ProperFocus Glasses Review 2024: do they really work?

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American teens have an average of 9 hours of screen time. This year, the world experienced an unusual increase in screen time as more Americans work from home. These, coupled with several other factors, can cause severe eye stress and damages. And the increasing need for clear vision isn’t, in any way, making people happier with their eye health.

With over 164 million American adults wearing glasses for clearer vision, there’s a need to know what each glass has to offer. One of the many solutions penetrating the market is the Proper Focus glasses. Although there are a few ProperFocus reviews out there, we have put together some honest information to help you answer the raving question: are Proper Focus glasses any good?

Before we jump right at discussing the ProperFocus glasses and the details of how to use it, the sizes, and how it actually works, let’s understand what the problem is with the vision of most Americans.

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What problems do Proper Focus glasses address?

Exposure to blue lights from screens can cause severe sleep difficulties and deteriorate vision. Proper Focus glasses with blue light blocking technology are designed to block those blue lights and enhance sleep. Other than blocking blue lights, they are designed to give you better vision and reduce the rate at which your eyes deteriorate.

Our eyes are a very important part of our body and protecting it must not be taken lightly. However, like every living part of our body, the eyes are the most exposed to hazards both from our environment and our own selves. If you can still enjoy a clear vision, you can consider taking measures to maintain it. On the other hand, those with poor and “not so good” visual abilities can opt-in for ProperFocus glasses to help enhance their eyesight and prevent further deterioration of their retina and other cells of the eyes.

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Extended screen time is not the only cause of poor vision, however. As people age, their vision decreases, and they have a growing need to focus on objects both far and near.

Poor nutrition is also a cause of bad vision. Health organizations encourage people to feed well on fruits and vegetables to boost eye health. Furthermore, rest is important for good eye health. Having enough rest slows down the aging process and reduces that rate of eye deterioration.

When do you need ProperFocus glasses?

This innovative solution is suitable for a selected number of eye defects, including myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. All these defects can be diagnosed during routine eye examinations. You should visit your ophthalmologist often for a proper eye examination.

What are Proper Focus Glasses

Although they are medical glasses, ProperFocus is a technological innovation aimed at enhancing your eye health. It is designed to help your eye muscles stay relaxed while you make efforts to focus on objects far and near. The good thing about this new type of glasses is that they are adjustable and come in various sizes and shapes.

Regardless of your sight defect, these glasses are designed to give you solace. They are designed with adjustable screws that allow you to adjust the focus of the glass at will. So, you can easily adjust the ProperFocus glasses to fit for myopic, long-sightedness, or presbyopia. That’s all solutions in one.

How does Proper Focus glasses work?

A part of this Proper Focus glasses reviews is its functioning mechanism. The lenses of every ProperFocus spectacle is made of two lenses that are closely attached. Both lenses are attached to the knob. As you twist the dial (knob), one slides over the other, adjusting the collective lens power. So, with this technology, you can adjust the lens power to fit for short-sightedness or long-sightedness.

Who are ProperFocus glasses for?

Some eye defects are closely related, making it somewhat difficult to detect which you may have until you visit an ophthalmologist. However, it’s easy to know when you need ProperFocus glasses. If you are experiencing any of these conditions/symptoms below, the ProperFocus could be for you.

  • You’re experiencing blurry vision
  • Experiencing double vision
  • Distorted vision
  • Frequent squinting
  • Frequent eye strains
  • Extremely poor vision at night
  • Unable to identify clear lines.
  • Simply needs fashionable medical glasses

Features of ProperFocus glasses

They are designed to deliver quality, convenience, and longevity. The features attached to help promote these goals are well spoken of. They include:proper focus

1. Lightweight frame:

With Americans spending between $100 to $150 on eyeglass frames, getting a ProperFocus frame can help save the troubles of walking around with heavy frames hanging on your nose. For ProperFocus glasses, the frames are made from lightweight carbon fiber. This is great because it causes no inconveniences while you move around your regular day.

2. Durable, no-rust materials:

Although the frame is made from carbon fiber, the knobs and small metal parts are well coated against rust. So, you can comfortably use the glasses for an extended time without risks of corrosion from sunlight, snow, or water.

Also, the lenses are well coated. The coats are tightly fitted to make sure that they do not remove even after very long use. You can tell that the technology was designed for longevity.

3. All-purpose functions:

Some persons have multiple eye defects. They have to wear different glasses when they read, work on laptops or watch TV from a distance. Perhaps, they have one to wear when they want to take a stroll. Proper Focus glasses can serve all purposes. You can wear it all the time and at any time. Since it’s adjustable, you can simply twist the knob to fit into the focus you want, whether short or far.

4. Impact-resistant:

Sometimes, you could drop your glasses accidentally. For regular eyeglasses, that could mean severe damage. However, with the new medical solution, you are less likely to incur the expenses of replacing your glasses. They are designed with a technology that keeps them from damage when you drop them or accidentally hit them on a hard surface.

5. Scratch-resistant:

The biggest challenge with eyeglasses is having them scratched. Once the lens of your regular glasses is scratched, it interferes with your vision. We know that’s exasperating. However, the new medical glass technology resists scratch. So, you can use the glasses for as long as you want with no visual interference.

6. Easy to clean:

Dealing with the annoying cleaning clothes of regular glasses can get in our way of maintaining good eye health. But, these innovative glasses are the easiest to clean. You can simply wash them with soap and clean water.

7. Cost-efficient:

Proper Focus glasses a big saver when it comes to budget. Although routine checkups are recommended, you do not have to change your glasses regularly as before. By buying just one of the innovative eyeglasses, you can simply adjust the lens to fit your new vision as needed.

Where to find ProperFocus glasses?

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The pros and cons of using ProperFocus Glasses

Based on what customers are saying about the new technology, the pros and the cons of using it are stated below.

properfocus glasses


  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • It is made from ightweight materials
  • Durable with carbon fiber frame
  • The lens is scratch-resistant and fingerprint resistant
  • Can adjust the lens power of each eye independently
  • It’s unisex
  • It’s for all age group
  • It is a good and fashionable way to treat eye defect


  • Only available online
  • Can’t be used for treating astigmatism

Conclusion of our Proper Focus Reviews

Whether you’re battling myopia, long-sightedness, or presbyopia, ProperFocus glasses are well designed to conveniently treat the defect. While doing this, you can get healthier sleep and clearer vision with minimal effort in focusing on close and far objects.

As earlier stated, the importance of our eyes cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, it is crucial for us to maintain good eyesight, for those that still have it. If you are one of the 164 million American adults that are struggling to see objects that are near or far without the help of glasses, we recommend that you see an ophthalmologist for proper examination. Then you can consider buying ProperFocus glasses to aid your vision. But, of course, that will depend on the diagnosis obtained from the specialist’s examination of your eyes.

ProperFocus Glasses
Ease of Use
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • Lightweight materials
  • Durable with carbon fiber frame
  • Can adjust the lens power of each eye independently
  • Only available online
  • Can’t be used for treating astigmatism

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