WiFi Ultraboost Reviews 2024: Is It Worth Buying?

These days, everyone is turning to wireless connections. Gone are the days when wired internet was the mainstay of connectivity. Currently, the average person uses Wi-Fi technology at home or for work at the office. However, it is not unusual for people to experience lags and slow speeds while using Wi-Fi. The reasons for this are myriad, but a solution is employing a WiFi Ultraboost range extender.

As one of the most trusted WiFi Ultraboost reviews, we tell you all you need to know about the WiFi Ultra boost, down to its prices, pros, and cons. In the end, the idea is that you will be in a position to determine if the Wi-Fi Ultra Boost device is worth buying.

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Why Do You Need the WiFi Ultraboost?

Slow internet can be such a bummer. Imagine trying to stream a movie on Netflix or play a game online and being hindered by lags. In some cases, this problem might be from the ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, there may be other culprits responsible for the buffering you experience with your network. If you use Wi-Fi in your home, the lags could result from a phenomenon known as dead zones.

A dead zone is an area where it is impossible to experience Wi-Fi connectivity. This is especially if the Wi-Fi device is far away from the intended device. Furthermore, the interference could be from the architectural design of the building or even large household furniture. Large property could restrict the movement of Wi-Fi signals, forcing you to struggle to stay online. Finally, connections from other devices could also interfere with yours. If you live in a residential area with several other internet users, this could affect you a lot more.

What then can you do? Thankfully you can amplify your wireless signal with a device known as a Wi-Fi range extender. It repeatedly retransmits your router signal, strengthening it in the process. You will find that several of these Wi-Fi boosters exist. However, the subject of this review is the WiFi Ultra booster. We will discuss this device’s features, hopefully providing the nudge you need when it eventually comes to making a decision.

The WiFi Ultra boost

wifi ultraboost

The WiFi Ultraboost is one of the most reliable Wi-Fi boosters you would find in the market. It functions as a WLAN repeater. Thus, it not only increases internet speed but also makes sure there are no dead zones in your home. The Wi-Fi Ultraboost is designed to stretch the range of your Wi-Fi network. Even if the Wi-Fi device is in a different room from the one you are in, the WiFi Ultra booster makes sure that the connection remains strong. That way, you can reliably stream movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon iPlayer, etc., in HD without experiencing even the slightest buffering.

One thing you must keep in mind is that it is straightforward to use the WiFi Ultra booster. You need only plug it into your wall socket, and you are ready to roll. The Ultraboost WiFi device is also quite straightforward to assemble and set up. In the next sections, you will find a detailed discussion on setting up and using the Wi-Fi Ultraboost.

How is the Device?

The Wi-Fi Ultra Boost is distinct and easily recognizable. It is quite portable and can be mistaken for a smartphone charger. It has two prongs that you can plug into a power socket to get started. Also, you will find some LED lights on the surface of the WiFi Ultra booster device to indicate when the device begins functioning. On the left side of most of them, you will find a LAN port.
One other thing you’d notice about the Ultra boost WiFi is that you can use any kind of adapter (UK, Australia, or the US) adapters with the device.


How to Use the Device

Although some people fear that the process of setting up the device is confusing, it really is not, especially judging from the WiFi Ultraboost reviews. Once you have your WiFi Ultra booster, take it out from its box. Then, connect to a power socket and turn it on.

Next, connect to your main router. Voila, you are all set up! Once it is successful, the signal in your home (or anywhere you are using the WiFi ultra booster) will be improved.

Do not forget to turn on your router first and make sure that the device is working properly. If, after going through the steps above, the Wi-Fi Ultra boost does not come on, then something is probably wrong with your router.

You may want to test the device upon installation. If you have erroneously read WiFi Ultraboost reviews where you find the wrong answers to the question: “the WiFi Ultraboost does it work?”, testing it then will either confirm your suspicions or cause them to dissipate. The latter will most likely be the case. Basically, what you will be testing will be the speed of your internet. An increase in your usual speed will be evidence that the WiFi Ulta booster device does indeed work. You can run this test on websites such as fast.com. Do the test with the Wi-Fi Ultraboost enabled and with your regular WiFi connection. Then check the difference in results.

