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Despite your best efforts in protecting your files, the worst can still happen. Think corrupted images, deleted pictures of your summer vacation, or a failed hard drive. But don’t panic. The Photo Stick promises supreme backup efficiency so you won’t ever have to go through all these nightmares. However, are the product’s claims legit or fake? In this The Photo Stick review, I’ll resolve the issue.


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Data loss: has it happened to you?

Rapid digitalization has profoundly changed our lives. When before life milestones were stored and memorialized through film cameras, you now have digital snap and shoot or DSLR cameras and of course, your handy smartphone. The advantage of going digital is that apart from getting high-resolution photos, you also just need a small memory card to store a huge portfolio of memories. It’s fun to look back at your old digital photos and relive the experience, right?

The downside of using digital cameras to store your memories is that files get lost. How can this occur? First, of course, you’re just human. A simple handling mistake of a drive – if you drop it, spill water on it, or bin your files inadvertently – can lead to data loss. Then, there are hardware problems that will just cause your hard drive to malfunction. Permanent loss of data can happen when a hard drive’s read/write heads scratch or damage the disk or magnetic surface. Third, extreme heat can be responsible for your damaging your hard drive. Fourth, water damage can make your hard drive go bust. If you spill coffee or water over your device, you can kiss your memories goodbye. Therefore, the reality of permanent data loss in digital devices makes it absolutely essential to have a backup.

This is where The Photo Stick comes in.


More than a USB stick?

This PhotoStick review can tell you that technically, Photo Stick is a USB flash drive. But – in many ways, it behaves more than that. Like any other USB drive, it provides a quick backup for all your files and stores your precious photos in a flash. It makes your life more organized by keeping all your relevant data in one place, also making its retrieval easy. Additionally, it gives you the reassurance that you’re covered in the event of a hard drive failure. Similar to a traditional USB drive, you can use it on multiple devices making data transfer smooth-sailing by skipping over annoying app or software installations.

So what makes The Photo Stick different?

Aside from the USB driver’s standard feature, PhotoStick has built-in software that automatically searches for photo and video files in places you didn’t even bother to look. Imagine a USB device that scours through every nook and cranny of a device and unearths forgotten or even never-before-seen photos! It can also sift through duplicates and remove them. And while USB drives typically store a coterie of files, this flash stick specializes in your photo and video files.


What is it like – PhotoStick?

What you’ll learn from the PhotoStick review is that The Photo Stick is a revolutionary flash drive that provides fast and reliable backup of all your files. This is its primary objectives. However, its added value is its capability of conducting a thorough search of your hard drive for pictures and videos. There’s no need to manually search for your best profile photos, before and after pictures, or unforgettable videos from your vacation abroad. Just plug the thumb drive in any USB port and allow it to find the media files you need. Most reviews peg the full scan capability of the device to just about one minute or so.

Size options – ThePhotoStick 128GB, 64GB, and 8GB

The flash drive comes in three sizes, so you can choose which storage capacity works best for you.

The smallest size you get is 8GB. With this, you’re entitled to store roughly 3,500 photos. Next comes the 64GB flash drive where a whopping average of 30,000 photos can be stored. Third, is the 128GB where an amazing number of 60,000 photos can be backed up. Remember, though that this figure could go up or down depending on the file sizes of your images. The smaller your photos, the more you can store with this capacity.

Some of The Photo Stick reviews, mine included, find it odd that there’s no 32GB feature. But, at the moment, these are the only size options available for you.

the photo stick

Style of The Photo Stick

I’m a fool for aesthetics, aren’t you?

In this PhotoStick review – aside from functionality, style is often a make-or-break factor in my purchasing decisions. So, when I hear of any breakthrough product, I look at both its content and form. You get it, right? Gadgets are much more inspiring to use and care for when they’re designed well.

In this area, The Photo Stick barely ticks the box. If you’re looking for bold colors, the product doesn’t have them. A minimal palette of red, yellow, white, and black options await you. I can’t help but wish there were brighter-color options for the style-conscious consumer like me, but there you have it. This all-flash stick bear the same logo and come only in four basic colors.



The USB drive has two versions that you can choose depending on what device you regularly use to store and move files. The original version of the USB drive works best with your laptop or computer. So, if you’re in the habit of using your PC or Mac to transfer files, then the original version would work best. If, however, you use your Android or iPhone to store your photos and videos, then choose the mobile version – Photo Stick for iPhone. What’s great about PhotoStick Mobile version is its versatility. It can do fast file transfers for both the mobile phone and the computer.

How to use The Photo Stick?

