7 Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 – Best Picks for 2021


Are you having a hard time finding the ‘Perfect Budget Gaming Headset’ that ticks all the boxes? As an avid gamer, we can totally relate how hard it is to find the best gaming headset which is;

  • Blissfully Comfortable (especially during those prolonged gaming sessions)
  • Have a decent sound quality
  • And a good enough Mic which doesn’t muffle your voice and keeps it crisp

And what if we tell you that there are some pretty superb Gaming headsets out there with just under $50 that’ll do the magic for you? Yes, we have unearthed some really awesome gaming headsets which have been personally tested and suggested by our gaming experts after long gaming sessions in different testing conditions. So, just stick around and scroll down further to get to know the gems of the gaming headsets that’ll weigh light on your pocket too.

‘Perfect Budget Gaming Headset’ Under $50! – What Are The Options?

When you are an avid gamer, your search for the best gaming headset will be constant, due to all the improved models that keep popping up on the market. And we don’t blame you! In fact, you should not be satisfied with average; you deserve to have a great gaming headset. That means you have to try different gaming headsets in order to find just the thing your ears need to be on top of your game. Remember, a good quality handset can significantly improve your gaming experience, and can upscale your level also.

In addition, you should buy reasonably priced headphones because it would be crazy to spend a fortune on gaming headset alone. Therefore, rest assured that you could find a good quality gaming headset without spending too much. With so many different budget gaming headset options available in the market, we aim to give you our recommendation of the best gaming headset under 50 Dollars. In this article, you’ll find a comparison of the best PC gaming headset for under $50 and a buyer’s guide to help you get the best model for an extraordinary gaming experience.

Take a moment to check out which best gaming headsets under $50 we will be talking about:

  1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset
  2. Sades Stereo Bass Gaming Headset
  3. Beexcellent GM-2 Gaming Headset
  4. BlueFire Gaming Headset
  5. TopBest Gaming Headset
  6. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones
  7. Sades SA708 Gaming Headset

7 Best Gaming Headsets Under 50 Dollars – Best Quality At An Affordable Price

With all the available PC gaming headsets in the market, well, buying the best one can be such a pain. But, no need to worry about that anymore, because, we’ve got you covered (as always). That being said, let’s take a look at the best gaming headsets for under $50 that are surely a sound investment for regular gamers. Below you will find the good and the bad about every model, so as to what these headsets have to offer you.

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger – Budgeted Gaming Headset Under $50 for PC, Xbox One¹, PS4, Wii U


The HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming headset is one of the best gaming headsets under $50, as it is comfortable, multi-compatible and delivers a great sound. This headset has lightweight, padded ear cups that can rotate, and a special headband, making it ideal for longer use. 50mm directional drivers and easy-to-use controls work together to deliver great sound quality so that you can audibly hear what is going on around you (in the game). The headset can be connected to various devices, so no need to worry about that. This Stinger budget gaming headset is ideal for all type of ears (small or large) and has a very decent noise cancellation, which makes it a worth-buying gaming headset under 50 dollars. As for the downside, the cord is very short so you will have to game at your desk all the time.


  • Comfortable and lightweight headset
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Best fit for longer use
  • Rotating and memory foam earcups
  • Easy-to-use mute function
  • Multi-platform compatibility


  • Short cord,
  • Mic durability


For more details about the product, you can check the specifications and verified reviews of the customers on Amazon store.

2. Sades Stereo Bass Gaming Headset for Under $40, buy at $23.99


The Sades Stereo Bass Gaming Headset combines cool-looking design with high functionality. The sound is loud, clear and sensitive so you won’t have a problem with hearing the low tones. Highs are very clear, whereas lows and mids are audible . Ear cups are soft and large, so your ears will love them, and you can wear them for an extended period of time. The MIC is of a good quality and comes with noise cancellation which is good for all type of gamers. Even though these are multi-platform compatible, for some reason, they won’t work well with Xbox One. But overall, it works seemingly well on PC and PS4, and a worth-buying gaming headset if you are on budget.


