CoolEdge Review 2024: Is CoolEdge Air Cooler a Scam or is it Legit?


Are the hot days in summer troubling you? Add to it the pocket-pinch for paying the electricity bills. In this CoolEdge review, we will present an air cooler that will make your summer comfy at a low energy cost.

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Last update made on 17 April 2024

What is Cool Edge Portable Air Conditioner?

This air cooler is a budget-friendly alternative to air conditioners. This device is compact, energy-efficient, and can cool any space within minutes. Besides, it has advanced evaporation technology to ensure the supply of cool and fresh air. Further, it’s a 3-in-1 device, functioning as an air cooler, air humidifier, and air cleaner at the same time.

The portable cooling device has a speed setting option. So, you can adjust it and get your desired temperature. Also, unlike the wall-mounted ACs, you can place this air cooler in any corner of the room. Therefore, the device can even be your on-the-go cooling solution.

Thanks to its 3-in-1 mechanism, it removes dust particles, dirt, and debris from the air. Besides, it maintains the right humidity in the air, especially on hot and dry days.

We must also mention that this air cooler device is noiseless. Therefore, it will maintain a peaceful environment when you are working, sleeping, or just spending your leisure.

Enjoy Cool Breeze without Feeling the Heat in Your Pocket

An air cooler that is easy to purchase, does not need any installation, and consumes lesser energy! And this is the Cool Edge air cooler for you. Let’s know why it’s a value-for-money product for you.

The air cooler runs on batteries. You can recharge the batteries once, and the device will keep functioning for 7 to 12 hours. Besides, while doing our review, we found that it consumes very little energy to get recharged. Naturally, the minimal energy consumption will keep your electricity bills in check. Further, unlike conventional Acs, CoolEdge does not need servicing, enabling you to cut down the maintenance costs.

Even if you are concerned about the aesthetics of your space, this air cooler device will be a perfect pick. It is available in two color options. You can buy the device in the white or dark green shade as per your choice.

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Know the Features

In this section of our CoolEdge review, we will discuss how the unique features of this device get translated into many advantages and benefits for users. So, let’s get started with the CoolEdge air conditioner review.

Cool Edge Portable Air Conditioner

Consumes Less Energy with Durable Battery Life

The device comes with a USB Type C cable. So, you can recharge it anywhere. Besides, the battery life is pretty long, spanning from 7 to 12 hours, making it an ideal energy-efficient and cost-efficient solution for you.

Adjustable Louvered Blades

The adjustable louvered blades allow you to control the flow of air in your environment. You can easily turn the blades upwards or downwards. You can even pick the preferred fan speed from the available options of three levels.


Hydro Chill Mechanism for Instant Cooling

Give the device just 30 seconds, and it will make your space cool. It has a hydro chill mechanism, meaning you can use water to enjoy instant cooling. Besides, we must recommend using ice to get quick relief from the heat.

Air Humidifier to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Many times, sitting long in the AC can make our skin and hair dry. It also functions as a humidifier so that you feel refreshed and your skin or hair remains hydrated. Further, you can add the aroma of your choice to the water container to enjoy a pleasant fragrance.

Air Filtration to Keep Allergies and Infections at Bay

Many of us have had issues like throat and eye irritation during the long hours in ACs. However, this device is something else!

It can eliminate 99% of allergens and pathogens in the air thanks to its internal filtration system. So, even if you have allergic problems or asthma, this device will be a safer option for you.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

We recommend this air cooling device in our CoolEdge review because of its aesthetic and functional design. Its color options are sober, as you already know that it is available in white or dark green. Besides, you can adjust the built-in LED light to enhance the mood in your room.

The device even has a small LCD display for configuring various cooling settings. Further, we found the display to be bright and easy to read.

How Much Do I Need to Pay?

You can pick one unit of this device at $79. Besides, you can buy two devices at $119, making the cost of each device $60.


You can also choose the package of buy 2 devices and get 1 free at $137. Further, four units of this device will come at $179, slashing the price of each device down to $45.

However, the best package according to our CoolEdge air conditioner review is the buy 3 get 2 one. You will need to spend just $197 on this. The makers are even offering a whopping 50% discount right now for a limited period. The discount code will be immediately applied at checkout.

There are no shipping charges for the delivery of these devices. Moreover, each product is covered under a 30-day money-back guarantee. The makers accept payments through VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro debit or credit cards. You can also make the payments through Paypal and Gpay.

If you are willing to purchase an extended guarantee, it will cost you an additional $9.