Like I said earlier in this PhotoStick review, ThePhoto Stick works like a USB flash drive. It will function on any free USB port on your computer. Open up your laptop your computer, and plug the device into the port. Wait for only a few seconds, and a window is going to pop up. In it is a single “Go” button you need to press so you can run access your computer’s hard drive. In around 60 seconds, the Photo Stick will save, search, retrieve, and organize your photos. The fact that the Photo Stick is the only flash drive out there dedicated to saving and backing up your photos. This is its unique value proposition.

photostick review

Therefore, this device really works optimally when it’s used to store and search for photos. If you need a flash drive for backing up and transferring large sizes of files in various formats such as documents, spreadsheets, and the like – then this device may not be suited for you. However, if you only use non-media files sparingly but mostly store photos or videos on your hard drive, then the Photo Stick is perfect.

What file formats work well with it?

The device functions best when working with JPEG for photos, and MOV or MPEG4 formats for videos.

However, the device can also search and remember other file types for photos, including PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, ICO, or even Photoshop. For videos, the flash stick works on AVI and WMV, as well.

Are there device compatibility issues?

Another issue to consider when using PhotoStick is whether or not it’s compatible with multiple devices. You don’t want to purchase a device only to find out later on that it doesn’t work on your computer or smartphone.

I’ve told you what media files the flash drive recognizes. When it comes to operating systems, this device runs on Windows or Mac OS. As long as your computer is powered by Windows XP and beyond, you’re on the clear. For macOS, the system should not be lower than 10.7 for the USB drive to work.

For mobile phones, the Photo Stick for Android is compatible with phones that run on Marshmallow or higher. Or, if you use an iPhone or iPad, the operating system has to be 11.3 or newer.


Benefits and advantages of PhotoStick

How could this particular USB flash drive benefit you? Several of PhotoStick reviews present these pros.

Fast processing. In the olden days, you need to manually select your best photos from a dizzying number of files. Well, not anymore with Photostick. For a few clicks and a few seconds, you can organize your photobook or photo album in no time at all. It improves your productivity too since you make time for multi-tasking.

Universally compatible. When you read this PhotoStick review, you won’t be stumped by frustrating access errors or compatibility issues since the device works in nearly all media file formats. Also, so long as you don’t have an archaic OS on your Windows or Mac computer, you can store and share all your favorite photos and videos in a tidy little stick.

photo stick

Convenient and easy to use. There is a sea of difference between the USB stick and other backup solutions like the cloud. For the latter, you need to set it up and install the software. That’s tedious, right? You also need to have an Internet connection to perform the backup in the cloud. Whereas – with this thumb drive – it’s all plug and play!

No Web connection required. Spotty internet connection? Well, you can’t store your photos in the cloud then. However, this is a non-issue with this amazing thumb drive. It’s portable and convenient for everyday use – without the need for an Internet connection.

Users’ PhotoStick review

“I love this gadget so much. I read a lot of PhotoStick review before I decided to buy this stick. After every occasion or get-together with friends, I snap photos then store everything in this PhotoStick. Call it a lesson learned after I had my cloud hacked and lost all the files that mattered to me. I only wish that they can offer a 32GB and a pink thumb drive. That would be a perfect present for my sisters and friends.”
Jessica P.

“Big surprise to find out for myself this actually works! I mean, it’s laser fast when it searches for photos. I’m pretty disorganized in general, so this USB drive really comes in useful. You get quite a surprise when you find photos you’ve been looking for years in there. It’s amazing!”
Scott W.

“There’s so many PhotoStick review that I’ve read before use it by myself. I wish their customer support service would be more helpful! What happened to me was that the first few times I used the stick, it worked on my Mac. To my frustration, all of a sudden, I got an access failure. The computer can no longer read it! I emailed their support and got nothing until now.”
James J.


Price and Money-back guarantee

This thumb drive is friendly to your budget. The price retails somewhere around $25 to $40 – but discounts can pull the price down. Remember, shipping is not free, and you have to shoulder the costs.

This product is a big hit during the holiday or gift-giving season. It’s a smart gift that’s useful at a time when getting peace of mind is costly. Unlike the cloud where you’re vulnerable to criminal elements, this product isn’t. With its portability and ease of use, the drive supports the on-the-go lifestyle.

If the product doesn’t really strike your fancy, the company offers refunds and 30-day money-back-guarantee beginning on the day of ship-out. Most Photostick review, however, laments that clients carry the cost burden of return shipping.

In this PhotoStick review, take note that refunds are strictly for malfunction or manufacturing defects. Buyer’s remorse and change of mind automatically disqualify you from getting one.


Wrapping up, it’s time to ask the question: should you consider buying a PhotoStick? Look at the pros and cons outlined of the device, and weigh them. Buying tech gadgets could be a challenging decision. In my book, the Photo Stick gets a thumbs up. While there are certainly some glitches that may be resolved through further development, a gadget that allows you to document, store, and organize your life’s milestones is never a bad idea.

8.7 Total Score
ThePhotoStick rating, pros and cons

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Automatic and fast
  • Filters out duplicates
  • Portable
  • Freezes at times

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