Watch WWE Hell In A Cell Live Online

Many predicted and even on paper SummerSlam was the end of the season for WWE wrestlers, but unfortunate turns took place and leads to WWE comeback of Hell...

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Best Gaming Addon for Kodi

10 Best Kodi Games Addons for Incredible Gaming Experience

Kodi is full of surprises. If you think you know everything that’s to know about Kodi then get ready to be surprised. In addition to streaming live TV, mov...

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Terrarium TV Addon for Kodi

How to Download & Install Terrarium TV Kodi Build Easily

Cable TV is the past now and using it is so old school. Live on-demand TV is the new-in these days, especially if you are willing to spend your earned mone...

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70th Primetime Emmy Awards

Watch 70th Primetime Emmy Awards Live Online

The much-anticipated event is here, and pre-productions and preps are on the rise; can you guess the Television event according to the month? The 70th Prim...

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Watch American Horror Story Online

Watch American Horror Story Season 8 Online For Free

Blood dripping knife, clowns, horror, and betrayal; you name it! American Horror Story have it all. The new season (season 8) of one of the deadliest Ameri...

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Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin live on Kodi

How to Watch Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin Live on Kodi

After Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor, this is the biggest fight ever to hit the Television sets as Canelo Alvarez is finally pumping up to take down Gennady...

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Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin 2 live streaming

How To Watch Canelo vs Golovkin II Live Online

One of the biggest middleweight rematche between WBC and WBA champion, Canelo Álvarez vs Gennady Golovkin II is finally set to take on Saturday, 15th Septe...

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Watch Miss America 2019 Live Online

How to Watch The 2019 Miss America Live Online

The moment every woman, lady and high-profile designer await is here, where model agencies seek new fresh entrants in the modeling industry; it’s none othe...

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Solarmovie Unblock

How to Watch Solar Movies Online From Anywhere

Being one of the largest and most accessed websites, SolarMovies houses thousands of rich movies and TV shows which you can stream for free without any sub...

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VPN for Firefox

5 Incredibly Fast & Secure VPNs for Firefox Browser

Thanks to the browsers for connecting us with the World Wide Web; the importance of a web browser in the internet surfing would never go out of fashion. Af...

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Afdah movies

Afdah Streaming Guide: Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online

Movie lovers! Are you waiting for “A Star is Born” “First Man” or any other sensational movie that you have planned to watch in the cinema, and obviously y...

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VPN for Germany

5 Best Germany VPNs To Give You Complete Digital Freedom

Germany is not as pleasant digitally as it seems as a tourist destination. We have seen people go gaga over the beauty and serenity of Germany. The virtual...

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Watch UFC 228 Tyron Woodley vs Darren Till Live Online

The last card of this UFC season is just weeks away, UFC 228 will challenge welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, to put his belt against undefeated Englis...

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Watch NFL Games on Kodi

NFL on Kodi: How to Watch NFL Live Streams on Kodi For Free

NFL! The name brings on memories where fans sit on edges, chanted and applauded for their favorite teams. National Football League has finally come to a st...

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stream NFL games online

Watch NFL 2018/19 Games Online – Your Digital Pass Awaits You!

NFL training camps, Hard Knocks, and pre-season are already on our screens, while the regular season kicks off on September 6, 2018, when the defending Sup...

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Wireless Gaming Headsets

7 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets You Can Buy In 2018

Are you an ardent gamer, who just can’t wait surviving on a diet full of latest games? If yes, then you would love to have the best of resolutions on the u...

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How to Watch BET Network Online

How To Watch BET Network Online From Anywhere

Do you love sitcoms like The Parkers, Family Matters, and Moesha, drama series like Scandal, week-delayed late-night syndicated talk shows namely The Wendy...

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5 Cheap Gaming Laptops in 2018

Gaming is an extreme and intense form of art. People who are into it will tell you that it is the best way to mediate – focusing on one thing and forgettin...

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us open live

Where And How To Watch US Open Tennis Live Online

Tennis has millions of followers around the world, and all of them are desperately waiting for the biggest event of the year to start. USTA Billie Jean Kin...

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KSI vs Logan Paul Live Streaming

Watch KSI vs Logan Paul Live Online

We assure you will never want to miss YouTubers noodle around in a ring, I am not kidding, the most awaited YouTube event is all ready to set at Manchester...

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Fury vs Pianeta Live streaming

Watch Fury vs Pianeta Live Online

Hey, boxing fans! Get ready to catch the comeback of Gypsy King- Tyson Fury – on coming Saturday night. Tyson Fury is returning to the ring for the second ...

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5 Best Netflix VPN Providers In 2018 – 100% Working & Stream-Ready!

Orange is the new black, The end of the F**ing world, Lost in space, Maniac, Seven seconds, Everything sucks, and what not; thanks to the growing streaming...

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Watch TNT Online

How to Watch TNT Live Online Without Cable For Free

TNT is one of the most popular TV broadcasters in the US, that has everything for your entertainment needs. Be it the hit seasons like The Last Ship, The L...

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Watch UFC Fight Night 135

UFC Fight Night 135 – Watch Gathje vs Vick Fight Live Online

Ultimate Fighting Championship is living up to its crown and bringing more brutal fights on the card with fighters who don’t show mercy under any circumsta...

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VPN for UK

5 Best VPN For UK In 2018: Access UK-Based Online Content Outside Of U...

What is wrong with the internet in the United Kingdom (UK)? Well, nothing apparently. You get great service at a reasonable price but it is not just about ...

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Asian Games 2018 Live Streaming

Watch Asian Games 2018 Live Online

Hey Asians! We hope your practices would be going extraordinary superb for the 18th Asian Games 2018; we are also excited to tune in between August 18 to S...

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SummerSlam 2018 Live Streaming

Watch WWE Summer Slam Live Online

WWE SummerSlam has returned with a vengeance as many wrestlers will fight till their last breath to snatch the title in Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New Yo...

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Watch Sling from Anywhere

Sling TV Review: How To Unblock Sling TV Outside USA

Are you a cord-cutter and searching for online streaming channels to watch live American TV? Well, the list is quite extensive and one can't just have all ...

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Walking Dead Season 8 On AMC

How To Watch The Walking Dead Season 9 On AMC Outside US

After a tremendous response of Season 8, AMC just announced the debut of The Walking Dead Season 9; the show is preparing for another life. Rick Grimes con...

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Kodi and How it works

What Is Kodi? Everything You Need To Know About Kodi Box

Streaming is the new media and we never mind investing hours on a daily basis just to stream our favourite music, movies, TV shows, and what not. Before th...

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Teen Choice 2018 Live Streaming

Watch Teen Choice Awards 2018 Live On Fox

The wave of nominees for the 2018 Teen Choice Awards has already announced, with the biggest stars of music, movies, television, fashion, comedy, and sport...

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Install Trakt on Kodi

Trakt Kodi Addon: How to Install Trakt on Kodi Device

What if there is a service that notifies you when your favorite movie will be online? Or have you ever thought of a list of TV shows and movies you watched...

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Desirulez Unblock

DesiRulez Unblocked – A Complete Guide To Access DesiRulez From Anywhe...

If you are a streaming freak, you must have heard about desirulez, especially for Indian content. However, desirulez is a desi free entertainment forum whi...

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Best VPN for USA

5 Best USA VPNs To Protect You From NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA Spying

Whether you like it or not, if you’re a US citizen your every cyber move is being recorded, archived and possibly repurposed in innumerable ways; you canno...

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Flixanity Kodi Addon

How To Install Flixanity Kodi Addon?

Flixanity Kodi or you can say a replica of exodus or covenant, is not an old Kodi addon, but recently gained popularity due to its resemblance with Exodus ...

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Top 10 Torrent Sites

10 Best Torrent Sites That Are Still Working and Getting Stronger

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting Being a serial best torrent sites 2018 downloade...

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Premier League Live Streaming

How To Watch Premier League 2018/19 Live Online

The 2018-19 Premier League season is underway in a week, and there is sure a flurry of transfer activities during the summer as clubs are strengthening the...

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Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt 2 Live Streaming

Watch UFC 227: Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt 2 Live Online

Any fighter who faces the first defeat of their professional career would be down on his knees with a big blow. That even from the Bantamweight Champion! H...

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Whyte vs Parker Live Streaming

How To Watch Whyte vs. Parker Live Online

Heavyweight British champ Dillian Whyte is looking at the future match for World Title bout against Anthony Joshua. But for that he needs to beat New Zeala...

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Mikey Garcia vs. Robert Easter Live Streaming

Watch Mikey Garcia vs. Robert Easter Jr. Live Online

One of the biggest boxing fights of 2018 is ready to heat the Octagon on July, 29 2018, in Staples Center, Los Angeles, California; a lightweight unificati...

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Anonymous VPN

5 Veritable Anonymous VPNs to Browse Privately Online

Talking about a VPN is too mainstream to be astonished about as VPNs have gained popularity over some time now. Having a VPN is not the talk of the town an...

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Unblock Losmovies

Los Movies Unblocked – Unblock Los Movies From Anywhere In The World

Have you watched how the Avengers and their allies protected the world in the latest infinity war, and the romance of newlyweds Christian and Ana, this sea...

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Alvarez vs. Poirier 2 Live Streaming

Watch UFC On FOX – Alvarez vs. Poirier 2 Live Online

Finally, after back-and-forth speculations, a rematch between  Dustin Poirier 2 and Eddie Alvarez is official; who deserves the next crack at the lightweig...

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Watch Sex, Lies & Murder online

Watch Sex, Lies And Murder Online

Watching Crime shows is just too mainstream now with rad stories leading to a bluff. What if HBO launches a show which has romance, crime, drama, sex, and ...

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russia blocked websites

Russia’s Internet Piracy – Over 3,400 Websites Have Been Permanently B...

A day Russian Internet user will not like – Anti-privacy mechanism is active in the regime, and the authorities are taking the matter quite seriously. Acco...

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Bobby Lashley vs Roman Reigns Live Online

Watch WWE RAW Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns Live Online

Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules disappointed many fans as the night of action led to frustration where Bobby Lashley defeated Roman Reigns in the explosive July...

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Watch Suits Season 8 Online

How To Watch Suits Online Season 8 Outside USA

Season 7 has brought some unexpected fortune for the characters while fans were dying to watch suits online. The Show departs the legendary stars -Mike and...

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Facebook Breach New Zealand Privacy Act

Facebook Expressed Regrets On Breaching New Zealand’s Privacy Act – Ev...

In March 2018, Facebook was allegedly accused of breaching New Zealand’s privacy law by refusing to release personal information upon a complainant’s reque...

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Croatia vs. France Live Streaming

How To Watch France vs. Croatia Live Online

Thanks to Mario Mandzukic, for taking Croatia -the second least populous nation-  to the World Cup final after win over to England with 2-1; the history ha...

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Belgium vs. England Live Streaming

How To Watch Third Place Play-off: Belgium vs. England Live Online

Gareth Southgate’s England squad may not be bringing the gold trophy home, but their tournament isn’t yet over. The Three Lions have one last game to play:...

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Pacquiao vs Matthysse Live Streaming

How To Watch Pacquiao vs. Matthysse Fight Live Online

Don’t go by his size; Manny Pacquiao is an RDX Bomb in a small package. Yes! If you are a fan of WBA Welterweight Championship, then you must know Pacquiao...

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WWE Extreme Rules Live Streaming

How To Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Live Online

WWE's second most significant event is gaining much attention as fans across the globe are pumping up with excitement to watch WWE Extreme Rules 2018 live ...

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VPN for Kodi

5 Best Kodi VPNs For 2018 – One Stop For All Your Entertainment

Kodi has never been that popular then it’s today, this stand-alone media center is turning into a phenomenon to watch anything anytime without having to sw...

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Croatia vs England live streaming

How to Watch Croatia vs. England Live Online

Its day 25th of FIFA and Britain are on the streets celebrating the victory of England over Sweden in the quarterfinals. After a long time in FIFA history,...

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France vs. Belgium Live Streaming

How To Watch France vs. Belgium Live Online

FIFA 2018 is shrinking with every passing day, and more and more big guns are knocking down; it’s perhaps, the most interesting tournament of recent times....

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Miocic vs Cormier Live Streaming

How To Watch UFC 226: Miocic vs. Cormier Live Online

After a long time, a super-fight UFC pay-per-view (PPV) event is ready to hit T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, this Saturday, July 7, 2018, where Stipe...

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Sweden vs England Live Streaming

How To Watch Sweden vs England Live Online

Being a surprise team of Group F beating South Korea, Sweden shocked the FIFA federation with its spectacular comeback after years. While Toni Kroos create...

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Brazil vs Belgium Live Streaming

How To Watch Brazil vs. Belgium Live Online

After a hectic 90 minutes, Brazil managed to overthrow strengthening team Mexico gaining a spot in the Quarterfinals leaving crowd in the Samara Arena stun...

