GlowBowl Fresh Review 2024: Why Do You Need This Toilet Light?

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You’re fast asleep, and suddenly, you feel the urge to take a short trip to the bathroom. As you’re tumbling around in the dark, you flip the lights and, in the process, completely wake yourself up. Now, you’re back in bed, fully awake with no sign of falling back to sleep soon. Does this scenario seem oddly familiar? GlowBowl helps illuminate your toilet bowl without any harsh lights ensuring you get a great night’s sleep. In this contribution to GlowBowl Fresh reviews online, we’ll take a look at how it works and the advantages of installing a Glow Bowl Fresh at home.

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Make Late-Night Bathroom Trips Fun

With this gadget, you get a cool nightlight and air freshener in one amazing toilet light. It illuminates and dims in 7 amazing LED colors.

With this gadget, you get a cool nightlight and air freshener in one amazing toilet light. It illuminates and dims in 7 amazing LED colors.

How Bathroom Breaks Disturb Your Sleep

We often go to sleep with the light turned off, but when you need a late-night bathroom break, the bathroom’s harsh light can completely wake you up. This can be a source of lack of sleep for many of us, especially among those who have trouble sleeping.

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However, if you choose to keep the bathroom lights off while you use the throne, it could spell disaster. This is especially true if you have little kids running around. Children often need late-night bathroom breaks, and keeping your bathroom dark won’t work.

The resolves this problem. It effectively illuminates your bathroom without drowning you in harsh light. The best part is that it comes with an air freshener, making the Glow Bowl Fresh any household’s perfect bathroom solution.

GlowBowl Fresh Review: What is it?

The Glow Bowl Fresh is a motion-activated bathroom nightlight and air freshener that gives you the ability to rotate colors and adjust brightness levels. When you or your child enters the bathroom, you don’t have to rely on your bathroom lights’ harshness.

The toilet light activates automatically every time someone opens the bathroom and shuts itself off after. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t wake yourself up every time you have to use it. Also, children won’t have to be afraid to use the bathroom at night.

If GlowBowl Fresh reviews are to be believed, you can say goodbye to blinding bathroom lights with the motion-activated LED Glow Bowl Fresh. It lights up your toilet bowl so you and your children will never miss your mark. Choose from 7 LED colors and color-carousel mode to turn late-night bathrooms trips fun for everyone.

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GlowBowl Fresh Reviews: How Does Glow Bowl Work?

The Glow Bowl Fresh is the only motion-activated toilet light in the market. First, of its kind, it is made with highly durable plastic that can easily be cleaned and sanitized with household cleaners. The extended bendable arm that illuminates 7 LED colors is splash resistant and can be replaced when needed.

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You can make bathroom breaks fun for you and your children with Glow Bowl Fresh’s 7 LED colors. Or, you can set the nightlight to rotate colors automatically every four seconds. Select from 5 stages of light to dim the brightness levels.

GlowBowl Fresh Reviews: How to use it

GlowBowl Fresh reviews agree that it is easy to install and use. With three simple steps, you can turn any toilet bowl into a fun and fragrant night light for you and your family.

First, install the air freshener into the Glow Bowl Fresh. Next, hook the Glow Bowl light on the edge of your toilet bowl and long press to activate carousel mode. When the light starts blinking, remove your finger on the color you want. Lastly, turn off the lights and watch as your toilet bowl is transformed into a fun and fragrant toilet light.

It is important to note that the GlowBowl is light-sensitive and will only activate when it is dark.

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Benefits and advantages

GlowBowl Fresh reviews would not be complete without a listing of the device’s benefits and advantages. For those wondering is Glow Bowl a scam? These benefits will display its relevance and subsequent GlowBowl reviews from users will expose more.


Motion-detection nightlights aren’t new, but when it’s a toilet light, that’s a different matter. It makes sure your little ones won’t be too afraid of the dark when using the toilet at night while making sure they hit the mark.

Water Resistance

When a device is dangling inside your toilet bowl, it will inevitably get wet. The Glow Bowl Fresh bendable arm is water-resistant and is easy to clean. You can either use household cleaners or warm water to sanitize the toilet light.

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Fresh Smelling Bathroom

Wouldn’t it be a dream to have a fresh and fragrant bathroom all day long? The built-in air freshener of the Glow Bowl for toilet maximizes odor protection and gives you long-lasting fragrance.

Customizable Brightness Levels

One of the most raved features in GlowBowl Fresh reviews is that you can customize the brightness of the toilet light. GlowBowl understands that some prefer dimmer light to others. That is why it is equipped with 5 stage dimmer that you can select to suit your preferences.

GlowBowl Fresh Reviews from Users

“This Glow Bowl toilet light really helps at night, there’s no more stumbling in the dark. Finding the light really helps you.”
Gina H.

“I love the pretty colors, brights, and low lights and even a flash.”
Joyce K.

“Bought it for my toddler because he saw it at a friend’s house. It provides great color options.”
Dina W.

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Where to Buy Glow Bowl?

At this crucial part of our GlowBowl reviews, let’s discuss the Glow Bowl price and where you can buy it.

It’s surprising that with its durability and features, you can buy one unit for less than $19. If you’re planning to install the toilet light in more than one bathroom, it would be best to take advantage of their 2-pack and 3-pack bundles that range from $27 to $39.

The best place to purchase your GlowBowl toilet light is through their official website. Their website offers more bundles with various products, special offers, and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when my battery is low?

When your battery is low, the Glow Bowl Fresh blinks red. So, you should endeavor to change the batteries soon.

Why do I need the carousel mode?

If you’re not sure of what color to use on your GlowBowl Fresh, you can consider using the carousel mode to automatically switch between colors every 4 seconds.

So, how do I switch to carousel mode?

It’s pretty simple. Press and hold down the button to cycle through the colors. While holding down this button, the LED will blink. This shows that it’s entered the carousel mode. Holding it longer will remove it from this mode. So, try your best to release the button after the LED blinks.

How is the battery prevented from water?

As a part of this GlowBowl review, we uncovered that the device is designed to keep water from internal structures. The battery has a very tight cover that keeps the battery compartment air-tight and water proof. Therefore, you can rest assured that water cannot penetrate the battery and other interior structures.

GlowBowl Review: Conclusion

If you’re tired of always stumbling in the dark to take a late-night bathroom break because you are light-sensitive, your worries are over. The Glow Bowl Fresh is an excellent device that allows you and your family to take peaceful bathroom breaks without completely waking yourself up.

The Glow Bowl night light doesn’t just light up your bathroom with seven different colors. It also keeps it fresh and fragrant with its built-in air freshener. For a few bucks, you can transform any toilet into a fun and fragrant nightlight that everyone can enjoy.

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GlowBowl review 2024

Ease of Use
  • Provides Better Sleep
  • Long Lasting Freshness
  • Keeps Toilet Bowl Visible in the Dark
  • Entertaining
  • Easy to Setup
  • Keeps you leaving the bathroom

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