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WiFi Extenders

List of Best WiFi Extenders You Should Buy in 2019

WiFi is great when it works but incredibly annoying when it doesn’t; there could be multiple reasons and many times it comes down to signal interference. Y...

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Torrent VPN

Why Torrent VPN is Essential for Anonymous Torrenting?

Torrenting is becoming a synonym for streaming; no matter what you want to stream –  files, movies, documentaries, software, books, music, etc. – free down...

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What Are Cyber Threats? How They Affect and What to Do

Phishing, brute force, malware, DDoS, Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, password attack, cryptojacking, insider attack, and whatnot – cyberattack is hap...

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How to Watch UFC Online

How To Watch UFC Fight 242 Online – Khabib vs Poirier

UFC started decades ago with a concept of an MMA-packed championship in mind; would anyone have ever thought of a championship turned into a dream, aspirat...

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How to test a DNS leak

DNS Leak Test – How To Identify and Fix a DNS Leak Easily?

If you think you are always protected while using a VPN, you may be wrong. There are several issues one can face with a VPN and that can compromise your id...


Canistreamit Reviews

CanIStreamIt Review: The Good, Bad & Working Alternatives

Traditional TV channels still dominate, but we can’t ignore streaming services. According to the study by eMarketer, over half of Americans now watch TV us...

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Save Hundreds and Thousands with a VPN

6 Ways to Save Hundreds & Thousands with a VPN

It’s Shaun of the Dead or Black Panther, you already know how to stream US-only Netflix via a VPN; you also know other superlative benefits of using a VPN;...


Best AMD Graphics Card

The Best AMD Graphics Card for Super Sonic Gaming Experience

With countless cards available on the web, buying the right best graphics card is a maze you cannot get out of; but with the right specs in hand, you can b...

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Private Search Engine

6 Best Private Search Engines You Should Bookmark

Do you know that the popular search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are data collection tools that possibly abuse your privacy? Yes! You heard ...

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Online Privacy and Security Guide

A Guide for Ultimate Online Privacy and Security

Do you think, you have nothing to hide? Think again. You don’t find any good reason for keeping your data private; ok let’s do one thing, how about posting...

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Android VPN

Best Android VPN to Secure your Android Devices

Google’s Android operating system is known to be the largest app database ever existed beating iOS App Store by a huge margin. It’s no surprise that the bi...


Watch IPL Live Online

Watch IPL Live Online from Anywhere in the World

The post craze of one-dayers; India-Australia was not over yet for Indians and the season’s multi-million tournament – Indian Premier League, has started o...

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