Benefits of the WiFi Ultraboost

At this point, it should be easy to pick out the benefits and advantages you get from the WiFi Ultra booster. However, even if you are unsure, here are the perks we noted from our WiFi Ultraboost reviews:

Better WiFi Coverage

One thing you can count on is that you a broader network coverage when you use the WiFi Ultra booster device. You would not have to worry about where to place your primary router. You could even take your mobile device out to your lawn, confident that your internet connection will not be disrupted. Various WiFi Ultraboost reviews hold the consensus that the device is definitely reliable when it comes to stretching the bounds of your internet connections.

Easy to Set Up

The WiFi Ultraboost has pretty standard features. You do not have to be a tech guru to figure out how to get the whole process started. Additionally, it wouldn’t cost you extra employing technicians to walk you through the process. More so, there would be no need to purchase other gadgets or to modify your living area to accommodate your WiFi Ultra booster. Due to its uncomplicated nature, you can set up the Wi-Fi Ultra boost anywhere you have an outlet.

Improved Speed

Your internet speed also gets a significant boost with the device. Through their WiFi Ultraboost reviews, most users revealed that they experienced a bump in their speed when they integrated the device with their connections. Thus, if you are experiencing lags, this device might just be what you need. However, if you use a gigabit internet connection, your internet speed may depreciate.


Another unique benefit with range extenders generally and specifically with the Wi-Fi Ultraboost is that it is compatible with most routers and ISPs. More so, you would not run into challenges with your Internet Service Provider.

wifi ultra boost benefits



For the most part, the WiFi Ultraboost reviews are mostly positive. However, some users had some reservations about the device. Most of the complaints, however, are not connected directly to the device. For instance, the Wi-Fi Ultra boost device may be unable to do much for a subpar router. Thus, if your router generally has a low capacity, the WiFi Ultra booster can only do so much. Thus, you may want to check out the quality of your router before purchasing the device.

User Reviews

Other users had this to say about the Ultra booster WiFi:

Rating: 5/5
“With the router on the ground floor, the WiFi signal in my bed room on the top floor is always weak. But with this piece of gadget, my wireless network was extended to the upper floor making it possible for me to enjoy undistorted streams and fast connection. A really impressive technology, I will give it that.”
John Doe

Rating: 4/5
“Internet connection strength is one of the major concerns of gamers and I got frustrated everytime I had a weak signal or even lost it entirely. I paid more ISPs and even try upgrading to various offer packages but all to no avail. But a friend recommended the WiFi Ultra booster. My internet experience has greatly improved since then. No more lost or weak signals.”

Price and Money-back Guarantee

First, where can you buy the WiFi Ultraboost? You can make an order on the company’s website and have it delivered to you. The device is relatively cheap and offers a competitive price for every demographic. Furthermore, the company does free deliveries, thus helping you save some money.

More so, you get a 50% discount on any purchase if you order with the button below.


If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the device after purchase, you can request a refund. The company returns your money rather speedily, as long as you purchased directly using the button above.

The specific prices for the device are as follows:

wifi ultraboost prices


How to Buy the Wi-Fi Ultraboost

Follow these four easy steps to buy the device:

  1. Simply click the ORDER BUTTON above
  2. Choose your preferred product quantity
  3. Fill out the shipping information required
  4. Make the necessary payment
  5. And the device will be delivered to you!


This device promises to eliminate slow network and lags for you. Judging from the WiFi Ultra boost reviews of other customers, it makes good on this promise. You may want to check it out yourself.

WiFi Ultraboost
9.3 Total Score
WiFi UltraBoost

Ease of Use
Cost efficient
  • Compatible with other routers
  • Improved speed
  • Easy to set up
  • Wider coverage
  • Limits with a subpar router.

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