Can Dechoker Actually Save You From Choking?


Choking is one of the top leading causes of unintentional injuries, leading to death. In fact, this silent reaper has been known to have more casualties than those involved in accidental shootings, arson, and even drowning. If only there were a choking first aid kit. Well, thankfully there is one – the Dechoker device, a convenient airway clearance tool. Here is our contribution to Dechoker reviews you can consult online. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you can make up your mind if this Anti-Choking device is worth your investment.

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Dechoker Reviews: Can It Save You From Choking?

Choking is capable of striking at any given moment without warning, not even minding if you are healthy or sick, young or old. As long as you are capable of breathing, then you are a potential victim. When there is debris in the airway, the brain only has minutes left to survive without oxygen. Those minutes are extremely precious. You can do abdominal thrusts like the Heimlich maneuver, but doing so requires experienced practice and sufficient knowledge.

Choking is a serious matter – it has claimed many lives. Most of its victims are elderly people or kids and toddlers. The elderly have frail bodies. Therefore, they have lesser chances of surviving from choking because their body might not handle forceful physical intervention.

Kids and toddlers are easily susceptible to small objects like toys from entering their mouths. People who experience choking can’t even scream for help. Most of the time it could have been too late to do a thing –unless you have a Dechoker device with you.

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Dechoker Reviews: Every Second Count

With at least 122 lives saved, Dechoker is an innovative and ingenious way to save someone from choking. The Dechoker device can remove debris stuck in the airway with a simple pull of a vacuum. No need to stretch your muscles and warm-up when you see someone choking in public spaces. You can simply be a savior with that one simple pull. Most importantly, as Dechoker reviews suggest, it can be used on anyone above 12 months old.

It doesn’t matter what the illness, disorder, or other health-related issues. With just around a minute of simple training, the Dechoker can be used on anyone who needs it.

dechoker device

Get To Know Your Dechoker Device

The Dechoker is made of high-quality plastic fitted in a tubular design that looks like a big injection without the needles. Its tip is an extension shaped like a mouth cover with a protruding tube in it. The body is cylindrical and its base has its own vacuum pull system.

Specifically, here are its parts:

  • Application Tube/Tongue Depressor – pushes the tongue and acts as a passage for the foreign object
  • Respiratory Mask – seals the mouth area from the air
  • Plunger – pulls air through the cylindrical tubing which suctions the obstruction
  • Exhaust Valve – a one-way valve that works as the sole exit for suctioned air
  • Pull Handle –suctions air when pulled

The Dechoker also has different sizes fit to be used by a toddler, children, or an adult.

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How Do You Use It?

Using it is not rocket science. If you are familiar with the push and pull kind of water gun, then you are already familiar with this device.

Here are the steps to using it:

  1. Open the mouth of the choking victim,
  2. Insert the application tube into the mouth while pushing down the tongue,
  3. Ensure that the mask wholly covers the nose and mouth, sealing it,
  4. Lay the head backward and raise its chin,
  5. Apply pressure to secure that it’s sealed, and
  6. Pull-back on the device.

If the object is not suctioned, remove the device, push the air out, and repeat step one.

Advantages of Using Dechoker

Just from the way it looks, you can already see how advantageous and beneficial Dechoker is. It is the “de choker” for a reason. Scratch that, for many reasons! Here are some of them:

  • Easy to use – Dechoker device does not need professional medical knowledge
  • Safe –does not risk physically injuring the choking victim in any way
  • Portable –by its size, it can be carried or put around easily for emergency use

dechoker reviews

Dechoker Testimonies

If you still don’t believe all that, here are some of the Dechoker reviews from users experiencing it first-hand.

“One time at dinner, my girlfriend and I were laughing at my nephew doing a comedic skit while eating. It was all fun until he was red all over, choking real badly. Thankfully, my mom bought some Dechoker after fiddling with the net reading some Dechoker reviews. He was saved in mere seconds!”

“I’ve always been paranoid about many things. One time I was watching this video of a guy doing speed eating until he suddenly choked. This urged me to surf the net, leading me to Dechoker reviews. I bought one and left it sitting for a month. Now I just used it recently on my mom. Can’t imagine what else would have happened”

“I shared with my wife an article about choking and she told me it’s best to look for alternatives should we need it for our family. I reached some Dechoker reviews and bought one for us. A week later, as if buying it was divine intervention, I saved my 3-year-old son from choking on his favorite toy”

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Price and Money-back Guarantee

Dechoker price is reasonable and not out-of-reach when purchased online. Here are their rates:

  • One Dechoker device for each size (toddler, child, adult) costs $69.95
  • Two Pack (buy one, 50% off for the other) costs $104.95
  • Three Pack (buy two and get one free) costs $139.99

If for some reason you find the product unsatisfactory, you can just return it. The Dechoker comes with a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

To Conclude

This Dechoker device review is made to help people save lives and probably save their own as well. It will never hurt to be an extension of care and safety to people looking for ways to do the same. Reviews on Dechoker indicate it’s a life-saving device that’s worth your investment. When you get Dechoker, who knows, you can be the guardian that can save anyone from choking.

9.7 Total Score

10 Value for money
9 Ease of use
  • Available devices for all ages
  • Easy to use
  • Can last up to two years at home
  • Slightly expensive
  • No sizes available for infants below 12 months old

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