Drone720X Review 2024: How Good Is The Pocket Drone?

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Time ticks fast. Not long ago, selfie sticks were seen in the hands of almost everyone that followed the trends. Now, photography and video making have entered a new era. Drones have taken become the new order of business in the visual industry. At first, drones were pretty expensive and only sophisticated photographers had the resources to purchase one or even operate them. More recently, the Drone 720x has gained customers’ attention because of its affordability and ease of use.

Amateur photographers, professional filmmakers with lean resources, and those that just want to play around their obsession with scenic photographs are all welcome to the new world of affordable drones. Our Drone 720x reviews are well crafted to show you all there is to know about this handy technology. However, there are chances that you probably have a drone and you’re considering the Drone720x for a change, knowing what you to expect from this Drone720x reviews can help you to make a good decision for sure. On the other hand, if this is your first time trying to purchase a drone, you don’t have to think too hard. You can order the Drone720x at a 50% discount immediately.

As we jump right into the Drone720x reviews, let’s begin by telling you all there is to know about this pretty wonder of photography.

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Drone 720x reviews– All there is to know


Our Drone720x reviews begin with a look at its camera. Of course, you want a good camera for your drone. Without an outstanding vision, it is only a bit more than an electronic kite. But you need not panic, it’s far more than that. The manufacturers of the Drone 720 x boosted it with a 720p high-resolution camera, supported with a recent CMOS sensor version 1/2.3 hanging firmly to its gimbal equipped with an “over the top” 720-degree rotation ability. Unarguably so, this Drone720x rattles at 50 km per hour.

Of course, you may wonder how it could grab clear cut pictures while flying at such speed. Don’t get all worked up about it. A great camera quality that shoots pictures at 30 frames per second brings every action as it happens to record.

How about smart shooting? Ever heard of it?

I bet you are curious. Drone 720x reviews are incomplete without a mention of the smart shooting feature. As you keep your legs on the ground and fly high with your eyes (via the drone), you can enable smart shooting to grab multiple shots as “the crow flies”. You know what that means, don’t you?

Another question is: how high up can the Drone720x go?

The truth is that it could go as high as you can imagine. However, its 500-meters coverage range both makes it stand out and limits how high you want to fly the battery-powered bird. But not to worry because even if you’re flying as high as the roof of the World Trade Center in New York, this drone can catch the full details on the ground. You won’t miss a thing.

Although it may limit flexibility when compared with the 720p feature, switching to the 1080p resolution for videos brings you even clearer captures. So, from our Drone720x reviews, this 1080p resolution is ideal for long range coverage. You can’t let any moment pass by without a clear shot at it, no matter how far. As a matter of fact, whether you’re a Vlogger on YouTube or you just want to see the city from the far heights, the video quality that the Drone720x camera offers could be mind-blowing.

You can control this drone remotely so that you can take shots from hard places to get them. For a maximum time span of 8 minutes, the drone will fly and record. Another interesting fact associated with this mini flying drone is that you can be the pilot and perform some incredible stunts once you get used to drone controls, resulting in amazing shots from Ariel view. You will get wonderful crystal clear shots, no matter whether you do flips and rolls.


Drone 720x reviews – Features and Specifications

  • Flight speed up to 50km/hr
  • 720p camera resolution
  • Eight-minutes flight time
  • Uses mobile device (Android/iOS) to pilot
  • Packed with a battery and charger
  • Very light with a weight of 85 grams (3 ounces)

This drone is remote-controlled. This makes it possible for you to take clear shots from angles that are otherwise impossible. With 8-minutes of maximum record and flight time, this drone makes for exceptional coverage in real-time. You may not have a perfect hang of the controls at first, ut with time, as you get used to the controls, you would be able to pull hilarious stunts from the drone 720x app. You can download the app by simply scanning the QR code on the body of the drone or on its packaging. With spectacular stunts happening under your control, you can’t help but imagine the amazing shots that you could take from the Ariel view. Whether it’s flips, roles, or simple linear flight, the HD camera will make your experience fascinating as you take crystal clear shots.

This flying machine’s camera is designed specifically to provide reliable video outputs. With a high definition, clean, and crystal clear 720-megapixel resolution, the camera will allow you to capture and film incredible flying adventures. The photographs and videos will be of excellent content and transparency.

Drone 720x reviews- battery life

drone 720x review

If we refer to the drone 720x battery life analysis, it uses a very robust lithium-ion battery. The battery is 3.7V, giving it the capacity to survive an 8-minute flight time. This may not sound very exciting, but if you compare this with the other items available on the market, you will find these figures very interesting. The battery life of the DRONE 720x has a maximum of 8 minutes flying and recording time.

Drone 720x reviews – Extra Features

If you’re a fan of drone filmmaking, this is to let you know that the 720x can not only capture high-definition videos but also directly stream the video live to your smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS in real-time.

With both amateurs and pros in mind, the manufacturer of this drone made it easy to fly and monitor with super-simple control settings. With the default settings, you don’t have to be a pro to fly this beautiful bird and maneuver your way through rough edges. By simply glancing through the Drone 720x instructions manual, you are all set.

What else? The looks.

This lightweight, battery-powered bird is offered in two types of feathers. I mean the colors. There’s a black-and-white version that well contrasting. Also, there’s a black-and-blue version that we consider to be slicker. Whichever your choice turns out to be, both are quite attractive with a minimalistic design.

How about the flight experience? That can’t go without saying. This drone is built with various flight modes, including circle flight, going home, tap flying, and spiral flight.


Drone 720x reviews – How does the Drone720x work?

drone 720x reviews

The drone is a mini-camera flying machine that allows you to get epic shots from different aerial views. It is remote-controlled so that you can get shots from locations that are difficult to reach. It is also a fast drone and flies at a top speed of 49 miles per hour. The remote has a maximum range of 70 meters for the Drone720x.

Another interesting feature of the mini flying machine is that you can pilot it yourself and perform some pretty cool aerial stunts after you master the controls. These days, some people professionally race with drones. With this drone, you will be able to do tricks such as flips and rolls, all while taking crystal clear images.

Drone 720x reviews – What Is the Drone 720x Price?

The price of the Drone720x is initially $198, which can be a little hefty. Not everybody just lying around has that sum. But the makers of this drone are giving you 50 percent OFF as of now.

Where to Buy Drone720x Unmanned Aircrafts

You can easily buy Drone720x from the manufacturer. Click the button below to place an order with a 50% discount on your order.



It won’t take you too long to grasp the drone and learn how to handle it. You will soon be able to have full control of the drone, send it to pleasing heights, and tilt it to any angle for memorable shots of the surrounding panoramic views. The software interface is designed for novices and amateurs that have little or no experience in flying a drone. It is simple even for children who love adventure or just love capturing pets and places from unusual angles.

It is exceedingly enough to take hilarious pictures from any height, considering the camera quality. Also, using a drone mitigates the risks of climbing to tall places in search of the perfect angle. That’s why the drone was invented in the first place anyway! With such a limited budget, this is the best drone you will find, and it packs so many features that you will never need another drone!

Ease of Use
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to control
  • Good quality camera
  • 500-meter coverage range
  • Only 8 minutes of record and flight time

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