Y-Bra Review: A Bra For Every Dress and Ultimate Comfort


Do all your bras leave red marks on your skin and collect sweat? Plus, does the bra outline shows through the clothes? If yes to all questions, let’s look for a smart alternative here in our Y-Bra review.

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Last update made on 17 July 2024

What is Y-Bra?

Y-Bra is a suitable undergarment for every bra user. This bra comes with a smart design yet fuss-free use. So, you can wear it easily and get comfort even after long hours of wearing it.

Further, the design is smart and unique compared to traditional-looking bras. This item has no straps but contains only two separate patches. The patches are circular and have the shape of rabbit ears in the upper part. The sticky silicone in the inner side of patches helps in easy attachment over your breast.

Even with an unconventional design, Y-Bra has a shape apt for bringing a push-up effect. Further, the shape is perfect for lifting your breasts just enough to eliminate a sagging look.

Plus the said bra has a nude color making it apt for pairing with every dress with different colors. Importantly, the nude shade is invisible. So your dress never shows any outline or strange color contrast.

Why Choose Y-Bra?

Y-Bra includes every characteristic that solves the problem of wearing underwear for long hours. The material is very gentle on the skin. Notably, the adhesive silicone doesn’t cause rashes or harmful skin issues. Plus, the adhesive ensures the bra doesn’t slip away or fall off.

Also, you can get the product in every possible size, from small to extra large. So, no matter what your size is, you can have the comfort of wearing this.

Importantly, you don’t need to know sophisticated or painful mechanisms for using this bra. With Y-Bra, you don’t have the usual struggle of adjusting your strap. Also, the design is so fab you don’t have to reach behind to remove or link any bra hook. So, whether you wear it or remove it, you have zero struggles.

Y Bra review

Y-Bra Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Here we will highlight several features of this bra. The features are good enough to bring enticing advantages and benefits. Let’s take a look at its features.

Invisible Nude Colour That Goes with Every Dress Shade

A catchy feature of Y-Bra is the invisible nude color. Plus, the whole bra comes with an even shade. The color makes the bra compatible with every color of traditional and bold dresses. So you have the advantage of not getting any weird contrast between the shades of this bra and your cloth.

If you are wearing a white dress, this bra is perfect. If you are wearing a bright dress, the nude shade is compatible. So, with this bra, you get the benefit of not struggling to find a perfect color match for your dress.

Simple Design for Easy Use

This bra in our review has a design easy enough for even first-time bra users. The bra patches are easy to wear and perfectly compatible even when rushing to get ready.

Thus, you have a bra that doesn’t contribute to a longer time of dressing up before stepping outside.

Compatible Structure for Ultimate Comfort

The Y-Bra contains no buttons, clasps, or hooks. Notably, the absence of hooks or clasps leaves no mark on your skin.

Undoubtedly, you get maximum comfort which is not possible if you use bras with conventional designs. Besides, hooks or tight clasps in bras can hurt your ribs with long-term use. Also, the usual bras can collect sweat. But with this bra, you have no stuffy or sweaty feel thanks to two separate patches.

Bra Shape that Goes with Different Dresses

Gone are those days when you need to have different bras for backless or strapless dresses and different ones for your office attire. The item in our review comes with no straps or back clasps. With this bra, you have no strap or back clasps showing as you flaunt your strapless or backless dress.

So, this bra removes the need to splurge on different bras for different dresses.

Y-Bra Features

Ergonomic Shape for Easy and Safe Attachment

Y-Bra has a shape not found in conventional bras. The patches of the bra come with a perfectly round shape for covering your breasts and nipples. The rabbit ears-like structure stays above the circular area and thus offers enough coverage.

So, with the proper shape, you don’t have to worry about the perfect area for placing the patches. Also, the material is breathable and not harsh. So you don’t have any unwanted skin reactions on prolonged use.

Sticky Natural Silicone for Better and Healthy Fit

The presence of natural silicone in the bra’s inner side helps attach it to your breast. So, you can surely get a better fit without your back hurting.

Notably, the adhesive material is natural. Therefore you don’t need to worry about allergic skin reactions. Plus, the adhesive material never makes your chest feel sticky or wet. Also, your nipple area stays free of the gluey material.

 Push-Up Structure for Feminine and Curvy Look

Y-Bra gives the proper push-up effect you require. So, that may seem unlikely, given the bra comes with no clasp, hook, or closely-placed cups. But the shape helps gently lift your breasts to an optimum angle enough to bring a push-up effect.

So, with a minimalistic arrangement, you get a curvy look. Also, the presence of adhesive prevents the slippage. So you can maintain the curvy look as long as you wear it.

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Price Reviews for Y-Bra

Price for Y-Bra

Every purchase deal comes with a 50% discount per unit. A single item comes with a final price of $37. Two of these items have a price of $56, each having $28. Four units cost $85.