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How To Watch Russia vs. Croatia Live Online

FIFA round of 16 is in the books with surprises and expectations that yet to reveal to the fans around the world. A day before yesterday, Ivan Rakitic scor...

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Uruguay vs France Live Streaming

How To Watch Uruguay vs. France Live Online

France has ended Argentinian FIFA dreams in the Round of 16 where all bouts were placed on Argentina. The famed Messi couldn’t stopped the Antoine as he ha...

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Wimbledon Live Streaming

Watch Wimbledon Championships Live Online

As the tennis season gets into summer, Wimbledon -the year’s biggest tournament- is back, means the entire world would go tennis mad for a fortnight betwee...

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Sweden vs Switzerland Live Streaming

How to Watch Sweden vs Switzerland Live Online

Sweden against all the odds has risen in FIFA World Cup 2018 and reliving the memories of summer of 1994 when they secured a bronze medal against the US. S...

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Colombia vs England Live Streaming

How To Watch Colombia vs. England Live Online

A reward to one of the impressive yet golden boot-listed team of FIFA 2018 – England, for finishing second in group G is a short trip to Moscow for their r...

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Watch Japan vs Belgium Live

World Cup 2018: How To Watch Belgium vs. Japan Live Online

  WOW, just wow! This World Cup keeps on becoming better and exciting, rising expectations among football fans around the world. Group H went down, leaving...

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Watch Mexico vs Brazil

World Cup 2018: How To Watch Brazil vs. Mexico Live Online

FIFA World Cup 2018 Round of 16 is just a few hours away, but the battle between Mexico and Brazil continues since 2012. Mexico is working its way up to th...

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Spain vs. Russia Live Streaming

World Cup 2018: How To Watch Spain vs. Russia Live Online

Across the globe, FIFA paves in as a cultural fever which unites countries together. Fans across borders proudly wave flags of their countries, and that’s ...

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Croatia vs. Denmark Live Streaming

World Cup 2018: How To Watch Croatia vs. Denmark Live Online

Croatia, one of the dark horses of the tournament has finally reached the FIFA round of 16; thanks to Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and the whole team to turne...

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Uruguay vs. Portugal Live Online

World Cup 2018: How To Watch Uruguay vs Portugal Live Online

The first few rounds of FIFA World cup 2018 are almost over, and we have finally reached the knockout stages where the level of competition steps up a notc...

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Watch France vs Argentina Live Streaming

World Cup 2018: How To Watch France vs Argentina Live Online

FIFA World Cup 2018 has brought joy and excitement for fans around the world who are anxiously supporting their teams and following every single kick and g...

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put locker

Is Putlocker Legal and Safe to Use?

Taking a date on a movie when you are a college student is like spending your entire month’s pocket money. Two tickets will cost you $20, and popcorn with ...

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WordPress vs Drupal

Drupal vs WordPress: Which One Is More Suitable & Why?

According to a number of surveys conducted online, there are over 1.8 billion websites online today. This number is by far huge, and the trend keeps shifti...

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Cowboy vs. Edwards Live Online

Watch UFC Fight Night 132 – Cowboy vs. Edwards Live Online

Hey UFC Junkies! Are you ready to end your June with the powerpack fight night card on June 23rd in Kallang, Singapore, where welterweights Donald Cerrone ...

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Nemesis Kodi Addon Installation

How To Install Nemesis On Kodi Media Player

Kodi being the famous media player offers countless content to stream online with no restrictions. You name it, and Kodi has it for you. But there’s a catc...

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Spinz TV on Kodi Installation Guide

How To Install Spinz TV On Kodi Krypton And Jarvis

Kodi is all about installing the right add-ons to enjoy the platform to the fullest. It can be tiring as the add-ons keep disappearing or stop updating for...

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Fifa World Cup 2018 live on Roku

How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 On Roku

FIFA is just around the corner, happening on June 14th and fans are preparing themselves to buy their favorite teams t-shirts and props to cheer for their ...

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Wordpress Alternatives

WordPress Alternatives: 17 Alternatives to WordPress You Should See

WordPress is a ubiquitous platform that powers millions of websites and helps gazillions of web owners to do business the way they always wanted. However, ...

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UFC 225 Whittaker vs Romero Live Streaming

How To Watch UFC 225 Live Online From Anywhere

UFC 225, one of the biggest PPV cards will reach Chicago on Saturday, June 9, 2018, where the Reaper aka Robert Whittaker squares-off power-punching conten...

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Anime Addons for Kodi Installation

10 Best Working Kodi Anime Addons To Use in 2019

Warning: Never Stream Kodi Without A VPN! See our list of Best VPN for Safe Kodi Streaming Anime found a place in millions of hearts. Just like people are ...

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2018 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony Live Online

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony Live Online

We are inching closer and closer to the world’s most awaited football event; FIFA world cup 2018, with every passing day. Russia is leaving no stone unturn...

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Spotify on Kodi Installation

Spotify Kodi Addon: How to Install Spotify on Kodi Media Player

Music is the refreshment of the soul. It is within us all. Some like country music, some want to listen to Pop, and some find light romantic beats southing...

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VPN For Australia

Best VPN for Australia – Fastest & Reliable Australian VPNs

Swimming naked in the daytime at the public beach is acceptable in Australia, but keeping your personal data private online isn't. Yes! You heard it right....

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FIFA Schedule 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule – Plan Your Dates

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is just a few days away; less than a month, the world’s finest soccer players will be centered stage in Russia. The tournament retu...

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Kodi vs Plex vs Emby

Kodi vs Plex vs Emby – Which Streaming Media Player You Should Install...

Entertainment-wise, it is the best time to be alive in terms of content production and consumption. You have so many devices and even more material to watc...

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Install SportsDevil Addon

SportsDevil Kodi: How to Install SportsDevil on Kodi

SportsDevil is truly a devil. It brings any sports you wish to watch by any means – be it shady or legit. SportsDevil can exist on any device, thanks to Ko...

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GDPR – Changing The Paradigms Of Cyber Security

Interestingly, every aspect of our lives revolves around data. From banks to social media, to retailers, and governments – almost all the services we expos...

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1 Minute Buffering Fix on Kodi

Kodi Buffering Fix: How To Fix Kodi Buffering Issues in 1 Minute

Streaming services are the new way to watch TV, movies and everything in between. The ratio of convenience in streaming is so much more that we often don’t...

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Fifa World Cup on Kodi Live Online

How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 On Kodi

Start the count! Just 22 days left for the grand opening of FIFA World Cup 2018. Yes guys! The biggest sporting event is just around the corner with 32 kil...

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming

A Complete Guide On How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online

FIFA – Waves of the most-watched sports is ready to grip the world in just a few weeks; the 21st World Cup kicks off on Thursday, June 14 this year and end...

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How To Access Dark Web

What is The Dark Web And How to Access The Dark Web Sites

Dark web is not a fancy term coined in a fiction novel or a Marvel movie. It is as real as the internet itself. There is a misconception that Google has al...

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Watch ESPN on Kodi

How to Watch ESPN on Kodi to Live Stream All Sporting Action

ESPN needs no introduction when it comes to sport streaming. If you are a fan of sports, no matter what it is, you definitely know ESPN as it covers major ...

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UFC Fight 224 Live Online

Watch UFC 224 Amanda Nunes vs. Raquel Pennington Live Online

Your waiting for UFC contender Amanda Nunes to put her women’s bantamweight title on the line against Raquel Pennington is almost over. The pair is ready t...

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Tor vs I2P

I2P vs. Tor: The Debate To Find Out Which Onion is Better?

Darknet is the new buzz word in the internet town. People feel privileged to know about it, even a little bit. Usually, Tor and Silk Road are linked with d...

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Access BigPond Movies

How to Watch Telstra BigPond Movies Online Outside Australia

Streaming services are the best. They have made life so colorful for so many of us. However, there are months where we are so busy that we don’t find time ...

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WWE Backlash Live Steaming

Watch 2018 WWE Backlash Live Online

WWE is finally building with its first co-branded PPVs, Backlash card, featuring bouts that could spawn a handful of some exciting feuds. Mark your calenda...

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YIFY Torrents Online

5 Best YIFY Torrent Alternatives You Should Bookmark Today

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting Today we are here to mourn the death of a brilli...

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Best Kodi Add-ons for Sports

5 Best Kodi Sports Addons To Watch Live Sports on Kodi

You know what the toughest thing for a sports fan is? To find channels or websites that stream live event for free. That’s a rare scenario. People squander...

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USTVNow on Roku

Top Best Alternatives For USTVNow on Roku Streaming Player

Important Update: You're probably here wondering how to add USTVnow to Roku or you may be in search for some sort of USTVnow Roku code. As Roku has surpris...

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Azerbaijan Grand Prix Live Online

How To Watch Azerbaijan Grand Prix Live Online

Racing junkies! Mark your calendars, the fourth round of the 2018 Formula One World Championship; Azerbaijan Grand Prix that scheduled to hold between 27 t...

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NFL Draft Live Online

How To Watch 2018 NFL Draft Live Online

The 2018 NFL Draft is around the corner; it’s the high time to predict and plan for the 83rd annual meeting of NFL, in which the franchises finalize the ne...

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USTVNow Kodi

USTVNow Kodi Addon: How to Install USTVNow on Kodi

USTVNow is one of its kind streaming service aimed at Americans settled in different parts of the world due to nature of their work or education or whateve...

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UEFA Youth League Final Live Online

How To Watch 2017–18 UEFA Youth League Final Live Online

Football aficionados, get ready! The semi-final draw of 2017-18 UEFA Youth League has been penciled in. The 2017-18 UEFA league has already kicked off with...

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Dancing With the Stars Live Online

How To Watch Dancing With the Stars: All Athletes Edition Live Online

Mark your calendars this April as the Dancing With The Stars has already revealed the athletes’ cast on Good Morning America; the season will be premiered ...

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Stanley Cup Live Online

Watch The Stanley Cup Live Online From Anywhere

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing; six teams have knocked out so far; leaving ten behind. The latest teams that are going to start their summer va...

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How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

How to Completely Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows & Mac

Mouse Acceleration – What the he*l is that? If you have incurred the term for the first time and those were the first words spoken out of your mouth, then ...

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How To Unblock Telegram in Russia

How To Unblock Telegram In Russia

In every country there is one specific messaging app that is most popular among its citizens. For example in China it’s WeChat; in USA, people mostly use W...

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Amir Khan vs Phil Lo Greco Live Online

How To Live Stream Amir Khan Vs. Phil Lo Greco

Good news for the boxing junkies, British rivals, Amir Khan is finally making his long-awaited return to the ring for the first in 2 years against Canadian...

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Watch Adrien Broner vs. Omar Figueroa Jr Live Online

How To Watch Broner Vs. Vargas Live Online

Formal Four-division world champion Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner is all set to make his 2018 debut, returning to the ring to square-off all-action with Jess...

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Kodi vs SPMC

SPMC Vs Kodi: Find Which Streaming App Is Best For Android

Warning: Never Use Kodi without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting Did you know that Android runs on 40 percent devices worldwi...

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Quantico Live Online

How to Watch Quantico Season 3 On ABC

Are you a criminology specialist? A fan of crime making its way to justice? Well, how about something that makes you stop doing everything and glued you to...

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The Originals Live Online

How To Watch The Originals Online On CW

Vampire-Fans, get ready! The wait is over, the Kick-off of THE ORIGINALS final season is set to be hitting the screens in just a few days, as the Vampire D...

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NZB Search Engines

7 Best Free NZB Search Engines For Usenet

Are you looking for NZB Search Engines for Usenet? If yes, then good news for you because today we are going to cover every detail related to NZB search en...

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SuperGirl on CW Online

How to Stream Supergirl Season 3 On CW

There are many male-superheroes in the market, and there’s a strong need of a female inspiration. If you are a fan of Sci-Fi and fiction, you will get a pe...

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Lee vs. Barboza Live Online

How To Watch UFC Fight Night 128: Barboza Vs. Lee Live Online

Are you excited about the UFC’s April schedule, which is loaded with quality cards and powerpack performances; the fight on the 21st is absolutely a not-to...

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Bellator 197 Chandler vs. Girtz Live Online

Watch Bellator 197: Chandler vs. Girtz Live Online

Michael Chandler is supposed to wait a little longer for a second crack at an undefeated MMA lightweight champion, Bent Primus, as he was injured and force...

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How to Delete Your Wordpress Account

How to Delete A WordPress Account Permanently in 30 Seconds

WordPress is heaven for website owners and especially for bloggers. While a vast majority of webmasters use WordPress, some people just want to delete Word...

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53rd Annual ACM Awards Live Online

Watch 53rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards On CBS Live

If you don’t listen to country music, then you’re missing a lot in life. For all the music buffs, it’s the time of the year when your favorite country sing...

