How to Install Vader Streams Kodi Addon on Krypton & Jarvis

Vader Streams Addon for Kodi

Kodi is on the rise regardless of it being tagged as illegal in the UK or US is being bought and purchased considering its endless possibilities for the streaming world. But having a Kodi is not the real deal. Having good working Kodi addons is a plus point otherwise no matter how fast your internet connection is, it’ll be a waste. That is where Vader Streams Kodi addon steps in. In our today’s article, we’ll be doing Vader Streams review to give you the best of what it gets.

What is Vader Streams?

Vader Streams is a complete package in a small add-on bringing control in your hands regarding what you want to stream. Vader Streams cover foreign content from US, UK, Canada and many other countries, and if talk about video games, Vader Streams is lush! Having multiples games and a unique library Kodi is even more fun to use.

Vader Streams have gone one step ahead in propelling a web program watcher each one of their streams. But you need to be a player to watch those. That allows you to view all the games and any substance on any gadget. Vader Streams is compatible with all. Whether its;

  • Mobile Phones,
  • Xbox One, or
  • PS4.

That is the reason many cater to installing it. By all means, ReviewsDir loves to cater mass request and searches for tech which is why providing a unique and easy way to Install Vader Streams Kodi Addon on your devices.

Steps To Install Vader Streams Kodi Addon on Krypton

Installing Vader Streams Kodi addon requires simple steps to follow. Here is the installation guide to add Vader Streams to your Kodi media player:

  • Launch Kodi on your chosen device
  • Select Settings from the top left menu
  • Chose File Manager
  • Click on Add Source

Vader Streams Kodi Addon

  • Click on None
  • Copy paste URL: and click on OK

Vader Streams Addon Kodi

  • Choose the box below and enter a name, type VAD then click OK
  • From home screen select addons from the main menu
  • Choose browser
  • Click on Install from Zip File
  • Click on VAD
  • Click on
  • Choose
  • Addon will be enabled
  • Choose Install from Repository
  • Next click on addons
  • Select Video addons
  • Click on Vader Streams
  • Install it
  • Add-on installation notification will appear
  • Vader Streams is now installed log in through your credentials
  • From home screen again click on Videos and chose addons
  • Select Vader-Streams again
  • Popup will appear saying “Please reconfigure plugin,” click OK
  • Enter through your credentials
  • Vader Stream Kodi Addon is now set up

Steps To Install Vader Streams Kodi Addon on Jarvis

  • Launch Kodi on your chosen device
  • Select Settings from the top left menu
  • Choose File Manager
  • Click on Add Source
  • Click on None
  • Copy paste URL: and click on done
  • Type Vader in the media source box and click on OK
  • From Home screen, select system settings and click on add-ons
  • Choose Install from the zip file
  • Click on Vader
  • Click on
  • Choose
  • Addon will be enabled
  • Click on Install from Repository
  • Select addons
  • Click on Video add-ons and chose Vader-Streams
  • Click OK to Install
  • Addon will be enabled again
  • Use your credentials to log into Vader
  • Return to the home screen and select Settings
  • Choose Video and click on Add-ons
  • Click on Vader-Streams
  • Type box will appear saying “Please reconfigure plugin.” Click OK
  • Enter credentials and enjoy Vader Streams Kodi Addons

Vader Streams Kodi Addon Needs A VPN

It’s crucial to understand Kodi is being targeted and all its unofficial add-ons are on the hot list for targets and shutdowns. That is the reason Vader Streams may not be working in your region. Then how to fix Vader Streams addon error issue? For that, you require a good Kodi VPN so you as an individual without being tracked or traced make the addon work and access its content without any barriers and restrictions.

By having a Kodi VPN, you will be able to switch your IP address and spoof online restrictions. If you are based in the UK then having a Kodi VPN is a must otherwise you will face legal issues. What you seek is a Best VPN which will hide your own IP address and give you a new IP address, so you virtually appear in any country no matter what their laws are. Further, it’s essential to keep your Kodi box or app updated at all times as if all steps are covered with any errors. ISPs won’t be able to track or block your access to Vader Streams Kodi Addon.

Vader Streams Channel List

Now we are talking about numbers here. We checked the Vader Streams channel list also while working on the topic, and we found loads of amazing channels on the list. It is so amazing that it caters to almost all the genres. You can search for your favorite channel and stream through Vader Streams Kodi addon any genre you want. The full list is available on their official website, here is the screenshot of the channel’s inventory.

Vader Streams Channels List

Are You Done Installing Vader Streams Kodi Addon?

We hope that by now you have successfully installed Vader Streams on your Kodi player. Now is the time to get the most out of it and stream all the genres and channels you like. If you face any trouble while streaming Vader Streams, drop us a line in the comment and our team will help you to find the solution.

Alternatives to Vader Streams Add-on

We love to give your readers plenty of choices to play around. While Vader Streams is a fantastic addon to use, here are some best alternatives that you can surely try out if Vader Streams Kodi addon doesn’t meet your expectations:

  1. Exodus
  2. Gruzil
  3. Genesis Reborn

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to check our updated list of Kodi repositories to add more power to your Kodi box.

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