6 Essential Tips to Help You Choose the Right Analytics Tool

Right Analytics ToolThe web analytics tool is one of the most important investments you can do for your business to grow, as the right tool can do wonders for your business. Thereby you need to find the right analytics tool that resonates with your business requirements.

Which brings us to our next question, which is- “What are web analytics services“? While choosing a tool, do not just focus on the software but also the other services offered along with it such as technical support and timely updates.

We have listed below tips which will help you choose the right analytics tool.

1.   Compare the Features Offered by Various Vendors:

Every analytic tool aims to do the same but few tools may provide better features than others so you need to compare all the shortlisted analytical tools for its features by creating a matrix table and be 100% sure that the metrics which are important for your business are provided by the tool.

2.   Make a List of Metrics You Want to Track:

Do not just make a list of the features but write the questions about what you are expecting your analytics tool to do. This will help you in understanding what exactly are you looking for and you will have a clearer picture of the tools you will require.

3.   Understand About the Technical Support Offered:

Do you have any web analytics experience or have an expert in your team who can handle it? Every web analytics tool has a different set of functionalities and you may have to rely on asking questions to the vendor whenever you get stuck. Do not forget to understand if they offer this service along with the product or they charge extra for their services.

4.   Read Testimonials and Reviews:

Every authentic web analytics software will have the review or testimonial section where existing clients share their experience. Do read that before you decide upon buying any analytics tool.

5.   Try the Demo Version:

Do you ever buy a car just based on its reviews? You obviously take a test drive as it is necessary to understand the performance of the care which is important as the car will take you from A to B for many years. How can you buy web analytics tools without trying it first? After all, it can take your business towards success. Hence make sure the vendor is offering a demo so that you can experience the way web analytics tool work and get some experience before buying it. This will also help you make comparisons with other tools and you can choose the one which looks easy to work with and suits your business requirements better.

6.   Make Sure that the Software Receives Timely Updates:

Many people while buying an analytics tool just focus on the present but forget the fact that the tool needs to be from a reliable source, especially the company needs to be stable as you may want the tool to update as per latest SEO trends. If you are stuck with a tool with no further versions, it’s of no use to you after a few years hence do ask your vendor these questions before you invest.

Once you are thorough about all the above points, you are ready to invest in the software. Web analytics software is relatively expensive and time consuming hence be absolutely confident about your decision before you invest.

Adam Orr

Adam Orr is a UX designer turned tech reviewer who lives and breathes technology. A know-it-all geek who has things to show and stories to tell, his reviews and how-tos are a must for those looking for easy read yet insightful information on the highly anticipated tech.

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