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Best Buy Data Breach

Are You A Best Buy Customer? You Better Check Your Bank Statement!

The cyberworld never sleeps without having news of hacking or data breaches served on the table. If you aren’t shocked yet, maybe this time you will. Recen...

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Bennu Kodi Addon

Bennu Kodi – Great Addon, But Not Working. Here Is What You Should Do!...

News Alert! If you are having trouble finding the Bennu Kodi addon or if you have found it, but it is not working, then you should know the Bennu Kodi addo...

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new girl season 7online

How To Stream New Girl Season 7 On Fox – Within US & From Abroad!

Do you miss that dorky smile? That notorious girl who is sharing an apartment with four random guys since 2011? Zooey Deschanel (Jess) has been making wave...

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WWE Wrestlemania 34 Live Online

Watch WWE WrestleMania 34 Live Online From Anywhere

The crowd will again go crazy on April 8, 2018, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, as Under Taker and John Cena will face each other...

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Bahrain Grand Prix Live Online

Watch 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix Live Online

Are you ready to feel the combination of the deadly heat of arab and created by the burning tyres of Formula 1 cars? So, what’s the wait? Watch the 2018 Ba...

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UFC 223: Ferguson vs. Khabib Live Online

Watch UFC 223: Ferguson vs. Nurmagomedov Live Online

Are you a fan of hard-hitting punches and the torture in the octagon cage with no help apart from surviving the beating? Well, you are in luck. UFC 223 wil...

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Watch Bellator 196: Gallagher vs. Borics Live Online

Bellator 196 is a must-watch MMA event as the undefeated Irish featherweight James Gallagher will going to fight against Hungary's Adam Borics in the main ...

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Joshua vs. Parker Live Online

Watch Joseph Parker vs. Anthony Joshua Live Online

Make no plans for March 31st, as the mega fight is going to take place at the Cardiff's Principality Stadium, Cardiff. The undefeated Champions going to bo...

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Australian Grand Prix Live Online

Watch 2018 Australian Grand Prix Live Online

The 2018 Formula 1 will be opened with the first race of the year – Australian Grand Prix on March 25th at Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Albert Park. The 2...

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Invicta FC 28 Mizuki Inoue vs. Virna Jandiroba Live Online

How to Watch Invicta FC 28: Mizuki Inoue vs. Virna Jandiroba Live Onli...

The promotion’s 28th fight night will take place Saturday, March 24 from the Union Event Center, Salt Lake City. The main card has undergone a significant ...

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Werdum vs. Volkov live online

Watch UFC Fight Night 127 – Werdum vs. Volkov Live Online

London is going to get lit when the former UFC champion Fabricio Werdum will take on to UFC champion Fabricio Werdum at the UFC Fight Night 127 in London s...

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Fastlane 2018 Live Online

How To Watch WWE Fastlane 2018 Live Online

Countdown of WWE Fastlane 2018 has started, and we are just a few hours away. A ‘Triple Threat Match’ has unexpectedly become a ‘Fatal 5 Way’ in which with...

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Mcafee Acquires TunnelBear VPN

Toronto-Based TunnelBear Has Been Acquired By McAfee – Sold!

A trend of acquisition of VPN services by Antivirus companies has been making rounds in the cyber security market from the last couple of years. In connect...

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Garcia vs. Lipinets Live Online

Watch Lipinets vs. Garcia Fight Live On Showtime

The highly anticipated showdown between IBF 140-pound champion Sergey Lipinets and undefeated three-division world champion Mikey Garcia has rescheduled fo...

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Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz Live Online

Watch Deontay Wilder Vs. Luis Ortiz Live Online

Other than Floyd Mayweather, no boxer has taken the subject of PED usage seriously in the sweet science as has Deontay Wilder. On a recent call, the Bronze...

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Oscars 2018 live online

How to Watch The Oscars 2018 Live Online

Get ready PEEPS! The most glamorous night of the Hollywood is just a few hours away. Yes, it’s the 90th Academy Awards tonight. You can enjoy a star-studde...

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Igor Mikhalkin vs. Sergey Kovalev Live Online

Watch Igor Mikhalkin vs. Sergey Kovalev Live Online

After thrashing Vyacheslav Shabranskyy in October, Sergey Kovalev is getting his body in shape to rise at the top of the table in the light heavyweight div...

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Cyborg vs. Kunit Skaya live online

Watch UFC 222 – Cyborg vs. Kunitskaya Live Online

Rejoice UFC Fans! The most anticipated UFC fight of the series is going to take place on March 3, 2018, from T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, USA on Sunday, featu...

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UFC 222 on Kodi Live Online

How to Watch UFC 222 Live Online On Kodi

One of the most anticipated UFC Fight Night has scheduled to take place on March 3, 2018, at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. To headline the event,...

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Kell Brook vs Siarhei Rabchanka Live Online

Watch Kell Brook vs. Siarhei Rabchenko Live Online

Kell (Ezekiel) Brook, former IBF World Welterweight Champion will be returning to the the ring on Saturday, March 3, 2018, to take on Siarhei Rabchanka of ...

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Graham Cluley Interview- ReviewsDir

Interview With Graham Cluley – An Award-Winning Cyber Security Blogger...

Every day more businesses, individuals, organizations and even Governments are having an excruciatingly difficult time securing their critical data from be...

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Wisaksil Wangek vs. Juan Estrada Live Online

Watch Wisaksil Wangek vs. Juan Estrada Live Online With Easy This Easy...

Boxing fans have already marked their calendars as one of the most anticipated WBC event – Superfly 2 – is heading its way and will take place at the Forum...

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Elimination Chamber 2018 Live Online

How to Watch Elimination Chamber Live Online

For all wrestling enthusiasts, 2018 has been a tremendous start, bringing much-anticipated fights of all time together. Is there a need to tell that WWE is...

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Quest for Gold Live Online

How To Watch One Championship: Quest For Gold Live Online

Get ready MMA Fans as the “Thunder Returns” to the ring in Yangon, Myanmar. Witness the most amazing and thunder-filled night “Quest for Gold” that is abou...

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Jelena Milosevic interview 2

Interview With Jelena Milosevic – A Nurse Turned Cyber Security Advoca...

We all know that Cyber Space is becoming a volatile place where everything is pretty much vulnerable. And you can tell the magnitude of the worsening situa...

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Groves vs. Eubank Jr Live Stream

How To Watch Groves vs. Eubank Jr Live Stream

Are you ready to witness the much-anticipated yet biggest British boxing matches where George Groves takes on Chris Eubank Junior first time for a super-mi...

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Danny Garcia vs. Brandon Rios Live Stream

How To Watch Danny Garcia vs. Brandon Rios Live Stream

This weekend SHOWTIME Sports will provide you a fun-filled weekend with a live stream of Saturday’s Welterweight title eliminator between the two-division ...

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Survivor Live Streaming On CBS

How To Watch Survivor Live Online On CBS

The most awaited 36th season of the most watched American CBS competitive series  Survivor is going to return on February 28, 2018, on their official broad...

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UFC On Fox 28

How To Watch UFC On Fox: Emmett vs. Stephens Live Online

UFC on Fox 28: the second UFC FOX card that will be going to held on February 24th, 2018 at Amway Centre in Orlando, Florida, US. The event is going to hea...

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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

How To Watch 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Live Online

The 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series is coming live from Daytona International Speedway on the 11th Feb 2018 in the United States. It’ll be the 70th s...

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2018 Celebrity Big Brother on CBS banner - ReviewsDir

How To Watch Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Live Online Outside Of US

The most anticipated reality show of the year, Celebrity Big Brother 2018 is here for the first time and fans are anxiously waiting to see the cult reality...

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Stream UFC Fight Night 126

How To Watch UFC Fight Night 126: Cowboy vs. Medeiros Online

Get ready for the upcoming UFC Fight Night 126 that is going to take place at Frank Erwin Centre in Austin, Texas, the United States on February  18th, 201...

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Linux VPN

5 Best VPN For Linux- Savior For All Linux Distros!

You know it by many names; Ubuntu, Mint, OpenSUSE, Fedora etc. These are all Linux distros. You can call it versions, variants or flavors, but it’s famousl...

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How to watch NBA All star Games 2018

How To Watch 2018 NBA All-Star Game Live Online

Are you all excited to watch NBA All-star weekend 2018 live in US, Canada, UK, Australia or from anywhere in the world? The NBA All-Star Weekend 2018 would...

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Microphones for Gaming

8 Best Microphones For Gaming That’ll Make Your Voice Stand Out

Opting for a decent gaming microphone may seem easy, but ask a serious gamer, and he/she will tell you about the intricacies involved. Gamers understand th...

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watch UFC 221 on Kodi

How To Watch UFC 221: Romero VS Rockhold Live Online On Kodi

UFC 221 will be taking place in Perth Arena on February 11, 2018, between the former champions; Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero. Unfortunately, broadcasting ...

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UFC 221 online

How To Watch UFC 221: Romero vs. Rockhold Live Online

UFC 221: Romero vs. Rockhold is scheduled to take place on 11th February 2018 at Perth Arena in Western Australia. Once again UFC is going to make its way ...

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Free Windows VPN

5 Free VPNs For Windows- No Money, No issue!

We are living in a digital age which demands us to stay connected online at all times. But, with every luxury, there comes a cost. Your online activities c...

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2018 Super Bowl- Eagles vs Patriots live online

How To Watch Super Bowl 2018: Eagles vs. Patriots Live Online

Last season, the Patriots defeated Atlanta Falcons after one of the most epic comebacks in football history till date. Will they hold the title this year? ...

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Kodi on Xbox 2

How To Install Kodi On Xbox One: A Step By Step Guide With Screenshots

There were many popular devices that won’t accept Kodi and unfortunately, Xbox was one of them. It is true Kodi was not available for Xbox for the longest ...

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watch Super Bowl On Kodi

Here’s How To Watch 2018 Super Bowl 52 Live Online On Kodi

Super Bowl 52 is coming live from US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota at 6 pm ET on 4th February 2018. But why is the hype so heightened this time? I...

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best Kodi Movies Addons

12 Best Kodi Addons For Movies: A Complete List For 2018

Kodi is the ultimate media center to watch movies. Unfortunately, the aforementioned statement is true only if you know the best Kodi addons for movies. We...

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Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on Kodi

How To Watch 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Live On Kodi

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony 2018 is an extravagant event that is a must-watch, and if you’re interested in watching it on Kodi, then this guide will q...

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Winter Olympics Live Online

Watch 2018 Winter Olympics Live Online

Winter Olympics 2018 is taking place in in PyeongChang, South Korea. It is among those major events for which organizers around the world battle for the of...

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Machida Vs Anders Live Online

How To Watch UFC Fight Night 125: Machida vs. Anders Live Online

UFC Fight Night 125: Machida vs Anders will be happening in Brazil on the eve of the NFL’s big championship game, on February 3, 2018, as the capital city ...

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WWE Royal Rumbler 2018 live online

How To Watch Royal Rumble 2018 Live On Kodi

Wrestling fans, it’s time for you to rejoice as the first time in the history WWE is bringing something that has never been seen. For the first time, ‘The ...

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Winter X Games Live Online

How to Watch 2018 Winter X Games Live Online

If you enjoy the adrenaline rush gushing through your veins, then brace yourself for the 2018 Winter X Games. The premiere extreme sports event is coming t...

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Grammy Awards 2018 live online

How To Watch The Grammy Awards 2018 Live Online From Anywhere

Mark the date! Sunday 28th January is knocking your doors with the mega-event of the music world. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Grammy Awards 2018 bringi...

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Super Bowl LII Live Online

Stream Super Bowl LII Live Online From Anywhere

The NFL’s Super Bowl LII is the playoff between the AFC participants (Patriots, Steelers, Falcons) and NFL champions including Jaguar and Titans. The champ...

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Lima vs Macdonald live online

How To Watch Bellator 192 Live Online Outside US

UFC 220 is not the only MMA event happening on January 20th, as Bellator 192 is also going to take place at The Forum in Inglewood, California. This is goi...

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Participate and Win

ReviewsDir Scholarship Program: Earn $1000 Scholarship. Apply Now!

ReviewsDir always take initiatives to help the society in deriving prosperity, minimizing the potential hazards of the cyber world. This time we are planni...

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UFC 220 - Miocic VS Ngannou

How To Watch UFC 220 On Kodi From Anywhere

This UFC 220 is coming with behemoth heavyweight bout between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou and the light heavyweight fight between Daniel Cormier and V...

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Install Neptune Rising on Kodi

How to Install Neptune Rising on Kodi

With the recent changes in the World of Kodi, users are confused which add-ons are working and which aren’t. Are you one of them? Let’s check out one of th...

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UFC 220 Miocic VS Ngannou 2

How To Watch UFC 220 – Stipe Miocic VS Francis Ngannou Live Online

The first major UFC event of the year, UFC 220 is coming with two spectacular titles fights which are: Stipe Miocic VS Francis Ngannou for World Heavyweigh...

