Xtra PC Reviews: Too good to be true?

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Xtra PC is a device that claims to speed up your aging computer. As it is hardware, it sets itself apart from the many apps today that also purportedly accelerate sluggish PCs. But, as with any sort of PC performance booster, you may be skeptical. Understandably so, because there are lots of scammy speed-up software out there.

So is this the real deal? Let’s find out in our Xtra PC reviews.

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Is your PC running slowly?

As the years go by, you may notice that your desktop or laptop computer is not as snappy as it was when you first bought it. These signs abound: it takes forever to boot, apps load at a snail’s pace, and even simple tasks like internet browsing can lag the computer so badly. Moreover, when you do have several apps running at once, the PC can bog down to the point of being unusable.

These behaviours are typical of older computers. For one, natural wear degrades the performance of the components, especially the hard drive. If it takes too long to access files, the machine will slow to a crawl, even if you have a fast processor and lots of RAM.

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Updates to your operating system (OS) are also common culprits. As OSes become more advanced, they need more computing power to run smoothly. So if your hardware has not changed for a few years, they can no longer handle the latest versions of the OS.

To remedy an aging PC, you could use optimisation software. This is the usual recourse, but it’s not always useful. What if there was a different approach?

That is where Xtra PC comes in.

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What is Xtra PC?

It is a computer speedup solution in a handy USB flash drive. Simply insert it into your old PC through any USB port and your computer will run as good as new. It’s like having an extra PC, except you don’t need to buy a new one.

Does that sound too good to be true? Don’t be alarmed. In the next sections of this Xtra PC reviews, we will take a deep dive into how this device does the job.

What’s inside the Xtra PC USB stick?

This gadget is just like any standard flash drive, except it has special software inside that will ‘take over’ your PC’s OS. If that sounds like malware, don’t worry; it’s not.

xtra pc usb review

Xtra PC reviews agree that design and portability are this gadget's main strengths. What’s inside is a Linux-based operating system that’s easy on computers with older hardware. This minimalist OS also comes equipped with programs that let you perform the usual tasks like editing documents, reading PDFs, and browsing the internet. So you can think of it as a portable OS that works on any computer.

Also, the Xtra PC USB has additional storage capacity so you can store documents, photos, music, and other files on the USB stick itself.

How to use Xtra PC USB?

For Xtra PC USB to work, you have to boot your computer from the USB drive. You’ll need to tweak some settings in your BIOS to do this.

Most computers will have a boot menu that you can easily access. To do this, restart your computer first. Then, as it boots up, press F10 (or the boot menu key) until you hit the boot menu. Navigate to a section that lets you control the boot order or boot priority, then put the USB drive as the top priority. That way, the computer will boot from the USB device instead of its hard drive.

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Next, your PC boots to the lightweight Linux OS. It takes a while to set up, but after that, you can enjoy a much faster, lag-free PC. Once the setup is complete, you can use the PC regularly as you would.

Like some concerns I read on Xtra PC reviews, you may hesitate since Linux is not a familiar OS. While it’s true that Linux is not that common in everyday computing, it doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. If you’ve used Windows or Mac, then it is easy for you to learn Linux. The graphical user interface is similar to Windows and Mac which you can see it by yourself from this Xtra PC test.

Another good thing is most peripherals are compatible with this device. You can use your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and printer normally. The most important parts of modern hardware – the Ethernet and WiFi cards – work well too.

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Let's talk compatibility

Xtra PC USB works on both Windows and Mac computers. As long as it has a USB port, your PC can work with the device.

However, some Xtra PC reviews suggest that it does not work with all old computer models. For instance, Macs manufactured before 2011 are not compatible. Windows machines made before 2004 are likewise unsupported.

Despite that, Xtra PC tests reveal how this USB is a viable solution to jumpstart many dated computers. In the next section of this Xtra PC review, set’s see the unique benefits this gizmo offers.

Xtra PC Pros and Cons

Savings. The first clear advantage is you don’t have to invest in a new computer. This device can breathe new life into a machine that is five years old or so. If it still works well enough, you could save a tremendous sum of money.

Speed booster. The alternate OS also contributes a lot to the speed boost. Because your computer will not run the usual Windows OS anymore, more system resources would be freed up, enhancing performance. In contrast to system optimization programs, the device is not a separate thing that you have to run on Windows itself. Instead, it is its own OS, which is much less intensive on your old PC.

xtra pc test

Extra RAM or hard disk space is not needed, either. The device's OS runs smoothly with the current configuration of your old PC. It can transform your old computer without the need to replace any of its components.

Your files are safe. Moreover, the Xtra PC download does not overwrite Windows. This means your files are safe in the hard drive, and they remain usable. You can still view and edit those photos, movies, and documents.

Customisation. While the Linux-based OS in the device is standalone, it is open to customisation. You can install popular apps like Kindle, Chrome, and Skype, as well as other apps that you need. Linux has its own selection of apps, ranging from word processors to video editing.

Can't use Microsoft Office. Although you can’t use Microsoft Office in this USB, it is equipped with a counterpart called Open Office. Similarly, the Open Office suite has a word processor, spreadsheet editor, and presentation maker. This device even comes with Thunderbird, which is an open-source equivalent of Microsoft Outlook.

Bluetooth is not supported. Then again, older PCs do not usually employ Bluetooth peripherals, so it should not be much of a problem.



  • A cheaper alternative to buying a new PC
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • All files and programs in the hard drive remain intact
  • Compatible with most old PCs
  • Does not work with all computer models
  • Cannot use Windows programs on it
  • Tricky to use on Mac
  • No Bluetooth support

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Customer reviews

It does need some Googling if you get stuck at some of the instructions, but persistence pays. If you can follow instructions well and scour the internet for help, it’s not bad at all. If I’m in my 70s and got it to work, you can too.

Sandy Desert

I bought the 16GB model and did an Xtra PC test on my Windows 7 laptop is as good as new. Honestly, I read somewhere about an Xtra PC scam, but I tried it anyway. Now I can access my old files, and my original programs still work. How impressed was I, I even bought the Xtra PC Pro for my desktop? That thing is five years old and upgraded three times, yet it also works like new. Now I get a PC extra and don’t need to buy another computer for a good two or three years.


Great gadget! I ran an Xtra PC test on my old Acer laptop that had a corrupted hard drive. It took a while for me to get the file manager to see the Windows partition, but I got most of my data back.  This gadget is great and worth buying if you need to recover files.

Mitchell Ryan

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Pricing and money-back guarantee

The device has three variants: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB . On the official website, they retail for $35, $50, and $80, respectively. But if you buy more than one, you get a 40% discount for every additional purchase.

Aside from higher storage capacities, the manufacturers claim that the 32GB and 64GB Xtra PC can are 1.5 times and 2 times faster, respectively, than the 16GB version.

All purchases also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


So, is this device for real? I conclude that is it. If you have a dated machine but don’t want to upgrade yet, give Xtra PC a shot. It will save you a whole lot of money on a new computer. Your old one will be a joy to use again, especially if you only need it for basic computing like editing documents and web browsing.

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