Scooch Wingback Review 2024: The Universal Phone Grip

Scooch Wingback

Are you tired of constantly damaging your phone from drops? Introducing the Scooch Wingback universal phone grip and stand, a solution that offers added functionality without any extra bulk. Check out our review to learn more about Scooch and how it can benefit you.

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Last update made on 22 May 2024

 What is Scooch WingBack Universal Phone Grip

Scooch Wingback universal phone grip is a versatile phone accessory that promises that you “never drop your phone again.” Further, this accessory will never interfere with the form factor of your phone or phone case by adding bulk. Also, for easy pocketing, the grip cum kickstand cum car mount accessory can be kept in incognito mode when not in use.

The Scooch Wingback Universal smartphone grip can be useful for placing a phone into horizontal air vents. Further, it comes with a magnetic badge, making it compatible with magnetic car mounts. In both cases, it will offer flexibility and firmness. Also, the Scooch Wingback Universal smartphone grip can work as a double-way kickstand. So, you can use it while placing the phone horizontally or vertically.

In addition, the Scooch Wingback Universal smartphone grip offers a strain-free experience for your fingers. It can be slid in between your fingers for gripping your phone properly. Overall, this phone grip and stand will be a utilitarian accessory for your phone or tablet.

Why You Will Choose the Scooch Wingback Universal Kickstand?

You will choose the Scooch Wingback universal kickstand because of a host of reasons. First of all, it has a thickness lesser than ¼-inch. It can be kept in a dormant stage when you are not using it. Further, it takes care of your complete safety while driving. As you don’t need to worry about dropping off your phone, you can fully focus on driving.

Another reason for choosing the Scooch Wingback universal kickstand is its universal compatibility. You don’t need to change your phone or tablet for using it.


Scooch Features, Advantages, and Benefits

This phone grip is packed with many utilitarian features.

These features further get translated into many benefits and advantages for users.

Let’s know them.

Universal Compatibility Makes it Ideal for All Phones and Mobiles

You don’t need to worry about the model of the mobile phone or tablet you are using. This phone grip works with almost all mobile and tablet covers. Further, you can just stick to the device cover and use it. Also, it will enable you to use your mobile phone in a more functional way.

What is Scooch Wingback

Made of Polycarbonate and Rubber for Durability and Flexibility

This phone grip is shatter-proof as it is made of the finest polycarbonate plastic. It is also quite flexible, and its adjustable clamp adds to its utility. Thanks to this adjustable clamp, you can take selfies from many angles and see your phone screen from more than one angle. Further, its rubberized bottom pads ensure a secure grip on any surface. So, your mobile or tablet will not topple over easily.

In addition, there is no problem in attaching the earphones or charger to your smartphone while using this phone grip. Its in-built cable ties make it easy for you.

Kick it for Watching in Portrait and Landscape Modes

You can easily kick this phone grip and stand so that you can enjoy a hands-free experience with your phone. Further, you can place your phone horizontally or vertically with its help. So, your experience of watching videos and movies and playing games will be improved.

An Easy Mount Accessory for Using in a Car

This phone grip is a must-pick if you want to travel safely. Just attach it to the cover of your phone or tablet, and it will get paired with any magnetic car mount or air vents. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a hands-free driving experience. Also, you will be able to concentrate on driving.

Proper Grip for Ease of Use

With this phone grip, you will not need to strain your fingers to hold your phone. Also, since your fingers are not engaged anymore for holding the phone, you can reach out to your phone’s top corners.

Scooch Wingback Features

Buying it Helps You Support Great Causes

This phone grip from Scooch allows you to support great causes. The makers donate 10% of their proceeds to the program supporting the victims of crime and domestic abuse.

Easy to Set Up, Saves Your Time

No two smartphones or tablets come in the same size. However, the size of your smartphone or tablet is not a concern with this phone grip. Its adjustable clamp makes the setting up process possible within minutes.

Strong Adhesive Ensures the Accessory Does Not Fall off

It comes with a powerful adhesive for getting attached to the phone cover easily. So, you don’t need to worry about the phone grip getting ill-fitted or falling off from the cover.