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Pro Bowl 2018 Live Online

How To Watch 2018 Pro Bowl Live Stream Online

Are you ready to witness the NFL’s second most-grandeur all-star game season; Pro Bowl 2018 that will be starting from January 28 and will be played at Cam...

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Music Addons for Kodi

5 Best Music Addons For Kodi You Must Have In 2018

If there’s one thing that 2017 has given us which surely is here to stay for a long-long time is Kodi. 2018 has already started and it's the right time to ...

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Superrepo On Kodi

SuperRepo Kodi – Learn How To Install SuperRepo On Kodi

The juice of Kodi resides in Kodi add-ons which reside in the Kodi repositories. There are so many Kodi repositories that you will go crazy if you tried to...

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Kodi on Chromecast

How to Install Kodi on Chromecast to Stream Like a Champ

Kodi and Chromecast is an incredible combination that we can label them as ‘match made in heaven.’ When we say heaven here, we strictly want to keep oursel...

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Australian Open Tennis Live Stream

How To Watch Australian Open Tennis Live Stream Online

Get ready for the thrilling fun of the first Grand Slam of the year! Australian Open Tennis is commencing from 15th January till 28th January 2018. The tou...

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Stephens VS Choi Online

How To Watch UFC Fight Night 124 – Stephens VS Choi Online

UFC Fight Night 124 is coming to St.louis with Featherweight bout, Stephens VS Choi that’s scheduled for January 14th, Sunday. It would be the UFC debut in...

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Cyber Security Disasters Of 2017

The Most Scariest Cyber Security Disasters Of 2017

The Internet is everywhere, without internet the world is just like a state of nature. The rapid advancement of the internet has developed significant and ...

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SSD For Gaming

10 Best SSD For Gaming In 2018 – Faster, Better & Reliable

What good is your gaming rig if it’s not fast? Well, besides the fast processor and mine-worthy graphics card, the other most significant factor that makes...

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Kodi iOS

How To Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad In Less Than A Minute

Let’s start with an elementary question; how to install Kodi on iOS devices? Well, the true and honest answer is you cannot. The reason is that Kodi is (un...

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5 Best Free VPN for Kodi in 2020 – Is It Worth It?

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is a multi-platform media player, bringing you different sources of entertainment including Netflix, torrenting and a number ...

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Skype Blocked In UAE! Here’s How To Unblock Skype In UAE

Just when the warmth of the Christmas season hasn’t settled down yet and the excitement of the New Year 2018 was on its peak, the subscribers of the networ...

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best Mobile WiFi Hotspots

The 7 Best Mobile Wifi Hotspots To Buy In 2018

The internet has turned into a lifeline, decades back nobody could ever think of having an internet, and now nobody can’t think outside the internet; we fe...

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how to install youtube on firestick

How to Install And Use YouTube App on Amazon FireStick

News Alert! The battle between the search Giant Google and Amazon is heating up.Both the companies are fighting, and consumers are paying the price. For un...

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Best Gaming Laptops Under $500

10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 To Buy In 2018

Gaming laptops are hell expensive. To be honest, it is not manufacturers’ fault, most games require superior specifications including but not limited to in...

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Kodi Repositories

10 Best Kodi Repositories You Got To Have In 2018

There’s a long list of Best Kodi repositories but not all the best Kodi repositories are worth your time, and if you start doing the job of finding the wor...

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Cyborg VS Holm Live Online

How To Watch UFC 219: Cyborg VS Holm Live Online

UFC finally announce its year-end show; UFC 219, scheduled to take place in Sin City, Las Vegas on December 30, 2017, featuring the most anticipated fights...

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5 Best Covenant Kodi Addon Alternatives – The Show Must Go On

You must be aware of the disastrous news about the shutdown of Kodi addon Covenant. The Kodi community is still mourning the loss of Covenant. We are also ...

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net neutrality ends

F.C.C Dismantled The Net Neutrality Rules

Alas! The unthinkable and unimaginable happened! US citizens are ripped off of their internet freedom. FCC voted on Thursday to demolish the Obama-era

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OneDrive vs Google Drive: What Makes Them Different

Whether you are at work or out to play, having a decent cloud storage app installed on your device is a dire necessity now. Think of cloud storage as your ...

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Net Neutrality Taking Its Last Breaths! Can You Save It?

Net Neutrality is in jeopardy as FCC is planning to snatch your internet freedom by giving power to companies like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T etc to control wh...

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Saunders Vs Lemieux Live Online

How To Watch Saunders Vs Lemieux Live Online

An early Christmas cracker for boxing fans – a night featuring IBF and WBO Middleweight Contenders An undefeated WBO World Middleweight between IBF and WBO...

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Horn VS Corcoran Live Online

How To Watch Horn VS Corcoran Live Online

A bloody battle between a world-shocking champion Jeff Horn with hard-bitten Hellraiser Gary Corcoran First title defense of a Queenslander fighter, Jeff H...

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UFC on Fox 26

How To Watch UFC On Fox 26: Lawler VS Dos Anjos Live Online

UFC on Fox 26: the penultimate UFC 2017 is a FOX card that is scheduled to take place at Bell MTS place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada held on December 16th...

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Tips And Tricks To Make Kodi Best Media Player

10 Kodi Tips and Tricks to Stream Kodi Player Like a Pro!

Kodi is a heaven for binge-watchers – a media player that brings all your sources of entertainment in one place. Thanks to the fantastic community that bri...

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Lomachenko VS Rigondeaux

Here’s How To Watch Loma VS Rigo Live Online

Vasyl Lomachenko VS Guillermo Rigondeaux is one of the most thrilling and most awaited boxing fights of the year. It is a super-fight between two times Oly...

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big bash league live streaming

How To Watch Big Bash League 2017-18 Live Streaming Online

Attention all the Cricket fans – get your gears ready as one of the most action-packed Cricket event is hitting the fields. Yes! Big Bash League (BBL) Fant...

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UFC Fight Night 123 Live Streaming

Watch UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs Ortega Live Online

UFC Fight Night 123: A pivotal featherweight between Cub Swanson and Brian Ortega is an upcoming UFC fight all set to take place in Fresno, California. The...

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How To Unblock YouTube Music Videos In Finland

UPDATE: After a recent blockage of YouTube music videos in Finland, users can now access the content without any restrictions as it is online. In case of a...

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UFC 218 Online

How To Watch UFC 218: Holloway VS Aldo 2 Live Streaming Online

UFC Fight Night 218 is all set for Saturday 2nd December 2017 at the brand-new Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. The main event features a rematch as Max Ho...

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pakistan ban

Pakistan Banned Almost All Social Networks & News TV Channels: Here’s ...

Just when the Pakistani nation couldn’t get out of the rigmarole of whether saying “Black Friday” is against Islamic teachings or not, the nation got struc...

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Kovalev vs Shabranskyy fight

How To Watch Kovalev VS Shabranskyy Fight Live Online

Kovalev VS Shabranskyy is a 10-round light heavyweight fight that’s happening on November 25, Saturday night at the Madison Square Garden, New York. It can...

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fox sports online

How To Watch Fox Sports Online Outside USA

Fox Sports is the flagship sports channel in the USA. Of course, when a sports channel has broadcasting rights of massive sporting events like NFL, Major L...

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Askren VS Aoki

How To Watch One Championship: Immortal Pursuit Live Online

One Championship: Immortal Pursuit is a blockbuster event that’s scheduled to take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 24 November 2017. Askren VS Aok...

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Bisping VS Gastelum

How To Watch UFC Fight Night 122: Bisping VS Gastelum Live Online

In this tutorial, we'll explain How To Watch UFC Fight Night Shanghai Live Online. UFC Fight Night 122: Bisping vs Gastelum is an upcoming event that is sc...

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4k laptop

6 Best 4K Laptops In 2017 – Smooth & Crisp Resolution!

Our only source of interaction with laptops is the visuals and display screen. That’s what defines the user experience mostly. If it is not looking good th...

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Covenant Shut Down

Covenant And Many Other Streaming Addons Shut Down Due To Legal Threat...

Another storm hit the Kodi community last night when after facing legal threats, Colossus, another huge repository, has been deleted from Kodi. This is the...

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How To Watch UFC Fight Night 121 – Werdum VS. Tybura Online

This time UFC is coming to Sydney, Australia on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 to excite the fanatic MMA fans. The main event of this UFC Fight Night 121 – ...

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Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deals 2017

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017 – Get Ready To Save Big!

Woohoo! The Black Friday & Cyber Monday Month, November is here! While the major shopping extravaganza would be happening on November 24 (Black Friday) & 2...

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Unblock Popcornflix Movies

How To Watch Popcornflix Movies and TV Shows Instantly From Anywhere

When it comes to watching movies online, freebie options come to mind due to a sea of ever-changing content available online to watch any film of any genre...

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Unblock Skysports Outside UK

How To Watch Sky Sports Outside The UK

Sky Sports is an awesome sports channel to kill your sports cravings in the UK. It broadcasts events like Premier League, Arena, Football, Racing, Cricket,...

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Best VPN for Skype

5 Best VPNs For Skype – Unblock Skype From Anywhere

Skype is “the” for video calls around the world. It was also the priority option for international voice calls but Whatsapp seems to have captured that mar...

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Watch AMC Online

How To Watch AMC Online From Anywhere

Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad are some of the reasons to watch AMC online. We know you are crazy about these shows and catching...

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How To Watch Ashes: England VS Australia Series Live Online

Ashes 2017/18, England VS Australia, is one of the most exciting, historically significant and greatest sporting series in the world and it’s commencing fr...

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UFC 217: How To Watch Bisping VS St-Pierre Live Online

How To Watch UFC 217 Online? On Saturday, November 4, 2017, UFC 217 is coming to Madison Square Garden in New York with a super-stacked card with three tit...

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5 Best Mobile VPN Apps: A Necessity Or Overindulgence?

What is your preferred device – mobile or desktop? We can safely assume that most people will choose mobile. It has nothing to do with the technology or am...

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How to jailbreak Firestick

Firestick Hack: How to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick in No Time

Amazon Firestick is like an entertainment dynamite, living in a small USB-like structure. If you own one, congratulations you are never running out of cont...

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The Last Of Us 2 Trailer Is Out & It’s Not For The Faint-Hearted

The Last Of Us 2 Trailer just got released during Paris Games Week Showcase and it's full of gruesome detailing that's  something really hard to watch, so ...

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Install Kodi on Apple TV

Detailed Tutorial On How To Install Kodi On Apple TV

  There’s much hype about installing Kodi on Amazon Fire TV stick, but this is not the only TV device which can be a great pair with Kodi. Kodi + Apple TV ...

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How To Watch Anthony Joshua VS Carlos Takam Fight Online

Anthony Joshua VS Carlos Takam fight is scheduled to take place in Cardiff at Principality Stadium on 28th October, where Joshua will be defending his IBF ...

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hide My IP

Why I Start Using VPN To Hide My IP Address

We came into this world without a name and then our parents gave us one. And, that name becomes our identity. Similarly, as we grow up, we earned a lot of ...

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netflix addon for Kodi

How To Install Kodi Netflix Addon – 100% Working

Are you ready to make your Kodi the ultimate entertainment powerhouse by installing Netflix on it? Well, installing Netflix addon on Kodi is the dream comb...

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Hulu vs Netflix

Hulu vs Netflix – Best Streaming Services Showdown

Do you remember the time before streaming services were everywhere? It seems like forever and to be more precise, how dull the day was when you have nothin...

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7 Best Gaming PC Cases Which Look Super-Cool

The height of excitement for any gamer is to build their gaming PC by themselves. Why? Because you can tailor your gaming PC according to your requirement,...

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Kodi Alternatives

Best Kodi Alternatives Of 2018 – Which One Would You Choose?

Why will you ever need Kodi alternatives? To access media files including audios, videos and images on many different devices have become the primary need ...

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Best Kodi Build For 2017

Best Kodi Builds For 2018 And A Complete Guide On How To Install Them

Kodi, Kodi, Kodi…. Everyone is obsessed with Kodi, people who used it or using it and those who are planning to use it, everyone wants to know all about it...

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10 Best Kodi Live TV Addons – Say Goodbye To Cable!

Kodi is a bliss for every cord-cutter out there and has established its reputation as one of the best media streaming player. And while there are many stre...

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Best VPN for Italy

Top 5 Best VPN For Italy – Super Fast VPNs Of 2018

Do you wish to spend a week in Italy? Well, why a week, spend as much time as you want with a virtual passport, get the best VPN for Italy and enjoy Rai TV...

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10 Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets for Gaming & Movies

Virtual Reality has finally made its firm mark on the planet and it is here to stay. The variety of VR headsets available from the First Gen seemed pretty ...

