How To Watch Will & Grace Revival Season 2 Live Online

Watch Will & Grace Online Live

Are you counting the days to catch the season 2 of the Will & Grace reboot, then count us there with you. No matter its social commentary, lighthearted comedy or the enforcement of strong gay characters; there are so many reasons to excite about the NBC classic back on the air. What we don’t love is the geo restrictions that restrict us to watch Will & Grace new season live online. Anyways, we always find ways to remove hurdles, no matter how hard the process is, but don’t worry it’s not that hard man!

In September 2016, the cast reunited for an exclusive video (released online), urging Americans to vote in the 2016 election. After that, NBC announced that the network was exploring to put Will & Grace back into production. In January 2017, NBC confirmed the return for a ninth season, for the 2017–18 television season, which was expanded to 16 episodes, followed by renewal for 18-episode tenth and eleventh seasons.

Before dealing with geo restrictions, let’s find out the possible ways to watch Will & Grace live online.

How To Watch Will & Grace Live Online?

The show was broadcasted on NBC from September 1998 to May 2006 for a total of eight seasons, and now restarted, and interestingly, the fame and craze among the audience is consistent. Despite being controversial , it was and is the staple of NBC’s Must See TV and this sitcom won 18 Primetime Emmy Awards.

So, whenever you think of streaming the first season of Will & Gray, browse from the US and enjoy the humor and love. The VOD service of NBC is available on most traditional cable and IPTV providers. You can also watch Will & Gray episodes on Netflix and Hulu.

Where To Watch Will & Grace Live Online From Anywhere?

The problem with the NBC is the geographically restricted accessibility; if you try to watch Will & Gray episodes online other than the US, you will get an error saying “The content is unavailable in your location.”

These geo-restrictions apply to the platform that carries NBC, including the network’s website, YouTube TV, Xfinity, and even the “go anywhere” NBC app. No matter which provider you’re using, you’ll need a US IP address to watch. Read on to find out how you can use a VPN to look like you’re logging in from the US. A top-quality VPN will get around NBC geoblocks so can you watch the new season of Will & Grace from anywhere without hassles.

NBC, like many steaming platforms, uses geolocation technology to identify your location. Due to licensing restrictions, Will & Grace is available to US viewers. So if your IP is not from the US – even if you’re a US netizen on vacation – you’ll be blocked from watching Will & Grace online.

A VPN reroutes your internet traffic through a server based in the US or elsewhere. To websites like NBC, it looks as you are watching from wherever the US server. Top VPNs have hundreds of US-based fastest servers and will let you choose even a specific city to access NBC affiliate content.

Some VPNs fail to unlock US-only streaming services, while others have unreliable connections and slow servers with annoying lags and buffering. To stream Will & Grace smoothly, consider a US VPN and then access NBC to watch Will and Grace live online from anywhere.

For your easy and quick accessibility, we ReviewsDir compiled a short yet useful list of best VPNs, here you go!

Once you decide the VPN from the list, follow the given procedure;

  • Click download button next to a VPN
  • Download and install in your respective device
  • Sign up with name and email
  • Confirm the corresponding email from the service provider
  • Now sign in using credentials
  • Connect to the US or any other server and locate in the US

You must be thinking that on what parameters we are claiming the aforementioned VPNs are the best? Listen to our experts;

We choose a VPN with a robust server network throughout the world, especially servers locating in the US. Also, all the servers are manually reachable from the easy-to-use interface and ideally have optimized servers for different needs (e.g. streaming, P2P file sharing).

For streaming, we consider VPNs with faster downloads, unrestricted speed, and unlimited bandwidth. And dealing with the increasing cybercrime, we shortlist the VPN with strong security that keeps the users anonymously throughout the online session. We test VPNs keeping the privacy protection, ease of use, and overall performance, into consideration. The above list comprises some of our most-recommended VPN providers, so click it swiftly to watch Will & Grace Season live online.

Do you watch your favorite content on Kodi? If yes, then the next part of this how-to is for you.

How To Watch Will & Grace On Kodi Live Online?

Kodi is hands-down the best entertainment hub. So, let’s immerse Will and Grace with Kodi and expand our entertainment paradigms, installing NBC Kodi Addon.

Before moving to the installation guide, let me tell you a reality; NBC Kodi Addon is geoblocked, means no accessibility outside the US. But if a Kodi VPN is running in the background, then nobody would stop you, so before spending your next five minute in the installation, grab a VPN for Kodi.

  • Launch Kodi app and head to ‘Addons’.
  • Select the Package Installer Icon.
  • Click on ‘Install from Repository’ > Kodi Add-on Repository.
  • Click NBC > Install.
  • Wait! You will see NBC Addon Enabled notification.
  • Now go back to the home-screen and select the ‘Addons’ tab.
  • Click on Video Addons.
  • All the video addons, including NBCSN, will appear here.

The first time you launch the NBC addon, you will be given an activation code that you will need to enter at (

Alternatively, you can also download the official NBCSN addon from here and then set it up by ‘Install from Zip File’ instead of ‘Install from repository’.

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Are You Ready to Watch Will and Grace New Season Live Online?

If you want to watch Will & Grace reboot as soon as it airs from anywhere outside the United States, you will be needing a VPN to get around NBC’s geoblocks. For the best experience, look for the best VPN that offers fast speeds, military-grade security, stable connections, and an extensive network of servers around the world.

We do our best to provide you with up-to-date information about VPNs and the cyber world. To learn more about VPN and how the top-rated VPNs different from others, check out our guide.

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