Y-Bras have two free deals. You can buy 2 bras and get 1 free at an overall price of $75. Plus, there’s a deal of getting 3 bras and 2 free with a final cost of $94. Here, it’s worth mentioning whether you buy one or many bras; you can select any size for each item.

Further, to get a three years warranty, you can add an extra $9 to the final order price.

Notably, you get free delivery for this amazing bra. Importantly, free delivery is applicable for every order and so not dependent on how many bras you buy.

Payment options

You have a certain degree of flexibility in the payment of this bra. You can pay through VISA, MasterCard, and Amex.

Importantly, the payment gateway is protected by McAfee SECURE, TRUSTe Verified, and Norton by Symantec. Also, the presence of 256-Bit SSL encryption gives tight-knit security.


You get a pop-up that shows a 5% discount offer on top of 50% off for Y-Bra. You get the discounted price when you click on the option for activating the coupon.

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Technical Sheet for Y-Bra

  • Material: Breathable and non-irritant
  • Color: Invisible Nude
  • Adhesion material: Silicone
  • Silicone Type: Natural
  • Underwire: Absent
  • Straps: Absent
  • Water absorbent: No
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Shape: Circular structure with rabbit ears in the upper section
  • Size: Variable for being applicable for small, medium, large, and extra large bust size

Y Bra reviews

Working Instructions for Y-Bra

This bra comes with easy using instructions. Let’s explore how to use this in your daily wear and fancy occasions.

  1. First, you must ensure your skin is not wet or greasy.
  2. Wash your chest area with cleanser and water.
  3. Then, clean it with a towel.
  4. Further, make sure you aren’t using any oil, cream, or lotion in your chest area before wearing this bra.
  5. Stand in front of a mirror for a better view and, thus, better application.
  6. Now, take the bra patch.
  7. Hold the patch in your hand with the adhesive side facing your breast.
  8. Also, keep the bra at an angle and level perfect for attaching it over your nipple and surrounding breast skin.
  9. Also, make sure the bra remains at a level to go well with the neckline of your selected dress.
  10. Peel the layer covering the sticky interior.
  11. Now place the bra directly over your breast skin.
  12. Make sure the circular portion having adhesive covers your breast well.
  13. Make sure the rabbit ears-like shapes in the bra don’t flip inward.
  14. Then, use the other bra patch in the same way.
  15. You can have several try sessions until you get the hang of it.
  16. Also, smooth out the edges after wearing the bra.
  17. Then you can select and wear your favorite dress.
  18. Now flaunt your seamless and taut fit.

Y-Bra Customer Service

Y-Bra comes with a robust system of customer service. If you have any queries, call them at their international number, +44 20 3808 9234, which is open 24 hours. Also, you can choose to call them at their Brazil number, +552135003992. But this number is available Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. in Brazil time (GMT-5).

Further, you can mail your queries or issues to care@urpurchase.com. The Y-Bra also comes with a postal address which is Hyper Sls Ltd., 1506 Loon KeeBldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, located in Hong Kong.

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Y-Bra Reviews from Customers

I have many stylish and comfy bras in my collection. So I thought I didn’t need this new variety. But my sister gifted me this. Then I understood what I was missing out. It’s comfy and comes with sufficient breast coverage. Also, Y-Bras give you an apt lifting effect without giving a nipple or bra outline.
I buy extra large sizes for my bras. So I wondered whether two adhesive patches would work for me or perfectly cover my size. But I saw they have size flexibility and opted for extra large Y-Bras. These cover my breasts well.
I started to hear the hype about silicone bras from my friends and female colleagues. So, I purchased it thinking that trying one time would not hurt. The design, color, and sticky material give a great fit without the discomfort of having bra straps. Also, the patches don’t fall off from your bust. And the sticky substance never harms your skin.
I wanted to gift my wife something nice and comfortable. I came across the advertisement for Y-Bra. I thought it was pricey compared to other bras. But then again, the 50% discount and five bras at $94 convinced me to buy these for my wife.

Also, the benefits, like no straps or underwire digging into the skin, make the deal cost-effective. Plus, she says the bra makes her feel like she’s wearing nothing underneath her dress.

My girlfriend used to complain about how wearing a bra can be time-consuming. So, I gifted her Y-Bra, which makes dressing up easy for her. Despite having a unique design, it comes with no tricky using methods. So, that comes in really handy when she’s rushing to get ready.

Comparisons/Alternatives for Y-Bra

While reviewing Y-Bra, we have come across NUBRA Seamless Airy. Just like Y-Bra, this adhesive design is strapless and backless. But it comes with a front clasp for cleavage control. In Y-Bra, you have no front clasp. Even without the clasp, you get a perfect push-up effect that takes care of cleavage control. So, Y-Bra has minimalistic control yet gives seamless function.

Another product is Fashion Forms’ Gel Petal which is similar to Y-Bra. Gel Petal has a nude shade and no straps, similar to the bra in our review. But the patch covering your bust is smaller than the item in our review. So, with Gel Petal, you can risk getting insufficient coverage and support.