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Uses of VPN

Why Use A VPN – 25 Reasons From A Wizard’s Perspective

Why use a VPN? Today we will discover 25 best uses of a VPN. Read for complete Hogwarts style Story! Sony Entertainment got hacked in 2015, 2016 and 2017… ...

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7 Best Gaming Chairs To Buy In 2019

Let's face the truth. There are millions of die-hard gamers out there who are always geared up to play their favorite games on PC, PS4, Xbox etc. and spend...

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Install VPN on Kodi

What Is Kodi And How To Install VPN On Kodi?

Kodi has become an ultimate choice for everyone to share videos, audios, and pictures around the home network. Guess what: today you will learn how to inst...

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20 French TV Channels You Can Watch Online Even If You Live Abroad

There could be many reasons to watch French TV overseas. You might be an expat living in a foreign land and craving to hear your language and see your peop...

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This New Gaming TV Show Is All About Time Travel & Herpes

Hulu is coming up with a sci-fi TV show named Future Man, starring Josh Hutcherson from Hunger Games who’s playing the character of Josh Futterman, a sad j...

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5 Best VPN For Xbox One & Xbox 360 In 2018

Gaming consoles have changed the way gamers play forever. What used to be an individual activity has now turned into an interactive and fun play. Kudos to ...

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Sweden VPN

Top 5 Best Sweden VPN For Risk-Free And Anonymous Web Surfing

Swedish VPN – Let's travel to the land of the Vikings. According to the survey conducted by many different news-agencies and data-collecting organizations,...

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How To Delete Yahoo Account Permanently In 2 Simple Steps?

In this guide, we’ll explain how to delete a yahoo account permanently in 2 super-easy steps. We’ll touch base on every platform from where you want to del...

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Best Builds of Gaming PC

7 Best Gaming PCs That Are Too Good For The Budget

Consoles are compact, stylish, and all, but when it comes to gaming, especially gorgeous-looking titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Monster Hunter: World,...

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Free Cloud Storage Services

7 Best Free Cloud Storage Services To Use In 2018

Images, videos, important documents, or really any other kind of file that matters to you must be well protected. The last thing you want is to send those ...

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5 Best VPNs for Mexico – Because It Is Too Dangerous To Surf Without O...

Mexico is notoriously popular for drugs and narcotics scene in the whole world. Despite an ideal situation in terms of almost no internet censorship laws o...

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Watch-France-TV- Online-Everywhere

How To Watch France TV Online Everywhere

France owns a culture that has inspired the generations across the world. The country has a certain mysterious aura and charm attached to it that cannot be...

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fortnite-battle-royale-mode - Copy

Fortnite’s Battle Royale 100-Player Mode Is Now Live

Epic Games’ Fortnite which is a popular survival game released 2 months back in July has just launched its 100-Player Last-man-standing mode which is free ...

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Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our lives without a computer. This device offers us so much and, thanks to them, many things are available to us. But, how do w...

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nba live stream

How To Watch NBA Stream Live – An Easy Tutorial

Check out how you can watch NBA stream live online even when you have no paid cable subscription. Growing up in a small town of Philadelphia in the ’90s, m...

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China Blocked WhatsApp – The Ban Limit This Time Is Uncertain!

Just after Saudi Arabia lifted their long-reigning ban on WhatsApp, Skype, and other internet calling services, it looks like the curse has been passed on ...

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Free Popcorn Time VPN

What Are The Best Popcorn Time Free VPN Providers

Popcorn Time is an illegal way of watching your favorite TV shows and movies. I know it is not the best way to start a piece but I wanted to get the truth ...

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ufc 216 live streaming

How To Watch UFC 216: Ferguson VS Lee Live Streaming Online

UFC 216 is scheduled to take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, October 7th. The main event at UFC 216 is Tony Ferguson VS Kevin Lee for the...

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5 Best Cheap WiFi Router Under $50 In 2018

Routers are part of every home. They play an essential role of providing wireless internet signals on a number of devices. With more awareness, people like...

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FIFA U-17 World Cup Live Online

How To Watch FIFA U-17 World Cup Live Online

How to Watch FIFA U-17 World Cup Live Online? If you are wondering how and where to do so, then look no more because here you will find a detailed guide on...

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Best VPN for PS4 & PS3 In 2018 – Unrestricted Entertainment

PS4 is a complete entertainment box. PS4 is for you, your spouse, your children, your parents and everybody in between the family. I am not making this up,...

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Saudi Arabia Lifted Ban on Skype and Whatsapp

Saudi Arabia Finally Lifted Ban On Skype, Whatsapp And Other Internet ...

Saudi Arabia finally lifted a longtime ban and opened up the country to online calling services like Skype, WhatsApp, and other internet calling services y...

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VPN for Iran

5 Best VPN For Iran – Break Free From Online Rigidity

Iran has one of the most suppressed internet freedom situations in the world. The government is attacking you from all corners, be it social media, censors...

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How To Watch beIN Sports Live Streaming Online

Hey, sports fanatics! FIFA World Cup, Europa League, Champions League, NBA, Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Seria A, and Bundesliga – what do these sport...

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Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post with a Single Click

How To Duplicate A WordPress Page Or Post With A Single Click

When building a new website, many people are turning to WordPress for help. WordPress is widely use and considered as one of the best website building plat...

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7 Best Portable Pocket WiFi Router For Travelers – Handy & Reliable

If you are a frequent traveler, you know how integral it is to have a portable WiFi travel router with you among all the gizmos and gadgets that you've alr...

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15 Ways To Maximize Wireless Network Security & Secure Your Wi-Fi

Do you know the number of Wi-Fi networks around the world? According to the current stats, there are more than 325 million Wi-Fi networks in the universe. ...

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Formula 1 Live Streaming

How To Watch Formula 1 Live Streaming

Formula 1 live streaming is a round-the-year popular trend. Formula 1 is one of the biggest sporting events, followed by millions of fans around the world....

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Best Popcorn Time VPN

5 Best Popcorn Time VPNs to Use in 2020 – Binge Watch Anonymously!

Popcorn Time is the most amazing thing happened to movie buffs (TV fanatics too). Think about it, every TV show or movie is available on a single site for ...

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How & Where To Watch Linares VS Campbell Fight Live Online

Linares VS Campbell fight is an upcoming bout for the WBA lightweight championship. The current WBA lightweight champion Jorge Linares is all set to make h...

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Warning: Don’t Fall Prey To These LinkedIn Scams

LinkedIn users all around the world need to watch out as scam emails are being sent to job seekers, fooling the desperate ones into submitting their person...

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watch-Mauricio'Shogun'-Rua-vs-Ovince- Saint-Preux-live-online

How To Watch UFC Fight Night 117: Shogun VS Saint Preux 2 Live Online

UFC Fight Night is coming to Japan with a light heavyweight bout as the main event, Shogun VS Saint Preux 2. It’s a rematch between Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua a...

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Is Kodi Legal & Safe to Use in USA & Worldwide?

Kodi is nothing short of magic for entertainment lovers. It brought diverse entertainment channels, be it streaming services or traditional cable TV, in a ...

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How to Remove and Hide Page Title in WordPress for Increased Visibilit...

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) till date. According to the latest statistics, over 50,000 WordPress websites are being publi...

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How to Install Exodus on Kodi in Less Than 60 Seconds

Exodus for Kodi is an extremely popular addon. Most Kodi Users have Exodus to fulfill their hunger for amazing entertaining TV series, movies, live shows, ...

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Best VPN for gaming

5 Free Gaming VPN Apps: Easily Reduce Online Gaming Pings

We (millennials) have undoubtedly been exposed to the magical world of “gaming”, and this indulgence gives us the sense of escape from our hectic lives and...

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iCloud vs Dropbox – Which One is Best for Your Mac?

Whether you are an iPhone or Mac user, chances are you don’t know which cloud storage service to use – iCloud or Dropbox. And we understand you, both Dropb...

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Best Free Android Antivirus

5 Best Free Antivirus for Android to Use in 2019

For many Android device users, the best thing about this platform is its openness. You probably know that iOS users can’t do much when it comes to customiz...

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E-Commerce Showdown: WooCommerce vs Shopify vs BigCommerce vs Magento ...

Even though we see a lot of hype when it comes to e-commerce stores and online shopping, it is believed that e-commerce sales only add up to 8% of total re...

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How to Permanently Delete Your Snapchat Account

Snapchat is fun, quirky and an addictive app. But, you will love it if you are a socially-active person. Snapchat has become quite popular in a very short ...

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free online photo storage services

10 Best Free Online Photo Storage Options For Photo Lovers

Photos, videos, and other kinds of digital memories are far too valuable to be lost. Many of us keep those personal files stored on our computers, easily a...

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5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100 – Wired & Wireless

If you are a gamer on a budget and looking for a gaming keyboard under $100 to take your gaming rig up a notch, then this guide is for you, because gaming ...

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Proxy vs. VPN vs. TOR

Proxy vs. VPN vs. TOR – Which Provides Better Security And Online Free...

Proxy vs. VPN vs. TOR – Which one will you choose? Still wondering? Well, let’s go in details; compare each product with another and list down all the pros...

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Setup OpenVPN on iPhone

How To Setup OpenVPN On iPhone

PPTP and L2TP protocols are getting obsolete with every new version of iOS. The VPN industry has accepted OpenVPN as the best standard of VPN encryption. O...

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5 Best Budget Gaming Keyboards To Buy In 2018

The majority of gamers feel that buying a gaming keyboard is a matter of personal taste before anything else. This certainly seems like a valid stance sinc...

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Destiny 2 PC Beta Version Is Available For Download

Destiny 2 is now finally coming to PC and fans all over the world are desperately waiting to download Destiny 2 PC beta version. Initially, the game’s offi...

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How To Setup OpenVPN On Android In 3 Simple Steps

OpenVPN is the most popular VPN solution that has expanded it's availability on almost all the available mobile computing platforms available in the market...

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under $200 best gaming graphic cards

Best Graphics Card Under $200 To Run Mid-To-High End Games!

Every gamer has that dream of building a high-end machine that's powered by the latest-generation processors and high-end graphics cards. However, if you'r...

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11 Best Free VPN for Mac – Download Now For Secure Browsing

If you have a MacBook, you have already taken the right decision in selecting the best laptop. However, as a user, your job doesn’t end there. Your MacBook...

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Setup L2TP on iPhone

How To Setup L2TP On iPhone – A Complete Tutorial For Beginners

Today, you will learn ‘How to setup L2TP on iPhone’. This is the complete step-by-step guide. We’ve tried to boil everything down so you can grasp the comp...

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How To Watch Mayweather VS McGregor Fight Live Online

Floyd Mayweather VS Conor McGregor, also termed as ‘The Money Fight', is most probably the biggest and the most anticipated fight in the history of both UF...

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How To Watch UFC 215: Johnson VS Borg Live Online From Anywhere

UFC 215 is scheduled to take place at Rogers Center on September 9th, with two big title fights in one night. The UFC 215 fight card looks pretty stacked w...

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Naoya-Inoue-VS- Antonio-Nieves-fight

How To Watch Naoya Inoue VS Antonio Nieves Fight Live Online

Inoue VS Nieves is an exciting WBO Super Flyweight Championship bout scheduled for September 9th, on HBO and is an undercard fight of Wangek VS Gonzalez. T...

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10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 – Top-Notch Ones!

Now, most of the die-hard gamers out there are of the belief that “Laptop Gamers” are noobs and lack the true grit of an avid gamer. Well, it's generally b...

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How To Watch Cuadras VS Estrada Fight Live Online

Cuadras VS Estrada is a Super Flyweight Eliminator bout happening on September 9th and is an undercard of Wisaksil Wangek VS. Roman Gonzalez boxing match. ...

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Best-Cheap-Gaming- Keyboards-to-buy

7 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards – Best Bang For Your Buck!

The majority of gamers are well-aware of how much a quality-made keyboard is important. After all, keyboards are the first thing that gets broken due to a ...

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Quora Is Down And No One Knows Why!

Quora, the biggest Q&A social platform on the web is down and people are asking is Quora down? The outage report shows that it’s been quite some time that ...

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under $100 best gaming headsets

5 Best Gaming Headsets Under $100 – Crisp Sound, Stellar Quality!

Gamers are well-aware of the importance of high-performing video cards and high refresh rate monitors, among other things. However, successful and fearsome...

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mayweather and Mcgregor Live Online

First Ever Fight Of Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather

Conor Mcgregor VS Floyd Mayweather would be the biggest fight happening on the planet on August 26th, 2017. It is undoubtedly the kind of fight that has no...

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Setup L2TP on Android

How To Setup L2TP On Android – A Complete Walk-through

How to setup L2TP on Android? Setting a VPN on Android is essential. With recent news of privacy-eroding deregulation and the ever-present threat of online...

