Is Putlocker Legal and Safe to Use?


Taking a date on a movie when you are a college student is like spending your entire month’s pocket money. Two tickets will cost you $20, and popcorn with drinks will be an additional expense. So, how about spending a romantic evening in your bedroom without going out and watching your favorite movie without paying for the tickets on Putlocker.

Putlocker is an online streaming service which offers entertaining content for streaming lovers. Putlocker movies is a UK based website launched back in 2011. Now, Putlocker has become the most convenient and priority option to watch latest movies and tv shows for the streamers all around the world. But there are risks attached to it and is putlockers safe? Do you know anything about it?

How to get Putlocker unblocked and is putlocker illegal? There are tons of the solution on the internet, but which one work? Well! There are risks involved in watching pirated movies. Are putlockers download movies free are illegal? So here in this guide, we will cover both legal and security concern regarding putlocker.

Is Putlockers Safe From Malware And Viruses?

Is Putlocker Safe?

There’s nothing free in this world, not even the air that we breathe in. So, when we say watch movies online Putlocker is free, a reader would think if the option is putlockers safe or not, or even is putlockers legal? Usually, free services are an excellent source of malware and viruses to trap users and infected their devices. It is a common way by which spammers and hackers loot the internet world. Therefore, we checked that is Putlockers safe or not.

There are hundreds of affiliated Putlockers new site; they aren’t our concern neither we recommend them to you. Here, we are only talking about Putlocker main website. As shown in the image above, AVG (World’s best anti-malware online service) has declared safe from viruses and malware. Sadly website contains advertisement. So, we recommend ad blocker because most of the virus synced with an ad and can damage your PC and device on which you are using Putlocker Stream.

Is Putlockers Legal or is Putlocker Illegal?

In many countries watching movies on free streaming sites like 123movies, Afdah and Putlocker free movies are considered an illegal activity. According to many users of such websites, by getting putlocker unblocked, they have received a legal notice from ISPs threatened to disconnect internet for life if found guilty of reaccessing these websites. In many regions of the world like USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, downloading and streaming movies on such website is illegal. So the answer of “is Putlocker illegal”, is “yes”.But if you want to be safe and anonymous, you need to use a VPN.

Is Putlocker Ilegal

A VPN Or A virtual private network is a tunnel between two or more devices that encrypts user web activities from snooping, interference, and censorship. In this case, using VPN helps getting Putlocker unblocked. For more detail, you can read our best VPN service guide. Here are top 3 VPNs which we highly recommend to watch new putlocker movies from anywhere in the world and get putlocker unblocked.

Why Use VPN To Watch Putlocker Online?

If you are a resident of USA, UK, Canada, France or Australia and you are watching movies and TV shows via Putlocker or such kind of websites or via torrenting without keeping your IP invisible, then you are mistaken big time. Is putlockers legal? The answer is that the time is not far when your ISP will knock on your doors and hand you over a legal notice. That is why VPN is so important not only for putlocker unblocked but for downloading torrent safely and protecting your online privacy.

  • When you connect to a VPN server, your ISP falls the capability to trace you.
  • VPN also allows you to access websites which are blocked in your country or region.
  • No matter if you don’t have enough knowledge about technology, Installing a VPN on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android is very easy and simple process.
  • VPN allows you to watch geo-restricted streaming channels like Amazon prime, Netflix, Hulu and much more.

Tips For Choosing Best VPN

  • Choose VPN that do not keeps log of their users.
  • VPN must be compatible with all devices like, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android phones etc.
  • VPN must have user-friendly interface.
  • VPN must have reliable customer service 24/7 live chat support
  • Make sure it includes a money-back guarantee

You can avail all these qualities in ExpressVPN.

8 Best Alternatives to Putlocker

If you are worried about getting Putlocker unblocked or keep asking yourself is Putlocker illegal? Here out 8 best Alternatives to Putlocker.

  • 123movies

123movies is streaming website that offers free movies and TV streaming. On 123movies you can watch thousands of movies you can also download these movies.

  • Popcornflix

Popcornflix LLC is a website that offer free ad-streaming service of feature-length movies and webisodes. Screen Media Ventures own it.

  • Popcorn Time

Popcorn is free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player. It provides a free alternative to subscription-based video streaming services such as Netflix.

  • Crackle

Crackle is a free on-demand video streaming channel, which serves as a wonderful haven for binge-watchers in US and Canada. It has a vast collection of amazing TV shows, movies, and original programs.

  • Los movies

Los movies is a streaming service that allows streaming lovers to watch their favorite movies and tv shows in HD video quality without any redirection.

  • Gomovies

Gomovies, or you can say the twin sister of 123movies, is the online leading platform where you can find latest movies of all your favorite genres same as Putlocker.

  • Afdah

Afdah is a free streaming site where you can stream the latest movies and TV shows. The best part about Afdah platform is that a user can download all your favorite titles using the internet download manager.

  • DesiRulez

DesiRulez is a desi free entertainment forum which offers free streaming of Movies, TV Shows, Sports and other spare-time streaming content.

How To Watch Putlocker Movies On Kodi

Is Putlockers safe on Kodi and how to get putlocker unblocked? Streaming lovers who want to watch movies and tv shows on putlocker Via kodi they have to install PutlockerMovie Addon. Here is an step by step guide to install PutlockerMovie addon on kodi and get putlocker unblocked.

Note: Putlocker is a third party addon and using third-party Kodi add-ons may no longer be safe and can compromise your privacy. It is recommended that you use best Kodi VPN to remain anonymous.

Step # 1: Launch Kodi

Step # 2: Go to the home screen double click on the folder icon. By clicking the folder icon, File Manager screen appears. When you see the list, scroll down until you see Add source heading. Double click on that heading.

Step # 3: Pop up appears that says Add file source.

Step # 4: Click on the highlighted line that says <None>.

Step # 5: Now type and click done button.

Step # 6: As it is third party addon, so it needs a name. Enter the name whatever you want to call it.

Step # 7: Click the OK button to add the file.

Step # 8: Return to the home screen and select Add-ons. Here you should see the icon of an opened box with an arrow pointing inside. Click on it. This is the add-on browser screen. Select Install from zip file.

Step # 9: Click the name that you have chosen for a addon let suppose “fusion,” Click on “fusion” and xbmc-repos. Next, select English then select

Step # 10:  Select Install from repository > Entertainment Repo.

Step # 11: Choose Video add-ons > Click PutlockerMovie > Click Install button.

Step # 12: Go back to the Home Screen > Videos > PutlockerMovie.

These are few steps that you have to follow to install PutlockerMovie Addon on Kodi and get Putlocker unblocked. For more option check out the list of best Kodi movies add-ons which are still working.

Popular Putlocker Affiliated Websites Which Are No Longer Available!


Are You Thinking About Free Proxy To Stream Putlocker?

Is putlocker illegal? Yes, and if you don’t want to be a victim of your ISP, then don’t use a proxy. Proxy neither encrypts your traffic nor hide your IP address. You can be in big trouble if you use a proxy to watch putlockers movies and downloading torrents.

According To Reddit Is Putlockers Safe? and Is Putlockers Legal?

Is it legal or safe to watch movies/TV shows on putlocker (or similar websites) in the Netherlands? from thenetherlands

Final Thoughts

Ignorance is not a solution; if you get caught watching pirated movies or TV shows online and get Putlocker unblocked, you could still end up having to pay heavy fine. Keep in mind that whether is putlockers legal or not, using VPN still keep you safe from hacker and other unauthorized access. So instead of querying about is Putlockers legal or illegal, Use VPN to be safe and secure while streaming online.

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