Scooch Wingback Price

Scooch Wingback price

The price of Scooch Wingback will depend on the number of units you are buying. One unit of this accessory is available at $14.99. The package of 3 comes at $39.99. You can also choose a pack of 5 at $59.99. Further, do not miss out on clicking on the “Get 15% off “pop-up on the Scooch website while signing up for the first time.

All the products come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The shipping charges for each order will be calculated at checkout.

Payment Options

You can make payments through various options. You can fill in all the personal details and pay the charges through VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and other cards. Further, for express delivery, you can choose payment through applications like Gpay, PayPal, and shopPay.

Money-Back Guarantee

Scooch phone grip comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. However, the shipping charges will not be included in the refund amount.

To get a refund, you have to pack the item with its original packaging. Make sure that the order number and the original packing slip are in place. Then, you can send an email to to get a return label. Next, visit the nearest USPS shipping location for returning the product to Scooch, C/O Customer Service – Return for Refund, 15540 Herriman Blvd, Noblesville, IN 46060.

Afterwards, you have to email Scooch mentioning the tracking information of the product you have returned. Finally, they will review the product and decide whether the returned item is fit for a refund or not.


The makers are currently offering many promotional discounts. You can be eligible for a 15% discount if you are signing up with Scooch for the first time. Further, especially on these products, there are various offers available.

For a single package, you are getting a 25% discount. So, it now comes at $14.99 instead of $19.99. Further, the pack of 3 is available at $39.99 in place of $59.97, making you eligible for a 33% discount. In addition, the pack of 5 does not cost $99.95 anymore, and it comes at just $59.99 because of an ongoing 40% discount.


 Scooch Wingback Technical Sheet

Let’s know about the technical details of this phone grip and holder at a glance.

  • Height: 3.9-inch
  • Width: 1.6-inch
  • Depth: 0.23-inch
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Color Options: Clear and black, Full-color UV imprint
  • Compatibility: Universal
  • Material: Polycarbonate plastic with rubberized bottom
  • Patent: Awaited
  • Device Support Modes: Landscape and portrait

How Scooch Wingback works

You can easily install this phone grip and stand within thirty seconds. Before we start explaining the procedure, we want to mention that you should ideally place it on a phone case. We are saying this because the accessory has a strong adhesive, and if you try to remove it at any point in time, the glass backing of your smartphone can get damaged. Nevertheless, here is the simple step-by-step user instruction.

  • Make your phone case clean by wiping it properly with a piece of damp cloth and a wet cloth. Make sure that there is no residual dirt or grime.
  • Next, stick the accessory to your phone cover using the powerful adhesive.
  • Then, you need to press on the spring so that the grip pops out.
  • That’s it! With this phone accessory, you can now use your phone in a more functional way.

Customer Service

The manufacturing team of this accessory is very strong and friendly. You can email them at Also, the makers have a dedicated “Get Help” section on their official website. You can find the section at the bottom of the page, and the section itself is further divided into various sub-sections, including privacy policy, refund policy, shipping policy, terms of use, warranty, guarantee registration, guarantee claim, leave feedback, and contact us.

Scooch Wingback review

On the Contact Us page, you will find various frequently asked questions and their answers. Also, you can fill up your name, email address, subject, and message and submit them so that we can get back to you. In addition, you can visit the blog page on the official website for detailed insights.

Scooch Wingback Reviews from Other Users

No doubt that this phone accessory has become very popular among many users due to its ease of use and versatile functionalities. Let’s know what other users are saying about it.

“I absolutely love this phone. I literally charge it once a day because the battery lasts very well. I’m impressed”.
Patrick, 35
“The online classes of my son have become easier with this phone grip and stand. He does not need to worry anymore about how to support his tab. So, he can now fully concentrate on taking dictations and following the tutor’s instructions.”
Paul, 56
“I prefer to watch movies on my phone in landscape mode. I was a little concerned about how the stand will work. As promised by the makers, it makes the phone stand properly in both modes. So I can watch movies and play games easily.”
Daniel, 28
“I prefer to watch movies on my phone in landscape mode. I was a little concerned about how the stand will work. As promised by the makers, it makes the phone stand properly in both modes. So I can watch movies and play games easily.”
Emilie, 31
“I have this bad habit of dropping my phone, and because of that, I spent quite some money earlier. Thanks to this phone grip, I can now hold and carry my phone more securely. The grip easily gets fixed between my fingers and does not cause any discomfort.”
James, 45
“My Scooch phone stand and grip is wonderful! The best thing is that it’s not fragile like many other alternatives in the market.”
Chris, 51