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Free vs. Paid VPN

Free vs. Paid VPN – 10 Things You Should Know

Free vs. Paid VPN – Which one to choose? There are 10 things that will clear your concepts towards Free vs. Paid VPN. You can check them one by one and dec...

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How To Watch Rungvisai VS Gonzalez 2 Fight Live Online

After a controversial first fight between Wisaksil Wangek VS Roman Gonzalez back in March, when Srisaket Sor was declared the winner by unanimous decision ...

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Volkov vs Struve UFC Live Online

How To Watch UFC Fight Night: Volkov VS. Struve Live Online From Anywh...

UFC is coming to Rotterdam on Saturday night, September 2, with a UFC heavyweight bout as the main event which is between Stefan Struve VS Alexander Volkov...

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Cheap Gaming Mouse

5 Best Cheap Gaming Mouse To Buy In 2018 – Surprisingly Cheap!

All good things in life aren’t necessarily free, but, yes, they can be cheap. As a gamer on a tight budget, if you’re looking for the best cheap gaming mou...

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Miguel-CoMiguel Cotto vs Yoshihiro Kamegai Live Onlinetto-vs-Yoshihiro-Kamegai

How To Watch Cotto VS Kamegai Fight Live Online From Anywhere

Miguel Cotto is coming back to the ring on August 26th, 2017 at StubHub Center, California to fight against Yoshihiro ‘El Maestrito’ Kamegai for the vacant...

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6 Best Kodi Fusion Alternatives That Work!

Alas! Just like every good thing comes to an end, addon recently went offline and left Kodi users in a state of limbo as KodiTVAddons’ Fusion r...

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Types Of Cyber Attacks

6 Worst Types Of Cyber Attacks & Best Ways To Stay Protected

Cyber attacks are getting more and more serious (and popular too), causing quite a damage to some businesses, countries, companies, and of course individua...

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Hotspot Shield VPN Violating Users' Privacy

Hotspot Shield VPN Found Violating Its Users’ Privacy!

Hotspot Shield VPN, a famous VPN service provider app by AnchorFree, have been accused of breaching the privacy of its users by monetizing their data and t...

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under $50 gaming mouse

5 Best Gaming Mouse Under $50 – Both Wireless & Wired

Can you guess what’s that one thing that bridges the gap between a true gamer and their gaming rig? It’s a small, nifty, and handy peripheral known as a Ga...

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Death Note on Netflix

How To Watch Death Note On Netflix Online From Anywhere

Are you into black magic, demons, devils, witches, monsters, and ghosts? Do you want to fulfill your fantasies by watching unusual horror movies and TV sho...

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Disney Apps Spying

Disney Apps Are Collecting Children Information And Selling It To The ...

Disney offers a wide range of apps for children on numerous platforms, but some of them lead to a class-action lawsuit. On Thursday morning, a San Francisc...

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Setup PPTP on iOS

How To Setup PPTP On iPhone – A Complete Tutorial

Have you heard the famous phrase “You can’t kill what you can’t see”? This perfectly applies in today’s Cyber World. One way to protect yourself against on...

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How To Install Kodi On Roku – Complete Installation Guide

Roku, one of the most popular media streaming set-top boxes is an ultimate source of movies, TV shows, and other kinds of media. With access to over 500,00...

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dropbox vs onedrive

OneDrive vs Dropbox – Which Cloud Storage Is Best For You?

In this crazy (and awesome) world we live in, information and files are everywhere around us. Now, we are not only talking about useless info and files tha...

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How to Uninstall And Reinstall WordPress in 3 Simple Steps

Keeping your website or blog in search engine’s top ranking is a herculean task. With ever-changing Google updates, you always need to reconsider your webs...

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Install Kodi On Firestick

How To Install Kodi On Firestick In 5 Simple & Easy Steps!

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is an excellent streaming option for cord-cutters, but when it comes to its media center options, they're a tad bit limite...

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How to Unblock Snapchat at School or Work – Simple Tips

The last place where authorities want to see you use Snapchat is school or work. We cannot blame them. School and work are all about focus, dedication, ach...

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GoT Season 7 Episodes Leaked Online

Has Game Of Thrones Got Leaked Online? Rumor or Truth?

The most anticipated TV show Game of Thrones season 7 is currently being aired on HBO and the 4th episode is on its way. Reportedly HBO has just faced a cy...

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best gaming keyboard under $50

7 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50/$30/$20 – Keys To Gaming Peace!

Who said that spending a fortune is necessary in order to have a good gaming keyboard? In fact, this article will prove this statement wrong. While a lot o...

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How To Watch US PGA Championship 2017 Live Online

The US PGA Championship is an annual golf tournament, organized by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America.  PGA Championship or PGA tour is one o...

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How To Setup PPTP On Android The Easy Way

Speed up the streaming performance of your Android devices with a PPTP VPN. There’s an outstanding built-in VPN in Android that allows you to connect to PP...

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How To Watch Ray Donovan Season 5 Online On Showtime Outside US

A lot of TV series are set to premiere with the new seasons in August. Not to mention, Game of Thrones has already heated-up the environment for tv show lo...

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pettis vs moreno Live Online

How To Watch UFC Fight Night 114: Pettis VS Moreno Online

UFC Fight Night 114 is coming to Mexico on August 5, 2017, with an exciting main event of top Flyweight contenders. Brandon Moreno, the Mexican “Assassin B...

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Russia Banning VPN and Proxies

Russia On The Brink Of Completely Blocking Proxies, Tor and VPNs

Russian Parliament has approved and sanctioned a bill that would block all VPNs, Proxy tools and Tor networks in wake of curbing the pandemic of extremist ...

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Golden Boy Boxing on ESPN

How To Watch Golden Boy Boxing On ESPN Outside US

ESPN is always ahead of all other sports channel in providing best streaming of boxing events. To provide unlimited weekly dose of online boxing, ESPN has ...

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World Athletic Championship

How To Watch IAAF World Championships Live Online

Are you ready to stretch your muscles? Let's have some athletic fun. The 2017 IAAF World Championships will stage at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, ...

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Best Malware Protection – An Ultimate Guide on Types of Malware

Type of Malware: What’s the Difference between Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Ransomware, Bots, & Other Malware? Viruses, Trojans, Bots, and Ransomware – we all ...

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Showtime Broner Vs Garcia Boxing Live Online

How To Watch Adrien Broner VS Mikey Garcia Fight Live Online

This 29th July, two of the Boxing’s most ferocious fighters; Adrien Broner and Mikey Garcia would lock their horns at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York...

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cormier vs jones 2 Live Online

How To Watch UFC 214: Cormier VS. Jones 2 Live Online

UFC 214 Cormier VS Jones 2 is a huge upcoming event and it’s taking place on July 29th in Honda Centre, Anaheim, California, United States. UFC 214 fight c...

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VPN for Indonesia

5 Best Indonesia VPN Services In 2018 To Keep You Private Online

Indonesia is the fourth largest populated country in the world. 42 percent of the internet users are from Indonesia. Indonesia has laws that undermine the ...

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30+ Best Popcorn Time Alternatives To Satiate Your Binge-Watching Need...

Popcorn Time is a true bliss for people who love to spend their time watching movies and TV shows. It’s a platform that offers unlimited content for stream...

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Taiwan VPN Services

5 Best Taiwan VPN Services To Surf Internet Privately

Taiwan is a small country that has come a long way. The struggle is evident in the freedom of speech, press and the internet that the Taiwanese people have...

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How To Legally Watch Shooter Season 2 Online Outside US

Shooter Season 2 is coming back on USA Network with the first episode ‘The Hunting Party’ releasing on 18th July 2017. The first season of Shooter TV serie...

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Fortifying Security Is Still A Big Challenge For Cloud Computing

As big organizations and top companies in the world are swiftly transitioning to cloud computing to secure their data thinking that it's Noah's Ark, cloud ...

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How To Watch UFC Fight Night 113: Nelson vs. Ponzinibbio Online

UFC fans get ready to elate as UFC Fight Night 113 is coming to add zing to your weekend this 16th July at Glasgow, Scotland with exhilarating and defining...

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Best VPN for Vietnam

5 Best VPN Vietnam Services For 100% Internet Freedom

“The Enemy of the Internet” – that’s the title for Vietnam by “Reporters without Borders”. The situation is so pathetic that police monitors internet cafes...

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Google Provides Spotlight To The ‘Best Torrent Sites

The plight of the netizens is over now! The No 1 search engine in the world, Google, wins the hearts of torrent users by highlighting the ‘best torrent web...

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Best VPN for Korea

5 Best Korea VPN Services To Combat Online Restrictions & Censorships

Korea is a democratic nation but it has not embraced the freedom entirely. It has the fastest internet in the world with 81 percent of its population being...

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Reliance Launches High-Speed 4G VPN Solution For Businesses

India’s Major Telecommunication Service Provider Company Reliance Communications on Tuesday, 4th of July, launched its 4G VPN business solution to empower ...

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Ukraine's Authorities Raided Software Company’s Server

Ukraine’s Authorities Raided Software Company’s Server

Ukraine's cybercrime division recently seized the servers of an organization named Intellect Service, who supposedly develops and sells accounting software...

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How To Watch UFC 213: Nunes VS Shevchenko 2 Online For Free

UFC 213 is going down in Vegas this July 8th at T-Mobile Arena in US. UFC 213 is centered around two title fights in which the main event is Amanda Nunes V...

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green vpn shut down VPN

Chinese Government Shuts Down A BIG VPN Provider

China’s Internet regulatory authority has instructed to shut down one of the most popular VPN service providers in the country, GreenVPN, and ordered to ce...

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How To Watch Manny Pacquiao VS Jeff Horn Fight Live Online

This Sunday, 2nd July 2017, the biggest Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao would travel all the way to Brisbane, Australia to fight the underdog, Jeff Horn- a ...

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How To Watch Germany VS Chile – FIFA Confederations Cup Final 2017 Onl...

Russia, the host nation of FIFA Confederation 2017 is all filled with football vibes and an ecstatic energy all around as world champions along with region...

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How To Watch One Championship Light Of A Nation Live Online

One Championship Light Of A Nation is returning to Myanmar this Friday, June 30th with the most epic rematch in the history of One Championship and that is...

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How Windows Users Can Protect Themselves From Petya Ransomware Attack

The latest nemesis for the Windows users around the world is the dangerous Petya Ransomware attack which affected countries including the United States, Eu...

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China Shuts Down Weibo For Operating Without License

China, keeping up with their tradition of restricting online content for its citizens have shunned another major player, Weibo, from their digital fortress...

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How To Watch UFC Fight Night 112: Chiesa VS Lee Online Globally

UFC Fight Night 112 is coming back this Sunday, June 25th with some really exciting fights, featuring Michael Chiesa VS Kevin Lee as the main event in the ...

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Tenta’s Browser Privacy Test To Show Your Browser Data Leakage

The state of online privacy is in a state of limbo after the recent bills and regulations that are being rolled-over by Governments all over the world ulti...

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CBS Channel Live Streaming

How To Watch CBS TV Shows Online Outside USA

CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) is a name that needs no introduction to the American audiences. CBS is a complete package. It broadcasts TV shows, movie...

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How To Watch HGTV Live Online Outside Canada

HGTV is a unique TV channel that focuses on real estate, home and garden design, remodeling, and decoration. The HGTV Canada has original Canadian programs...

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VPN for India

5 Best Indian VPNs To Combat Authoritarian Internet Policies

India is the largest democracy in the world. It has the third largest number of Internet subscribers, after China and India. However, it must be kept in mi...

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Anonymous Australia VPN

NBN Co Ironically Encourages Aussies To Use VPNs

This is a mere coincidence or something causational, we can’t say for sure, but ironically, Australia’s broadband company, NBN Co suggests its users to use...

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How To Watch Pakistan VS India: Champions Trophy Final 2017 Online

ICC Champions Trophy Final 2017 is here! And it's India VS Pakistan this Sunday, 18th June. Pakistan brilliantly won against England by 8 wickets on Wednes...

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How To Watch ABC iView Online Outside Australia & Around The World

Australians are in love with ABC iView and why wouldn’t they be? ABC iView is a TV service for free by Australian Broadcasting Corporation. iView knows wha...

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Egypt Now Targets VPN Services After Banning Several News Publishing W...

Egyptian Government is presumably following the footsteps of China as they too have started restricting internet for their citizens by censoring it to grea...

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Stan vs. Netflix

Stan VS Netflix: Which Is The Best Online Streaming Service In Austral...

The Australian market has many players in the streaming world. However, the two beasts leading the pack neck to neck are Stan and Netflix AU. We have given...

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How To Watch UFC Fight Night 111: Holm VS. Correia Online

UFC is coming to Singapore this Saturday, 17th June 2017 at Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang for UFC Fight Night 111. The main event is a bout between t...

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How To Watch Ward VS. Kovalev 2 Fight Online Live Streaming From Anywh...