  • Cool-looking design
  • Comfortable for longer use
  • Good sound quality
  • Omnidirectional microphone


  • Not smooth for Xbox One players
  • Microphone can cause trouble


Overall, Sades budget gaming headset is a reasonable option to go with. It has a sound rating on Amazon store, you can check product specification and customer reviews on the site before you buy the headset.

3.Beexcellent GM-2 Gaming Headset Under $30


If you want a stylish and good quality gaming headset without having to spend lots of money, this is the way to go. The Beexcellent GM-2 Gaming Headset is definitely worth your money, considering its great features – good sound quality, comfort, and modern design. This headset offers fantastic bass, and a rich sound, so you will feel like you are really in the game. The funky LED lights on this headset makes it more beautiful and striking. The MIC can be rotated so your friends will hear you clearly. Even mute key on this headset is easily approachable, for quick operation.

Compatibility of the headset is great and it works impeccable with all phone, tablets, PCs and gaming consoles. You can also use the Beexcellent gaming headset while you do binge watching at home, but let’s say ‘it is worth-buying for someone on budget and looking for best gaming headset under 50 dollars’. Much like previous models on our “gaming headsets under $50”, this one is also comfortable. However, its durability is not very impressive. But considering the amount you’re willing to invest, it is definitely worth a try.


  • Comfortable and sleek design
  • Good bass and rich sound quality
  • Available in five colors
  • Noise cancellation
  • Compatible with all devices and consoles


  • Not very durable


Beexcellent gaming headset can be a sound choice for novice gamers, for pro gamers, we’d recommend HyperX Cloud Stinger. Further, you can read more about product specification on Amazon store before you buy Beexcellent gaming headset.

4. BlueFire Gaming Headset – Budget Gaming Headset Under $30


When it comes to the powerful design, this model is one of the best gaming headsets under $30 you can look for. You can choose from three vivid colors so as to game in style. Coming at the price lower than $30, this headset offers hunky-dory sound quality. It doesn’t deliver highs, the sound is more focused on lows. But, what we love is that the headset is comfortable thanks to the padding all over the ear cups. The cord is over 7 feet, making it ideal for PS4 gamers. BlueFire headset is compatible with all PCs and all available gaming consoles, and considering how much you pay, this option can be a good investment to advance your gaming experience.


  • Ideal for PS4 gamers
  • Long cord, over 7 feet
  • Powerful and sleek design
  • Lightweight and comfy


  • The sound quality is not impressive


NOTE: Unfortunately, BlueFire headset is currently not available in the Amazon Store. We’ll update once it is available on the store. You may search for alternative products to BlueFire on Amazon. We highly recommend to buy HyperX Cloud Stinger cheap gaming headset which gives win-win experience to all level of gamers.

5. TopBest Gaming Headset – Wired Gaming Headset for Under 50 Dollars


When gaming for hours, you definitely want to have a comfortable headset, as this model is. With soft leather earmuffs, a stretchable headband, and over-ear design, this headset excels in comfort, making it one of the best gaming headsets under $50. In addition, dazzling LED lights will give you a-one gaming experience, decorating your game. TopBest Gaming headset is easy to connect to your PC, laptop, iPad thanks to a 3.5mm connector. On the downside, this model does not provide an excellent sound quality as some models as mentioned earlier do. However, as this gaming headset costs no more than $30, we believe that it is still a fine option to fulfil average-gaming needs.


  • Easy to connect to PC
  • Stretchable headband
  • Soft leather earmuffs
  • LED lights


  • Sound quality is not fine-tuned


TopBest Gaming header under $50 is available on the Amazon store with FREE & SPEEDY shipping offer. However, the stocks are limited and you can get 25% off today and get this gaming headset with a small investment of $29.99.

6. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones – Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under $40


This is one of the best wireless gaming headsets under $50, thanks to its impressive sound quality, lasting comfort, and a sleek foldable design. The padded headband and memory-protein ear cushion work together to give you an ideal fit, without putting too much pressure on your ears. With a closed-back design, this headset delivers great sound, but it doesn’t have a noise canceling feature. The battery ensures up to 13 hours of playing. However, this headset also offers a wired connection, if you want more reliability. The icing on the cake is the foldable design, for easy storing and taking up less space on your desk.


  • Lasting comfort
  • Foldable design
  • Easy to store
  • Both wired and wireless


  • Doesn’t come with noise cancellation


Apart from the noise cancellation feature, this gaming headset has all the essential required to lift your game up. The original price of the product is $79.99, but if you buy it on Amazon, you’ll get 56% discount. That means, you can buy Mpow Bluetooth Headphones today for only $34.99.

7. Sades SA708 Gaming Headset Under $20


On our “best gaming headsets under $50” list, this model is currently the most affordable (of course the cheapest on our list) one, and as such works like a charm. This model is wired and comes with a good quality MIC. The treble is good, as well as highs and lows. This headset features soft PU leather ear cups that are comfortable, but, only for a couple of hours.


  • Comfortable for a short use
  • Most affordable model on our list
  • Good sound quality
  • Good treble


  • Not for a longer gaming use

BUY SADES SA708 3.5mm Surround Sound Stereo GAMING HEADSET FOR $15.99

What to Look for When Buying the Best Budget Gaming Headset Under $50

When buying best budget gaming headset, you have to know what features you should pay attention to in order to find the best model for you. So, look at this short buyer’s guide to learn a thing or two on best PC gaming headsets under $50.

  • Wired or Wireless – Which one is better for gaming?

The first thing about purchasing best gaming headsets under $50 is deciding which type of headset you want to buy – wired or wireless. Wired headsets are a better option in terms of power since you do not have to charge them. Because of that, there will be no interference. Now, the problem with wired headsets can be the length of the cord. So, make sure to buy a headset that you can freely use and won’t limit your movements.

As for the wireless headphones, they are usually more expensive than wired ones. Moreover, you have to charge the headset on a regular basis, which can be a pain for avid gamers who game all day and all night. Nevertheless, these are great in a way that they will not restrict your movements. Quite the opposite, you can game just the way you want, whether it is at the desk or on the couch.

  • Comfort of the gaming headset

Whichever type you opt for, one is for sure – it needs to be comfortable. This means that the best gaming headsets under $50 should come with lots of padding and an adjustable headband in order to fit your ears rightly. In addition, the best gaming headsets for under50 dollars are designed for a longer use and won’t cause pain and/or fatigue to your ears. If you are an iOS user, we have something additional for you. Check out the best rage of best iPhone and iPad headset at Lightning Cans.

  • Sound Quality is the key point

Obviously, the best gaming headsets deliver good sound quality, with the balance of highs, mids, and lows. In addition, the sound should be clear and somewhat loud, so that you can hear the slightest details in the game. So since you are in search to find the best budget gaming headset under $50, double check if the offered option delivers the best sound quality.

  • Microphone – How durable they can be?

Some models have a built-in MIC, and some don’t. Since here we are speaking about best gaming headsets under $50. Naturally, some models come with a poor quality MIC. Meaning, other players won’t be able to hear you clearly. So, it may not be a bad idea to buy a MIC and a headset separately, for the best hearing results.

Final Words from the Editor – Ready to Buy Best Gaming Headset Under $50

With all the things that we said above, you must have learned the most important things about best affordable gaming headset under $50. With a good gaming headset, you will easily lose yourself in the virtual world of enemies and fellows, experiencing a whole new dimension of gaming. Whichever gaming style you play, finding the best gaming headset is necessary, and we hope this article would help you with that. However, before you go, feel free to leave us comments and share the article with your fellows.

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