VIZR Heads Up Display Review 2024: Safest Way to Drive?



Using a heads up display (HUD) is the safest way to view your navigation while driving. The VIZR heads up display system by FIXD features cutting edge technology that can ensure 100 percent safe driving. So if you’re a distracted driver, this product can save your life. Learn how in this VIZR heads up display review.

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Why keeping your eyes fixed on the road is a must

An in-car GPS might seem like the most convenient navigation app to use. But it’s not. It’s actually considered a major threat and can cause distractions while driving. Instead of looking straight ahead, you have to glance to the side.

Downloading navigation apps on your phone is also an alternative. But with the small screen, you often need to stare at it longer. And of course, you’re holding the phone with the other hand. And this further increases your risk of getting in an accident.

A lot can happen in a split second. Whether you’re reaching for your phone or checking the map, that one second can mean life or death.

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Distracted driving

There are three types of distracted drivingvisual, manual, and cognitive. Visual distraction is when you take your eyes off the road. Manual distraction happens when you let go of the steering wheel, while cognitive distraction refers to a momentarily blurring of your mind.

Your eyes may be on the road, but you’re seeing blank. This can happen if you’re figuring out the navigation map and if the screen is too small. Therefore, even if you have your phone in front of you, it can still cause cognitive distraction.

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VIZR Heads Up Display Review: what makes it safe?

A HUD or heads up display lets you access navigation maps without taking your eyes off the road. And VIZR HUD can easily convert your phone into a HUD unit. This makes you a safer and more responsible driver. And it can mean life and death not just for you but also for the people that you’re going to encounter on the road.

What makes VIZR different?

It has a cutting edge technology that will make navigation very simple for you. So even if you’re driving alone, you can still seamlessly access maps and won’t be lost on an unfamiliar road. For some, hovering through navigation apps may seem confusing. And others would rather have a co-pilot that will take care of the navigation.

But if you’re traveling alone, a simple, straightforward, and safe navigation tool is what you need.

vizr heads up display review

VIZR reviews online suggest that the device doesn’t have a learning curve. It’s so easy to use so that even new drivers would be able to access it without any trouble. It can convert any type of phone into an instant HUD unit. And It also works on all types of SUVs, cars, and even trucks.

Also, unlike your smartphone, it’s hands-free, and you can use it to access any navigation apps. You can even check your speed and the condition of the traffic.

What reviews of VIZR find praiseworthy

VIZR reviews tout this device as the next best thing when it comes to navigation systems. Why?

Because apart from a heads up unit, this product has several other features that you would find very useful. And the exterior heads up display that reflects the contents of your phone is quite wide at 5 15/16 wide and 2 – ⅝ high. The unit itself is about 6 inches.

It’s definitely larger than your phone screens. So it’s easier to read the maps, and cognitive distraction is also prevented. It looks rather cool and futuristic, too! Plus, there are a lot of outstanding VIZR reviews of the brand on the internet.

VIZR Heads Up Display Review: How to Use It

VIZR can be easily mounted on your dashboard. Its exterior heads up display reflect the content of your phone on a clear screen. So this product ensures that you’re always looking straight ahead, at an eye-level view. You don’t have to look down to check your phone.

Reviews of VIZR state that installing the HUD is very easy. First off, ensure your dashboard is clean. Remove the adhesive, just connect the stand to the totem of the platform. Make sure that the unit sits flush on your dashboard by pressing it.

So after mounting the unit on your dashboard, you just put your phone on top of the HUD. It has slots where it can securely hold your phone. And VIZR will instantly reflect the content of your phone on the display screen. You can also mount it on your phone holder.

You just connect it to any navigation app, it works on all. Just download the app if you don’t have it yet and boot it on your phone. And just choose your favorite navigation mode, and you’re all set for safer driving.

Both the HUD app and the device are guaranteed safe for driving. So even if you’re traveling through uncharted streets, so to speak, you can get clear instructions on the directions. It will help you through traffic with ease while driving safely. Check out the VIZR instructions manual to learn more.

Reviews of VIZR: What are its benefits?

VIZR by FIXD reviews reveals the many benefits of using this HUD.

Guarantees safety driving. It’s a perfect solution for distracted driving. It’s also teeming at the sleeves with extra features that you will find useful. According to VIZR reviews, it can convert your smartphone into a HUD unit in 1 minute. You can check your speed and traffic.

Universal design. VIZER has a universal design. So one size fits all. You can use any type of phone. It’s also compatible with any type of car, SUV, or even trucks. It’s an all in one solution.

Weather-proof. The resolution of the screen isn’t affected by the weather or the lighting condition. So you can use it any time of the day under any circumstances.

vizr heads up display

Scratch-resistant. The heads up display is made of a multi-layered coating that resists scratches and abrasion. So your HUD can look brand new all the time though you can use an abrasion-free cloth to clean fingerprints and smudges.

Easy to use. It can be connected to any HUD app. But before you head out the road, ensure that the app that you’re using is set to HUD mode.

Convenient. It’s made of non-slip material. Unlike your phone that easily slides off the dashboard, the device won’t fall during driving.

Wireless installation. Without the wires, it looks clean and neat. And you don’t have to connect point A to point B. wireless means easier installation too. If you already have a FIXD sensor, it can display live data on the HUD screen. It allows you to unlock features on your FIXD app, as well.

Overall, reviews of VIZR suggest that this device make your driving safer. And it’s actually fun to use, especially if you choose the fighter pilot mode. It offers other map options other than Google maps. Though Google maps maybe your trusted navigation system, it offers just some orientations on the road. Many a VIZR heads up display review says that it’s very easy to use, and it’s almost foolproof.

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What do customers have to say?

VZIR HUD may be one of the best navigation tools you can use. It has sophisticated technology, yet it’s so easy to use. It’s a straightforward solution to distracted driving.

Let’s see what some users have to say with their experience in these reviews of VIZR.

“I came across several VIZR reviews, and from then on, I was hoping to buy one for myself. So all I can say is that this device has made all my travels easier. Instead of having to look down on my phone to view the maps, I don’t have to do that. The reviews are indeed true”.
Patrick C.

“My job entails going to places that I’ve never been to before. Traveling to neighborhoods where I’m not familiar requires the constant use of GPS. With VIZR, I have both hands on the wheel. And that makes me a more responsible driver, not just for myself but for the community as well.”
Hans J.

“It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones and friends. If you want them to be safer on the rod, this is one of the best gifts to give them. They’ll surely love it.”

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How much does VIZR cost?

The VIZR price tag is affordable. You only need to shell out $39.99 for this hands-free navigation device. And the brand is offering a very sweet deal. You only need to pay $59.99 dollars for two units and $79.99 for three HUDs.

Also, there’s no need to stress about shipping costs since the brand will take care of it. And if you’re not happy with the product, the brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So there’s nothing to lose!


Anything or everything can happen in a split second. That’s why you shouldn’t take it lightly. While you may be used to navigating with your phone and driving with just one hand on the steering wheel, you’re putting yourself and other people in danger.

In this VIZR heads up display review, I presented a hands-free unit that can help you reach your destination in one piece. This system helps you keep your eyes on the road, and that’s what you need to do until you’ve parked your car. Don’t just take our or other VIZR reviews’ word on it. Get one and drive more responsibly now.

9 Total Score

  • Easy to use once it has been set up
  • Can be mounted easily
  • Clear and visible screen
  • Instructions in the manual could be improved

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