This Saturday, 17th June 2017, at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre in Las Vegas, Andre Ward, and Sergey Kovalev are going back in the ring for the second tim...

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egypt bans medium

Egypt Has Blocked ‘Medium’ And 50+ Other News Websites

Egypt government has blocked access to at least 50+ news websites including ‘Medium’ by supposedly stating that the blocked publications were involved in t...

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6 Blazing Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers For Your WordPress Websi...

Launched as an Open Source Platform in 2003, WordPress has come of age, from merely being a blogging tool to a celebrated CMS tool. Stats reveal that CMS b...

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How To Watch Tony Awards 2017 Live Outside USA

Tony Awards 2017 are here and the wait is over now. Brace yourselves to see some incredible performances live at 71st Tony Awards 2017. The Award Ceremony ...

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Best Encrypted VPN Providers

5 Best Encrypted VPN Providers For Heightened Online Security

Have you ever written a personal letter to someone? A kind of letter which contains secrets about yourself that you have never shared with anyone. Now imag...

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How To Instantly Watch CBS Sports Online Outside USA

CBS Sports is a part of the CBS network. It is included in the likes of ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC Go, NBC Sports etc. CBS Sports broadcasts all major sports le...

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How To Watch Lewis VS Hunt Fight Live Online For Free

UFC is going big this weekend because they’ve set a huge title fight for the UFC Heavyweight Division as Mark Hunt and Derrick Lewis face each other at UFC...

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How To Watch NBA Finals 2017 Live Streaming Online – Warriors VS Cavs...

NBA (National Basketball League) is the biggest professional Men’s basketball league in the world, and if you are a basketball fan you must know the profes...

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Security Agencies To Access Encrypted Apps

Malcolm Turnbull Asks Security Agencies To Access Encrypted Apps

To all the privacy-centered Aussies, here’s a bad news for you, the word ‘encryption’ is going hot again and things are looking pretty intense after the re...

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How To Easily Watch ABC Go Outside US Using A VPN

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is the most watched entertainment channel in the USA. ABC Go knows how to mold itself with time and that’s why it h...

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How To Watch Roland-Garros- French Open 2017 Live Online

Every tennis fan right now is going all bananas and everyone's excited to watch French Open 2017 live online because French Open has officially entered int...

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How To Watch 2017 NHL Playoffs: Stanley Cup Final Live Stream Online

The 2017 NHL playoffs are getting more assertive, aggressive and interesting as The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators are all set to play the...

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Theresa May Blames ISPs For Providing Safe Havens To Terrorists Online

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has given a statement outside of 10 Downing Street in light of the recent London terror attack that new policies and l...

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How To Watch Adonis Stevenson VS Andrzej Fonfara 2 Fight Live Online

Get ready to watch Stevenson VS Fonfara 2 fight live online because it's going to be an entertaining and electrifying rematch between Adonis Stevenson (28-...

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How To Watch UFC 212 – Aldo VS Holloway Live Stream Online

UFC 212 is here with the main event as José Aldo VS Max Holloway for the World Featherweight title fight that is to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, o...

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5 Best PPTP VPNs- Perfect Protocol For Online Streaming!

So you’re an expat living in a foreign country craving for your favorite show. Alas, all you’re getting is that heartbreaking error message stating “the co...

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How To Watch UEFA Champions League Final Online

Real Madrid and Juventus will be facing each other at UEFA Champions League Final 2017, that’ll take place on this Saturday, June 3 At National Stadium in ...

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How To Watch Stan TV Shows and Movies Online Outside Australia

Stan is relatively a new name in the world of streaming websites. It was just launched on 26th January 2015. Currently, Stan is targeting Australian market...

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How To Watch One Championship Online: Dynasty Of Heroes

MMA fans, buckle-up as you’re about to witness the greatest MMA event happening in Asia, Singapore this Friday, 26th May 2017. The Singapore Indoor Stadium...

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Best VPNs For Minecraft

5 Best VPNs For Minecraft – Easily Play It At School Or Work Anonymous...

Minecraft is an addictive game. Once you start playing it, there is no stopping you. It’ll make you forget to eat, sleep or even going to the bathroom, YES...

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How To Watch WWE Backlash 2017 Live Online From Anywhere

WWE Backlash 2017 is happening this Sunday, 21st May in Chicago, USA at Allstate Arena. There are 8 fights scheduled in the WWE Backlash 2017 match card an...

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How To Watch Russell VS Escandon Fight Live Online Outside US

Boxing fans all over the globe, buckle up for this Saturday, 20th May, because a lot of nail-biting and captivating fights are coming on Showtime that'll e...

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Whatsapp Down

WhatsApp Down: Second Time This Month It’s Down Again!

WhatsApp yet again is down. Users from all over the world are affected, specifically the WhatsApp users from UK, US, Greece, Spain were the first ones to r...

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How To Watch FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017 Online From Anywhere

FIFA Under-20 World Cup is another spectacular treat for the football fans which will kick-off from 20th May 2017 in South Korea. This will be the 21st edi...

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Regulation For Online Privacy

Maine’s Democrat Proposes A Regulation For Online Privacy

Maine’s Democrat, Sen. Shenna Bellows is expected to hold a press conference in which she’s planning to unveil her bill which is aimed towards protecting M...

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WannaCry Ransomware Hits Organizations In Widespread Cyber Attack

Another black day in the Internet zone – a massive malicious ransomware attack hits the World today, targeting over 52,000 devices across many countries. E...

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK with BBC iPlayer VPN

Now, where can you watch amazing shows like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Planet Earth or The Apprentice? Well, BBC iPlayer it is! But the deal-breaker is that it’...

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How To Watch UFC 211: Miocic VS Dos Santos 2 Fight Live Online – The M...

UFC Fans get ready to watch UFC 211 online because you’re about to witness the most badass fight card of the year on UFC 211- Miocic VS Dos Santos 2, this ...

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5 Best Online Photo Storage Services to Keep Your Memories Super-Safe

When was the last time you took a picture? Probably, a few hours ago or maybe a day ago. We live in a world where capturing memories is very easy, thanks t...

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5 Best Malaysia VPNs To Beat Heightened Internet Censorship

Malaysia is a country with too much baggage regarding Internet censorship and freedom of expression. Malaysian users are in dire need of a Malaysia VPN to ...

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watch uefa online

Watch UEFA Champions League Live Online

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious and famous football competition in the world where you get to see the jaw-dropping athleticism and some r...

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Wordpress multisite plugins

11 Best WordPress Multisite Plugins You Should Install Today

If you have a brand that has different shades and you are looking to represent all the identities on the same platform, then WordPress multisite can be you...

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How to Watch Foxtel Online Outside Australia With No Restrictions

Australians are in love with Foxtel Go as it lets them catch up on live and on-demand TV and movies. The viewers automatically love anything that offers va...

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PC Backup Guide: How to Backup Your Computer in 30 Seconds

Computer backups – I don’t need them. I mean I just have a few movies, pictures, and files on my computer. It is nothing important. Also, what’s going to h...

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How To Watch Canelo Alvarez VS Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Fight Live Onlin...

*Latest Boxing Fight Update: How To Watch Canelo VS Golovkin Fight Live Streaming Online? Boxing fans brace yourselves as you are about to witness the bigg...

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Whatsapp Down

Whatsapp Down- Users All Over The World Are In A State Of Limbo

Millions of Whatsapp users all over the world are unable to send or receive messages; some can’t event load their apps or update their last conversations a...

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how to watch hbo now hbo go outside us

How to Watch HBO Now and HBO Go Outside USA

HBO is undoubtedly one of the top TV channels out there when it comes to entertainment. It has produced hit shows like Game Of Thrones, True Detective, Bal...

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Unblock Amazon Prime Instant Video

5 Best VPNs To Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video Outside USA

Amazon Prime has an exceptional feature called Amazon Prime Video. It is an on-demand video streaming service that has unlimited titles of TV series and mo...

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7 Best WordPress Caching Plugins That Will Reduce Load Time Dramatical...

We, humans, are impatient beings. We hate waiting – especially for a website to load. Anything that keeps us away from our desired result gets eliminated i...

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joshua vs klitschko fight Live Stream

Here’s How To Watch Joshua VS Klitschko Fight Live Online

Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko Fight is the grandest and the most extravagant boxing event of this year and it is being termed as ‘the biggest boxing...

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Dropbox Vs Google Drive: 10 Points To Help You Choose The Right One

Dropbox vs Google Drive has been a heated debate for the longest time. Both the platforms are so popular that most people have used them once at least, rig...

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VPN for Thailand

5 Best VPNs For Thailand – The Chaotic Internet Situation Demands It

Thailand is on the bucket list of everyone who desires to travel the world. The beautiful scenery, breathtaking beaches, delicious cuisines and the vibrant...

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Best Plugins for Wordpress Security

7 Best WordPress Security Plugins – A Necessity or a Burden?

With over 60 million websites using WordPress, it is the most famous and widely used Content Management System (CMS) on the web. Website owners all over th...

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Russia On The Verge Of Imposing a Country-Wide VPN Ban!

Russian Government is all set to prohibit the use of VPNs on its territory by passing a law that would make the use of VPNs illegal as it aids the internet...

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USMobile partners with WindscribeVPN

US Mobile Offers Its Users Free VPN Service

US Mobile announced its partnership with Windscribe, a relatively new VPN player in the market, to protect the online privacy and security of its customers...

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How To Unblock YouTube From Anywhere Without Any Hassle

YouTube is the best and most popular video-sharing website on the web. It has content regarding every possible topic and niche in the universe. Whether it ...

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How to Watch Showtime Online ( TV Shows & Movies Outside USA

Showtime is in the entertainment business for four decades now. The channel has seen its fair share of ups and downs. It has reinvented itself multiple tim...

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Australian Telcos Ripp User's Privacy

Australian Telcos Are Ready To Rip Their Customers Off Their Privacy!

Following the footsteps of USA, Australia also started collecting and storing their customers' data from this week because of the mandatory data retention ...

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5 Best Turkey VPNs for Safe & Free Internet to Use in 2017

Turkey has an absolute zero Internet freedom. The government is known to block and filter the content they deem unsuitable from various social and politica...

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5 Best Windows Online Backup Services in 2018- Keep Your Data Alive!

Just imagine that in this very moment, your hard drive crashes and you lose all your precious data. What are you going to do? Confused? Terrified? Petrifie...

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Stream Davis Cup Live

How To Watch Davis Cup 2017 Online From Anywhere In The World

Davis Cup is the biggest event in the world of tennis and is also coined as “The World Cup of Tennis” by its organizers and the community as a whole. It’s ...

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How to Watch The CW TV Shows & Movies Online Outside USA

The CW has some hit TV shows like, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, iZombie, Arrow and many more. The CW live stream is compatible with many OS and devic...

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9 Must-Have Cloud Storage Apps for Android Users to Use in 2017

Android users hold the lion’s share in the smartphones market, and it is getting bigger. With over a billion active users, as reported by Google, it is evi...

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UFC On FOX 24- Johnson VS Reis Fight Live Online

How To Watch UFC On FOX 24- Johnson VS Reis Fight Live Online

UFC On Fox 24 is going to be huge as first off, UFC is making its comeback on Fox network with “Johnson VS Reis fight on April 15, 2017, in Sprint Centre, ...

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11 Awesome WordPress Migration Plugins to Safely Move Your Website in ...

WordPress site migration is pretty common. It is like what happens in a real world. At times, businesses have to move their location for better opportuniti...

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YouTube Just Launched Its Live TV Streaming Service, YouTube TV

Youtube has just launched its live TV streaming service Youtube TV today which was announced back in February by Google. For now, Youtube TV is only availa...

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Windows10 privacy settings

Microsoft Reveals The Kind Of Data Windows 10 Collects From Its Users

Ever since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft has received a great deal of criticism and concerns related to user privacy. Most of the Windows 10...

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Repeal Internet Privacy Law

Trump Just Killed Your Internet Privacy! Here’s What You Should Do Now...

President Trump has just put his signature on the bill which repeals the internet privacy rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last ...

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How to Add SSL and HTTPS Badge in WordPress Website

While most business websites support large financial transactions involving credit card details, bank account information, sensitive personal data, the inf...

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UFC 210 Cormier VS Johnson 2 Fight Live Streaming

How To Watch UFC 210 Cormier VS Johnson 2 Fight Live Online

This UFC 210 is going to be an unfathomable event as the current Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel “DC” Cormier puts his title on the line against one of t...

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VPNs that protects from Broadand Privacy Laws

These Are The VPNs That’ll Save You From Broadband Privacy Law

You must be living under a rock if you are not aware of the whole broadband privacy rule episode that’s been going on for the past few days and have shaken...

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7 Best CDN Services to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Having a website that sucks at loading is lethal for your business. That’s why webmasters are always on a lookout to find tricks and ways that can cut down...

