smartDOT: Is it a reliable anti-radiation patch?


The more wired your life gets, the higher your risk for electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. Fortunately, the smartDOT – an innovative technopatch touted as the best of EMF shielding materials out there. But are it claims backed by science? Learn more in this smartDOT review.

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What are EMFs – and should you worry?

EMF is the technical term to refer to radiation – those invisible energy forms that may be harmful in prolonged exposures. But how does one escape it?

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Scientists distinguish between low-level and high-level EMF exposure. Personal handheld devices emit low EMF that can cause electro-stress. Some symptoms of electro-stress are headache, stress, sleep issues, muscle pain, rashes, and others. However, short-distance exposures for a prolonged period of time can lead to a host of health problems such as brain tumours and even infertility!

smartDOT Review: A proactive personal armour against EMFs

Presenting smart DOT, a revolutionary technopatch that acts as a personal shield from harmful EMFs. The manufacturers claim that as far as EMF defence goes, the smart DOT is the benchmark. What this patch does is block EMFs before they could do damage once absorbed by the body.

This way, once the patch is stuck onto a radiation-emitting device like a smartphone, it negates the effects of radiation at its point of origin, stopping EMFs at its source.

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What makes smartDOT EMF protection the best?

First, it's a stick-on magnetic disc that harmonises EMFs long before they could be absorbed by the human body. Scientists call this process “entrainment” – or the synchronisation of EMFs so that they transform into a natural harmonic that is no longer toxic to your health. In other words, the EMF protection home patch entrains the EMFs in your favourite appliances or gadgets to a frequency where it can do no harm.

Like a sticker, place the smartDOT EMF filter on your gadget – and leave it to do the work.

Admittedly, the science behind it may sound a bit dubious. But when you think about it, the human body is essentially an electrical system. What smart DOT does is just filter out electromagnetic energy that your body doesn't need.

How to use it

Peel off the protective cover of the smartDOT EMF protection UK and place it on the wireless device. For guidance, this is the device you use the most frequently and in close proximity to your body. If you decide that it's your smartphone causing electro-stress, just stick the patch to the phone's battery compartment. That's it!

The rule of thumb is one smartDOT for each device. You can use the technopatch on your tablet, laptop, computer, car, TV, game console, or baby monitor.

Benefits and Advantages

Of course, a smartDOT review should outline how someone like yourself can be benefitted from its use:

Your family's personal EMF armor. The tricky thing about EMFs is that it's a hidden toxin. Using smart DOT allays your fears of electro-stress and EMF exposure you or your children may get, giving you peace of mind.

Durable and long-lasting. The brand is powered by quantum technology and leads in the field of anti-radiation. Also, it's made with the best quality materials to guarantee lifetime use.

Easy to use. It doesn't have mind-boggling instructions. It's perfect for busy people and those always travelling.

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User Reviews

I've been spending too much time on social media and get painful headaches. Now I have smartDOT placed on my iPhone – and I can sleep better at night.

Mandy F.

When my girlfriend showed me her technopatch, I was doubtful. Now I know it works after using the patch for four months now. I can focus on my games without worrying that I might have cancer.

John G.

We bought the smart DOT for our kids because they use their tablets at school all the time. We're awaiting results yet, but I feel good knowing that they can be less exposed to radiation.

Emily P.

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Price and money-back guarantee

The patch comes in different price bundles. To get your money's worth, buy 3 Smart Dots and get 2 free patches automatically!  Also, if you don't feel any love for the patch, every purchase comes with a no questions asked, 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Wrapping up

As far as your family's health is concerned, investing in good science always pays dividends. Based on this smart DOT review and testimonies from various users – this revolutionary technopatch may be the best EMF protection device out there.


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