Scooch Wingack phone grip is an amazing product. However, if you are looking for a more enhanced mobile-viewing experience, you can try out the GoDonut phone stand. Along with making your mobile phone stand in portrait and landscape modes, it also enables you to see the screen from 45, 70, and 90-degree angles. Also, its patented FLEX technology ensures better stability and does not let your device get toppled over.

In addition, the GoDonut phone stand comes in various designs and color options. Talking about the price range, GoDonut comes at a little higher cost. Though the pricing range of GoDonut(Mini) starts at $14.99, which is the same as the Wingback phone grip price, most other designs are available at higher costs. Read our GoDonut review to learn more.

Scooch Wingback Review FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers on this popular phone grip and stand.

Is Scooch Wingback any good?

Yes, Scooch Wingback is an impressive and sleek phone accessory. You can attach it to the cover of almost all phones and tablets, and it will work as a stand and holder. Also, it functions as a car mount and even offers support to some laptops. Further, with it, you can watch the phone or laptop in landscape and portrait modes.

Moreover, it is sturdy, long-lasting, and comes with a strong adhesive. So, it will be a great choice if you do not want to get your phone dropped and damaged.

Is Scooch phone grip fake?

No, Scooch phone grip is not fake. Many people have already used it, and it really offers proper support to a mobile or tablet whenever needed. Further, the makers have kept provisions for a 30-day refund in case you find out that the product is not as amazing as the makers have promised.

Where is Scooch phone grip made?

This amazing phone grip’s manufacturing country is China, and Scooch, LLC. is its parent company. Further, it is designed and decorated in the USA.

Is Scooch phone grip legit?

The scooch phone grip comes with the registered trademarks of Scooch® and Wingback.® Scooch LLC has these trademarks. Further, the makers offer a one-year warranty on the products. Also, once you purchase a product, you are eligible for a 30-day refund on fulfilling all the prerequisites.

Moreover, you can go for guarantee registration and claim your guarantee to bolster your protection on purchasing this product.

Does Scooch phone grip really work?

Yes, this phone grip really works, as it has all the features you can expect from a standard phone holder and stand available in the market. Further, it ensures better grip and flexibility than many other alternatives available in the market. Also, it is a 3-in-1 accessory, working as a phone grip, phone stand, and car mount at the same time. In addition, its slim profile does not hamper the look and functionality of your phone and, on the contrary, enables you to use your device in many ways.

It makes the device stand in landscape and portrait modes. So, it will let you watch movies, record videos, and play games more conveniently than before.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Scooch Wingback is a cost-effective and user-friendly phone grip and accessory for all ages. Its durable and flexible design effectively supports mobile phones and tablets, making it convenient for navigation and map reading while driving. It can also be easily paired with car air and magnetic vents for a safer ride. Additionally, it comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so take advantage of its promotions today and don’t wait. We highly recommend giving this product a try.

However, it may not be suitable for larger phones, and the adhesive on the back may lose its stickiness over time. But overall, it’s a great option for those looking for a convenient phone grip and stand.

Scooch Wingback
With Scooch Wingback, you will get to use your mobile phone in the most functional way. It is sturdy yet flexible, allowing the phone to be used from various angles.
9.4 Total Score
Scooch Wingback Review Summary And Rating

Scooch Wingback is an amazingly designed phone grip that also works as a phone stand and car mount. It is compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets.

Ease of Use
  • Sturdy polycarbonate build for better durability
  • Rubberized base for better grip on any surface
  • Does not add bulk to any mobile
  • Easy to install and use
  • Gets paired easily with air and magnetic vents
  • Does not work with devices that have a screen of lesser than five inches
  • Only available online
  • Only two color options
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