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How To Access Sky Go Abroad With A VPN Outside Of UK

Sky Go is the online version of Sky TV channels in the UK. Considering the need of the audience to watch TV on the go, Sky network decided to launch an onl...

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How to Display Random Posts in WordPress to Increase Engagement

A considerable percentage of website visitors don't browse through the subsequent pages beyond the first page displaying your company's blog. So if you sho...

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This Is How ISP Privacy Bill Is Going to Affect You!

For those of you who don’t know about the ISP Privacy Bill or S.J.Res. 34, here’s a quick brief so that we can advance to the real discussion: A Bill has r...

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Alert VPN Users Of Chongqing! You Can Be Fined 15,000 Yuan!

A disturbing and confusing regulation has been passed by the Municipal Government of Chongqing on Monday which states that anyone who uses a VPN to skirt a...

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Apple Users Be Prepared! Your Apple Devices Can Be Wiped Out By April ...

There’s a chaotic situation being created by a hacker group who call themselves “Turkish Crime Family”, and are demanding ransom money of $150,000 from App...

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Stream WWE WrestleMania 33 Live

How To Watch WWE WrestleMania 33 Live Online From Anywhere

WWE WrestleMania 33 is the biggest sporting event of this year when it comes to professional wrestling, and WWE fans all over the world are super-excited a...

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German Justice Minister Proposed A Bill Against Social Media Websites!

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas threatens to fine social media websites for up to €50 million if they fail to remove defamatory content. This step is pr...

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US Senate Granted Permission To ISPs To Collect Users Personal Data Wi...

US citizens would soon be left with nothing to hide as US senate has repelled the broadband privacy rules created by FCC last year as the votes were split ...

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Watch PL Live Online

How To Watch EPL Online From Anywhere Easily

English Premier League (EPL) is the biggest treat for every football fanatic in the world, as you’ll witness some of the best and famous players in the wor...

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How to Unblock Kodi in the UK Without Being Tracked

Kodi is the mother of all inventions in the world of entertainment consumption. It is a free media player software that can stream TV, movies, documentarie...

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Xbox live down

XBOX Live Is Down and You’ll Be Surprised To Know Who’s Not Happy!

If you are having issues signing into your Xbox Live, Hotmail or Skype accounts then you’re not alone, because there is a major outage on Microsoft’s onlin...

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How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in Your WordPress Site

WordPress is among the most popular CMS in the market, and that too for numerous reasons. The platform is robust, flexible and all-in-one solution for all ...

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5 Best VPNs for Colombia – Enjoy Worry-Free & Unrestricted Internet on...

Colombia is one of those countries that always look perfect and unproblematic on paper. However, once you get to know the situation, all the complexities a...

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5 Best Hong Kong VPNs for Secure & Unrestricted Internet Access

Hong Kong is known for maintaining outstanding internet freedom throughout the country. There are no data retention laws, blanket surveillance or excessive...

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19 Types of Startling Websites You Can Create with WordPress

WordPress is a blogging platform – that’s the statement used to describe the platform a few years ago. However, WordPress has seen a massive growth cycle a...

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10 years jail for kodi users

Beware Kodi Box Users! You Can Be Jailed For 10 Years

There is a law being changed in the UK which might empower the copyright enforcing authorities to threaten online users who stream copyrighted content, spe...

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5 Best Japanese VPNs (Tested & Reviewed) to Use in 2018

Japan is a country where the internet users have almost nothing to complain about – the speed is phenomenal, no censorship issues, and the authorities do n...

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Pinterest Has Officially Been Blocked In China – But There’s A Twist!...

Pinterest has now officially joined the list of social media sites blocked by China. It was one of those few Western-Social Media sites which Chinese netiz...

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19 Cool Things to Do with WordPress Before You Hit ‘Launch’ Button

WordPress is here to stay, and so are the users leveraging WordPress websites for their business gains. So if you are still mulling at launching your websi...

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twitter accounts hacked

Thousands of Twitter Accounts Got Hacked Including that of Bieber and ...

Hundreds of Twitter accounts belonging to major media outlets, brands, and celebrities have been compromised including that of Amnesty International, Forbe...

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7 Cheapest Cloud Storage Providers to Boost Your Productivity

What is Cloud storage? Considering the voluminous use of this vibrant phenomenon, the question “what is cloud storage” is now an obsolete one. Instead, it ...

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Trump Targeting Journalist

Trump Targeting Journalists – Time for Journalists to Encrypt Everythi...

President Donald Trump has once again unleashed his wrath and this time the targets are the journalists! Trump has called for an investigation by the justi...

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5 Reasons Upgrading to the Latest Version of WordPress Shouldn’t Go Un...

WordPress is the leading choice of website owners the world over. A lot more goes into its universal popularity such as its robust security, modern new des...

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Wikileaks Leaks Major Data

Wikileaks Has Released Massive Trove of CIA’s Hacking Documents!

Wikileaks is back with a bang by releasing the biggest trove of C.I.A's documents related to their spying secrets of both past, present, and the future. Yo...

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12 Proven Tips that Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website Performance

Did you know that every month the amount of new content publishes on WordPress-hosted websites tops 64.3 million which by calculation is more than 2 millio...

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5 Mac Cloud Storage Services to Always Keep in Your Mac’s Dock!

Cloud storage has made many lives a lot simpler and better. Why? The ease of having each and everything (documents, files, photos, videos and what not) in ...

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5 Best Singapore VPNs (Tested & Reviewed) to Use in 2018

Singapore has an advanced level of Internet penetration. Almost 80 percent of its population is connected to the online world. However, the freedom of the ...

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HTML vs. Wordpress

WordPress vs HTML: Which One is Good for Your Business & Why?

For a business owner, taking up their idea (website) online sometimes require more efforts than defining business goals. Why? Because the majority of the c...

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5 Best VPNs to Watch Crackle Movies & TV Shows Outside US & Canada

Crackle is a free on-demand video streaming channel, which serves as a wonderful haven for binge-watchers in US and Canada. It has a vast collection of ama...

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13 Magento Influencers to Follow in 2017, & Years to Come…

The online retail business is on the surge already. As predicted earlier this year, 2016, the trend of online shopping grew up by 45%, and ‘mobile shopping...

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Watch Vudu TV Shows & Movies Outside US with a VPN

The World of Entertainment has no end at all. We live in the fast-paced planet where renting DVDs for fun has become isolated already. Today, our entertain...

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13 Powerful & Hidden WordPress Features You Can Use in 2017

WordPress, the behemoth content management system is by far the ultimate choice of many businesses and bloggers around the world. In fact, big names like T...

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14 Magento Pre-Launch Checklist For An Error-Free Website Launch

Designing and coding a website is certainly captivating for a designer and developer. It involves long-drawn-out processes that make any website attractive...

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Caution – Not Every Click Leads to Information Online

We human beings dislike change, embracing the unknown is undoubtedly scary. We love everything that is familiar and consistent, anything that shakes us

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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento for Your Ecommerce Store

Great businesses are not only built on user experience alone, but robust infrastructure and framework also plays a significant role in the success. When an...

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Terrible DDoS Attack Hit Major Websites Like Amazon, Twitter & Netflix

The website is down! I repeat, the website is down! When we heard the news about the recent breakdown that hit Internet on Friday, we were forced to be in ...

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Website Launch Checklist: 13 To-Dos You Move Your Website Online!

This post is dedicated to all newbies, bloggers and entrepreneurs who are all cheered up to for their very first new website launch. In this post, we have ...

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what do hackers do with stolen data

6 Scary Ways How Hackers Can Intrude Into Your Digital Life! #3 Is The...

Gone are the days when all you needed to save from hackers were – credit cards ? !  An interesting news did the rounds back in 2014. The FBI warned healthc...

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hire magento web development

How to Find & Hire Right Magento Developers for Your Business

Let’s be honest and face it that you cannot run your Magento store on your own you will need to take on board an expert Magento developer to run the work s...

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Rambler Hacked

Privacy Alert: Russian Search Engine Leaked – Nearly 100 Million Accou...

In the past few months, hardly a day has gone by without news of a fresh security violation. As the year 2016 comes up to an end, we look back at some of t...

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Dropbox Hack – 68 Million Accounts in Jeopardy!

Attention Dropbox users! Dropbox’s hack back in the 2012 data breach case has now enabled the hackers to get their hands on secret credentials of more than...

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WhatsApp Users Data

WhatsApp Will Now Share Its Users’ Data With Facebook – But Don’t Pani...

Note: Don’t sweat! Take a deep breath! There’s a way. You’ve got 30 days before WhatsApp shares your data with Facebook and you’re just 1 minute-read away ...

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7 Horrible Online Backup Mistakes That’re Cardinal Sins

Overthinking and stressing about online backup strategies may seem unnecessary to some people – until disaster strikes and you risk losing all your data. A...

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VPN Russia

5 Best VPNs for Russia – Rebel Against Government Legally

Russia – the name is enough to tell you the story of suppression and surveillance in the country. It is not new for Russia to be extremely controlling when...

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7 Free Online Backups To Keep A Safe Copy Of Your Files

Nowadays everything we do is digital, our lives both professional and personal are tied to smart devices. Our computers, smartphones, and gadgets have our ...

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India Declares Torrent Users as Criminals- 3 Years of Jail and 3 Lakh ...

Say Hello to the New and Improved ‘Digital India’ where the punishment of rape is lesser than the punishment of a torrent user will have to suffer now! Ind...

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How Online Storage Is Transforming The Lives Of Countless Marketers

Let’s face it, world would be a boring place without marketing and advertising. A lot of you might agree to disagree, but this is how it is. And who better...

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5 Best Secured & Encrypted Cloud Storage For Your Digital Wallet

Do you recall the days when you locked your important and confidential documents into a safe to protect them from misuse? If yes, then you might observe th...

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5 Best France VPNs in 2018 – ‘Joie de vivre’ Your Digital Life!

If Paris is a city of love then definitely France is a country of free souls. France has such a strong association with freedom of expression, free will, a...

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VPN Protocols

Compare VPN Protocols: PPTP vs L2TP vs OpenVPN vs SSTP vs IKEv2

You are all revved up, excited and ready to surf the cyber world with the best VPN by your side…but then…suddenly you’re boggled to see different VPN Proto...

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Best Offsite Backup Solutions – The Ultimate Guide to Online Internet ...

What’s your biggest fear? Or if I generalize this question a bit, “What’s the biggest fear of human beings?” Well, besides all the plethora of phobias that...

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5 Best VPNs for Netherlands/Holland in 2018 – A Much Secure Dutch!

You might already know that Netherlands is a country where little importance is given to censorship or enforcing proper copyrights law in the country. And ...

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Watch Summer RIO Olympics 2016 Online With a VPN

2016 Summer Olympics are just around the corner, anticipation and excitement of the upcoming games is on the rise. The games are scheduled to kick-off with...

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10 Productive & Cool Things You Can Do With Cloud Storage

Just in case the term cloud storage is new to you, here is its basic definition, “It is fundamentally a virtual space to store your data online. It’s an on...

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Backblaze vs Crashplan: 10 Points to Help You Choose the Right One!

Backing up your data is important. You can't afford to be the one losing all your precious data just because you didn’t have the foresight to back it up. I...

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When, Why and Where Do You Need a VPN? The Real Story

Online Privacy didn’t have much meaning in the earlier days of the Internet. Gone are the days when the Internet was considered as a safe digital neighborh...

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Online Backup is Important for SMBs

10 Vital Reasons Online Backup is a MUST for your Business

We all are well aware of the importance of data security and online backup. Technology is getting advanced and better with time but so are hackers. Protect...

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dropbox alternatives

Want More? Here are Best Dropbox Alternatives You Can Sign up Today!

There was a time when megabytes were the only available size to store our data. From Floppy drives, hard disks, to USB Drives- things have changed so drast...

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Don’t Compromise! Protect Your Online Privacy Today!

The internet has radically changed our lives in myriad positive ways; however it has a dark side too. It dispossesses your personal privacy on the Internet...

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Watch Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid 2016 Champions League Final Live...

Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid Saturday 28th May 2016, 14.45 PM Eastern Time San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy So you are here because you love football mo...

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9 and a Half Advantages of Cloud Storage You Need to Know!

In this era of technology, it is hard to imagine living without the existence of technology. Most of the people opine that technology has transformed their...

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16 Proven Ways to Prevent Online Identity Theft Completely!

The present age is the age of technology. Life without the use of technology is impossible. Can you imagine your life without the use of a computer or Smar...

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My dear friends of Saudi – Is your IMO and Facebook calling in Saudi A...

Are you facing any difficulties making or receiving calls from your favorite messengers like IMO, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc? Well, we’d be s...

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internet surveillance

BEWARE! Before They Know Everything You Do Online

When it comes to technology, the internet is the leading development of the recent past. It has transformed our way of living almost beyond the imagination...

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