FixMeStick Review 2024: Should You Go Get One?


Viruses are threats to computers and other devices. Reviews of FixMeStick claim that you can remove these viruses without worrying about having them come back to ruin your system. However, does FixMeStick really work?

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The scourge of virus and malware

Computer viruses are great threats to productivity at work and continuous entertainment for casual users. Whether you are a worker in a huge company doing reports, perhaps, or a player in an Internet shop, dealing with viruses is a pain. It eats away at your time and takes a heavy toll on you to call the tech support only to remove viruses and malware. Not only do they slow down the computer or the desktop, but these computer viruses also remove essential files that you’ve worked on.

Fortunately, FixMeStick offers a solution. It promises to help remove these viruses and malware without worrying about dealing with them for a couple of hours, giving you the peace of mind you have always wanted. This device takes charge of the scanning and removal of viruses that other antivirus programs can’t do.

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What is FixMeStick?

It was in 2012 when FixMeStick, a plug-and-play virus removal device, was released on sale in Europe and North America. This external device for removing viruses and malware was developed by FixMeStick Technologies, a company based in Quebec in Canada.

reviews of fixmestick

In this detailed reviews of FixMeStick, you will learn the pros and cons, as well as the features and pricing of this antivirus stick, to be able to help you make the right choice as a buyer. Of course, the best antivirus tool doesn’t to be grand or extraordinary. The most important criterion is their virus removal guarantee.

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Reviews of FixMeStick: what are its features?

Booting system

Compared with your preferred antivirus software, Fix Me Stick plug-and-play device has features that are of the lighter fare. This device is mainly designed to help you target viruses and clean your accessories from them, instead of running automatic scans or contacting customer support for assistance.

In several reviews of FixMeStick, one edge of this product from other competitors in the market is that it is a bootable program. It works like operating systems, which means that you can reboot the application with the so-called BIOS settings. In doing so, you’re able to load the operating system and the bootloader.

Thus, if you choose to plug in the product and find out that it does not load, you only need to enable a BIOS configuration alteration. This will allow you to make use of the USB flash drivers that are checked for the bootable system before the HDD. Use the F10, F11, or F12 keys right after turning on the laptop to get to the BIOS menu.

The menu will reveal options. As indicated in many other FixMeStick reviews, this option will let you edit the boot order of your peripheral devices. After you have booted this into the BIOS, look for the menu that says Boot Order. In other words, you want to ensure that the USB devices in the USB port are taking priority over the internal HDD.

Note, though, that there are instances you might be required to insert the flash drive into other USB systems. This depends on how your USBs are set up.

Bypass capabilities

The strength and capacities of many viruses enable them just to take over the system’s boot process, and this is what Fix Me Stick for Mac and other devices are trying to solve. Does Fix Me Stick work for devices like Apple and MacOSX? Based on several reviews on FixMeStick, the answer is also a yes.

The product will load into the memory as opposed to others that move toward the operating system files from the hard drive. Thus, it can circumvent and target these threats.

So, is FixMeStick any good at removing threats?

reviews on fixmestick

Another great feature of the virus removal device is bypassing ransomware. Reviews on FixMeStick suggest that the device locks down your operating system and requests payment to a digital account before you may gain access once more to the system. That shows how secure it is. There are ransomware and viruses that will refuse to provide access to the computer after processing payment. Nevertheless, the bootable system by Fix Me Stick resolves these problems.

Aside from that, this device can also bypass passwords of operating systems. Some viruses can infiltrate the system and just change the login passwords. The next moment you log in, the password has wholly altered.

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Does not require installation

Several FixMeStick reviews state that another benefit of the product is that it does not require tedious installation. It can target the threats to your systems quickly that you don’t have to waste time waiting for the installation to end. If the virus has invaded your devices, you know that even installation processes may not be possible.

Furthermore, consider that several viruses are also keen about attacking other antivirus scanning programs, so your computers aren’t spared. With this, they cannot be able to function to detect these viruses. Reviews on FixMeStick say that this device does not yield to these issues. Instead, it isolates the affected part of the operating system and takes away the virus.

Captures viruses before they can attack

Lastly, remember that viruses send back data to the attacker once they have gone through your system. Viruses are what attackers use to phish out information, either as part of propaganda, smear campaign or simply, out of the business competition. These details include cached usernames and passwords, browsing history on your web, and more. Since Fix Me Stick weakens and prevents these viruses from loading right at the very start, it will prevent the connection between the hacker’s system and the virus, eradicating the chances of disrupting your system. In other words, this product can prevent the virus from logging into the server for captured traffic in the network.

How To Use FixMeStick

Windows 10

In many reviews of FixMeStick, you’ll find instructions on how to install the device.

First, plug in the device. Right-click on the Windows button found on your screen. You will be headed to a menu—Left-click on File Explorer from the list. In the window, double-click the Fix Me Stick USB option.

You’ll get to a list with folders and options that indicate Fix Me Stick right at the bottom. Double-left click this option. Then, you will receive a message from User Account Control. Click yes to let the computer make the changes.

You’ll be directed to the User License Agreement. Click Accept. You will see the screen that reads What Happens Next. Click Reboot and Start Fix M Stick. When scanning is complete, the program will present what it has found. Click Clean. Skip the option if they found no threats.

fixmestick reviews


Get the Fix Me Stick into the USB port and run it. Follow the procedure, and when it is done scanning the viruses, click Exit. The program reboots the Mac to its regular operating system.

Benefits and Advantages

Based on a number of FixMeStick reviews, these are the product’s benefits and advantages:

  • Provides an unlimited number of scanning
  • FixMeStick reviews say it efficiently removes viruses and malware
  • Offers a bootable drive
  • Does not require software installation
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free shipping, the trial version not included
  • FixMeStick lifetime virus removal; the product has a lifetime warranty (note: not applicable to the trial version)
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Free phone customer service
  • Free automatic updates even in malware identification

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Reviews on FixMeStick from Users

A search for reviews of FixMeStick detail customers satisfied with the product.

“It is clear. FixMeStick reviews say it can rescue users from the emergency brought by malware and virus infestation. It is convenient in cases when this malware blocks you from installing or running your antivirus programs. It also takes care of the booting from the USB better than any other product in the market.”
Neil J. Rubenking

“If you require a virus removal product but cannot boot into your operating system, trust that FixMeStick will provide you with the highly-coveted virus removal guarantee. Even if you cannot remove these viruses, they have dependable tech support to guide you.”
C. Sinclair

“I’m a senior, and though I’ve been with computers in my adulthood, I do not consider myself computer-savvy. Similar to what I on reviews on FixMeStick, it has taken away cyberthreats and cleaned my PC in an instant. It saves me time and money, giving me peace of mind.”

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Price and Money-Back Guarantee

Fix Me Stick price varies per subscription and can be purchased through their official website. It could cost $59.99 per year on Home subscription, without the shipping charges and you can have them on three computers. Then, for $89.99, you can obtain two years of service and the option to scan five computers.

You can get a 30-day trial for $9.99 and receive free shipping. Meanwhile, the Pro version is for $299.99, designed for office use, and features unlimited PCs for a year. If you’re not quite happy with your purchase, the brand offers a money-back guarantee.


Getting ahead of each day in your home and office tells you that you have a reliable antivirus solution with you. But what use are these programs if they do not work according to how you want them to. It is why products like Fix Me Stick in the industry keep you going, maintain your productivity, and use your computers without experiencing any problems.

9 Total Score
FixMeStick review 2024

Privacy and security
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Bootable USB
  • Effectively removes viruses
  • Paid trial version
  • Limited number of PC logins
  • No 24/7 support

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