Safe Grabs review: Is This The Right Kitchen Mat For You?

Not every silicone mat in the kitchen can protect your hands from sudden pain from hot dishes. How about Safe Grabs – a BPA-free mat in food-grade silicone? In this Safe Grabs review, let’s evaluate whether this is the right kitchen mat for you.

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Product presentation: What is SafeGrabs?

Cooking enthusiasts and beginners in the field are always on the lookout of the best pot grabbers that can protect them from hot bowls. Don’t let your grip stop you from doing what you love. Being splattered with fresh hot kitchen ingredients may catch you off-guard. Even the drop of hot soup being mixed in the pan can cause painful burns on the skin.

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Safety in cooking is what this product is about. Considered as one of the most lucrative food covers offered in the market today, these are BPA-free, food-grade kitchen mats made with silicone. They may also be used as your jar openers, splatter guards, trivets, pot grabbers, microwave covers, and more. This flexibility of uses makes it the ultimate favourite for home cooking.

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Qualities and features

If this product seems familiar, you may have watched the feature of Safe Grabs on Shark Tank. Not only this, but influencers such as Cyndi Lee have also promoted the product. You can see the artistic design by watching the Safe Grabs Shark Tank pitch. Here are the rest of its qualities and features.

  • The mats have sizes for a variety of uses
  • Lifts hot plates from the microwave in a secure manner
  • Remains cool to the touch
  • Securely holds dishes with non-slip ridge systems
  • These silicone mats also function as splatter guards, food covers, and trivets
  • Use to open jars with grips
  • Safe Grabs microwave storage
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA-free and made with food-grade silicone

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Safe Grabs Review: How to use it

Learning about these impressive pot holders in Safe Grabs reviews, you will know how easy it is to use the product.

When using this as splatter guards, place it so the smoother side is facing your food and the grooves upward. Then, to remove the hot plate, slide fingers under the mat. Be sure that your fingers are touching the slots. Then, place the groove side facing upwards over the plate.

safe grabs review

To clean, rinse with water and shake the access water to dry. Otherwise, you may also use a damp cloth to wipe. You may also have it on the top rack of the dishwasher for protection.

To get the food stains out, wash, dry, and place the potholder under direct sunlight for a couple of hours, and see the stains fade away.

Benefits and advantages

With Safe Grabs silicone mats, you get a kitchen mat with ridges on one side, which practically serves a purpose. Primarily, they disperse heat evenly. It is important because compared with traditional mats, this does not get worn easily over time. The ridges balance out the heat, evenly distribute it, and protect the person from getting burned.

Since it comes with food-grade silicone, the middle layer is absent, and this may shift and bunch in other products of this kind. It also contributes to heat protection and heat transfer. With this, hot spots cannot happen, and you keep the beauty of your tables and kitchen counters.

Being food safe, it is insulated to prevent the transfer of heat to the more cooling range. It does not affect the freshness of the food. This is why this mat may also be ideal for keeping ice creams from melting too fast in warmer days.

The SafeGrabs ridge system also provides a better grip for kitchen utensils that can be slippery with the hands. It protects you from getting the burns while transferring these tools from one area in the kitchen to the next.

When used as trivets, the potholders protect the tables from damage due to heat without meddling into the cooking process. It heightens the quality of your favourite meals, for instance, your macaroni and cheese. Furthermore, it can also carry dishes and bowls and open jars with grip.

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Safe Grabs review: what users say

Several users generally love the product.

“I did some Internet searches, and the general verdict is that it is a useful and well-made product. People love their durability and versatility. They like the fact it is effortless to clean, as long as you don’t allow food to reach the ridged area. However, some customers noticed they should come in more color choices.”
A. Moreno

“My cabinet is filled with ‘microwave-safe’ plates that may get unbearably hot, so items like this one are exceptional for my kitchen. With SafeGrabs I got a potholder that grips the entire dish, so you are less likely to drop them.”
Jamie W.

“The product is working well for my hot food from the microwave or the table. The only bad thing is, it affects cooking time and cooking temperature.”
Mindy Creer

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Price and money-back guarantee

Prices of these kitchen accessories may change. If you’re asking, “where can I buy Safe Grabs?”, go to their official website. Celebrities and influencers like Cyndi may also offer the best deals.


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To wrap it up, SafeGrabs is a must-have for every cooking enthusiast. It adds safety to the process and enhances cooking quality at the same time – reasons why these silicone mats are a rightful addition to your kitchen.

Safe Grabs
9.7 Total Score
Safe Grabs

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Performs a number of functions
  • Food-grade and 100% safe
  • Not the cheapest silicone mat in the market

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