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FAQs for Y-Bra

Here are some answers for commonly found queries for this item.

Is Y-Bra any good?

Y-Bra is extremely good for every bra user. The design and structure are good enough for regular use thanks to its ergonomic shape and simple design. The natural silicone layer for adhesion helps in getting a proper fit.

Plus, you get no skin irritations or reddish marks with this bra.

Is Y-Bra fake?

It is definitely not fake. The material is breathable and comfortable. That gives you the ease of movement. The sticky layer on the inner side really helps in a firm yet comfy attachment over your chest.

Plus, the silicone layer is natural. Thus it gives the real benefit of having no straps and still getting a proper fit without causing skin issues.

Is Y-Bra legit?

Yes, the Y-Bra is legit for giving ultimate comfort with its ergonomic shape. Also, the color is perfect for blending with the dress of any shade. Without any pad or strap,it gives the perfect push-up effect. Notably, the presence of sticky natural silicone removes the use of harmful supporting elements like straps or tight fit.

Further, the size is adjustable because of the structure. There are also different sizes available apt for getting your perfect match.

Is Y-Bra a scam?

Nothing about Y-Bra is a scam. The ergonomic shape ensures you have ease of use. Plus, it is designed to create a push-up effect without adding any stuffy cup-shaped structures.

Notably, the silicone layer for adhesion is natural yet effective. So you can wear it without worrying about slippage. The shape importantly is made to give comfort and adjustability.

Does Y-Bra really work?

The design of Y-Bra makes sure it gives optimum coverage and support. The sticky layer promotes a firm yet breathable attachment even with underwire or straps. Plus, since the silicone is natural, you have no side effects.

The shape gives you a nice lifting effect on your breast. Plus, the size is available in many options, including extra large and small. So you don’t have to worry about getting sufficient breast coverage.

How much is Y-Bra?

The price of Y-Bras depends on how many units you want to buy. But every deal comes with a 50% discount and free delivery. The deal of 3 bras and 2 free bras comes at $94. On the other hand, the deal of 2 bras and 1 free comes at $75. You can spend $85 to buy 4 bras.

Further, you can have 2 bras at $56 and 1 bra at 37. The final price gets adjusted accordingly if you activate the 5% coupon.

Also, if you want a warranty of three years, you can add a surplus of $9.


We hope our Y-Bra reviews have provided you with enough details that motivate you to put this item in your wardrobe. This item is the ultimate solution every bra user never knew they needed. It comes with the perfect size and structure to grace your curves. The sticky silicone layer ensures you don’t get rigid strap marks or a suffocating fit. You can feel at ease even after hours of wearing this bra.

Also another great feature is the color. So, you can pair this bra with any dress color. If you still aren’t convinced yet, the item comes with a 50% discount, a coupon, and free delivery.

So, put an end to struggling days with difficult bras. Shop this amazing bra and get this as your curves’ BFF.

Get Y-Bra for Ultimate Style, and Comfort
The silicone layer and perfectly shaped patches of Y-Bra ensure perfect coverage and fit. So, you can wear any dress and look your best.
9.8 Total Score
Y-Bra Review Summary And Rating

Y-Bra is an innovative wearable technology designed to provide various functionalities while offering comfort and convenience. It is a smart bra that incorporates advanced features to enhance the user's experience and promote well-being. The Y-Bra is equipped with sensors and intelligent components that can monitor various aspects of the wearer's health. It can track vital signs such as heart rate, breathing patterns, and body temperature, providing real-time data and analysis to the user through a connected smartphone application. This enables individuals to monitor their health and make informed decisions about their well-being. In addition to health monitoring, the Y-Bra also offers other useful features. It includes wireless charging capabilities, allowing the user to charge their smartphone or other compatible devices by simply placing them in the designated area of the bra. This eliminates the need for carrying extra charging cables or adapters. The Y-Bra also incorporates a discreet notification system. It uses gentle vibrations or subtle LED lights to notify the wearer of incoming calls, messages, or other important alerts without the need to constantly check their phone. This feature ensures that the user remains connected and informed while keeping their hands free. Furthermore, the Y-Bra focuses on comfort and style. It is made with high-quality materials that prioritize breathability and support, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout the day. The design of the Y-Bra is sleek and fashionable, catering to various tastes and preferences. Overall, the Y-Bra combines technology and fashion to provide users with a smart and versatile undergarment. It offers health monitoring capabilities, wireless charging functionality, and discreet notifications, all while prioritizing comfort and style. With its range of features, the Y-Bra aims to enhance the daily lives of individuals by seamlessly integrating technology into their clothing.

Ease of Use
  • Effective design safe enough for prolonged use
  • Perfect lifting effect with bra patches
  • Natural adhesive material to eliminate skin hazards and promote a proper fit
  • Compatible nude shade to go with different color ranges of clothes
  • Shape made compatible with covering breast and nipple
  • It can only be found online.
  • There's no color variation.
  • You can find no flower, embroidered or fancy design.

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