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Technical Sheet

Here, let’s have a brief look at the technical features of this air cooling device in our CoolEdge air conditioner review.


  • Type-C USB Charger for recharging the in-built battery
  • Battery life of 7-12 hours
  • Available in dark green and white colors
  • A 3-in-1 device with an air cooler, air humidifier, and air purifier
  • 3 fan speed settings
  • Louvered adjustable blades for airflow control
  • Noise-free fans
  • A hydro chill mechanism for faster cooling
  • Internal filtration system
  • Built-in LCD display and LED light
  • Natural evaporation technology for cooling

How CoolEdge Works

While doing our CoolEdge Air Cooler review, we found the device extremely easy to use. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to use it.


  • First, recharge the built-in battery properly using the type C USB Charger.
  • Then, fill the water chamber of the device with water or ice.
  • Choose the mode you prefer and configure settings on the clear LCD display.
  • Next, you can move the blades upward or downward to control the airflow.
  • It is better to place it on a flat surface for improved cooling. You can even hang it on the wall.
  • That’s it! Enjoy fresh, cool, and pure air in your room.
  • Just one thing is here to note. It is better to clean the filters at regular intervals. You can even change it if needed. This much you can do to keep the device in order.

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Customer Service

We are happy to mention in our CoolEdge AC review that CoolEdge has friendly customer service. If you have doubts and think CoolEdge AC scam, we think this is where your confusion will go away.

CoolEdge AC Review

You can reach CoolEdge customer service through emails or phone calls. You can email your queries related to the product or the refund process at International buyers can call +44 20 3808 9234, and they respond on a 24/7 basis. Further, if you are in Brazil, you can call them at +552135003992 between 9 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday (GMT 5).

In case you want to know the address of the company, we also thought of sharing the same in our CoolEdge AC review. The company is located at Hyper Sls Ltd 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong.

CoolEdge AC Review from Other Users

Let’s find out what the other users are saying in their CoolEdge air conditioner reviews.

“I was tired of noisy air coolers. So, when I first read a CoolEdge AC review, I was skeptical. Does it make noise? But, today, I am completely satisfied with its silent functioning.”
Mark C.

“In my CoolEdge air conditioner review, I want to give it a 5-star. I have asthma and was not sure whether it would cause discomfort for me or not. I was wrong to think so. It does not cause any irritation, and I feel quite refreshed.”
Meryl A.

“Is CoolEdge a scam? This is the first question that came to my mind when I first came across a CoolEdge AC review. CoolEdge is highly functional and is definitely not a scam. It also cools my room instantly, and I just love the LED light, changing the mood of the space completely.”
Linda G.

“My previous air cooler was not working anymore, and I could not bear the stale air it was emitting. I chose CoolEdge, and it makes my room quite airy, allowing in-flow of fresh air. I can even add some fragrance to the water container to lift my mood.”
Marvin K.

“I don’t like how my skin becomes dry once I spend long hours in the AC.  But CoolEdge has a built-in air humidifier. So, my skin and hair look perfect as it keeps them hydrated. It’s a thumbs up in my CoolEdge air conditioner review.”
Melisa J.

Why Is It Better than Alternatives?

While doing our CoolEdge air conditioner review, we found it to be better than many other alternatives. First of all, it is compact and portable. Besides, once recharged, it does not need any electrical supply. Therefore, it can be your on-the-go cooling solution.

It is smaller than most air coolers available on the market. Further, it does not need any installation and does not make you pay recurring maintenance and servicing charges.

Also, its 3-in-1 mechanism makes it versatile, and you not only enjoy cold air but also get adequately humid and pure air. Further, it is better than air conditioners that consume huge energy, making your electricity bill shoot up. So, we highly recommend it in our CoolEdge AC review.

Final Words

Summing up our CoolEdge air conditioner review, we want to recommend this air cooling device as an energy-efficient and more functional substitute for air conditioners. It cools down the air, keeps the air humid, and kills harmful germs and pathogens in the air.

While doing our review, we were also highly impressed with its long battery life and advanced configuration options. So, choose it and make your summer days blissful!

CoolEdge AC consumes less power and is a 3-in-1 device with air cooling, air humidifier, and air purification functions. It is portable and easy to use.
9.2 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • 3-in-1 air cooler, humidifier, and purifier
  • Noise-free function
  • 3 adjustable setting
  • Louvered vent for controlling airflow
  • Consumes less power due to long battery life
  • Available only on the official website
  • Only 2 color options
  • The air filter may need cleaning at regular intervals
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